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Is this book effective, or will it just make people think I'm trying too hard and probably read this book?

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Most people have not read this book and are generally incompetent in socializing with any intentional purpose, whether it be utilitarian or sentimental in nature. The only people that might hypothetically pick up on the fact that you’re using some sort of methods or techniques presented in this book are full time salespeople/part time entrepreneurs.

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idk I feel like I got more out of The Social Skills Guidebook

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But people are really good at this stuff

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Pretty sure it's effective as long as you don't try insert every single principle into a single sentence or conversation you should do well, for instance, asking about the other person and being genuinely curious about them almost always flatters them if you do it right.

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Psychopath manual. I hate it, and I hate when I can tell people have read it, and are trying to butter me up to get something out of me.

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It's decent but definitely dated in some respects, just take the principles you think you'd get something important out of and run with em

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Book boils down to:
>listen to people
>make people feel included
>be kind but firm with your boundaries
>communicate in a way that lets people know what you want without wasting their time with fluff
It's general advice to just be a decent person/co-worker. I don't know why anyone would assume you've read the book if you follow the advice, since there's nothing in there that really stands out as being unique advice.

The biggest thing the book teaches is just listening to people. I've gained a lot of friends at school/other settings by actually caring about what they have to say, and being genuinely interested in what's going on in their lives. People like talking about themselves so much that it throws them for a loop when someone is actually interested in what they have to say

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