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This is a box. We fill it with ideas 1 post at a time. Every idea posted in this thread goes in the box. Every idea shapes this entity.

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Tendrils climb up the box’s inner walls.

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a box which is an exact 1:1.2 scale replica is placed inside the box, its appearance and contents change in accordance with those of the original box

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*cums in the box*

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A tiny adultress

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The idea of singularity in flesh. No laws of nature nor logic apply to it. It looks like the devil's penis with black wings.

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Top kek

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It's a giant disembodied hand that zooms around the planet and crushes one random person with its index finger every day. It's called the Hand and it's always slightly faster than you.

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>What was that noise?!

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The whole tableaux is just too perfect. The two levels of the main set are like a play set, and it works just as well as a comedy sketch. It is absurd on multiple levels:

1) that random passersby would help out a man being called out. Maybe that's a normie thing to do to show value in front of women, but for me it doesn't compute. I would mind my own business, because...

2) We seem to be in Brazil, and in Brazil, you get shot for interfering with this sort of thing, much as you might in America. And who is this side piece that all is risked for?

3) A midget! A disgusting, ungainly midget. I am sure that the idea that her boyfriend demeaned himself with such a thing only enraged her that much more, and rightly so. He could at least have tried for a normally proportioned woman, however ugly.

Overall, a very funny, silly and sad comedy sketch on the meaninglessness of life, how graceless and unimportant we all are, sexhavers and no.

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you had me at ungainly

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The box is tidy and organized

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My idea is that an object exists within the box that consumes it from inside-out and so the box no longer exists in any material form. Sorry to those who added material shit.

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just bros helping out dudes

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Can I put time inside it? Actual time but also the human idea of time. What happens if I pour all the time on the floor?

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If you pour all the time, then no time exists anywhere but the floor. I guess I will put some little fish to swim about in the spilled time.

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the concept of Death is added to this box

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a tongue, folded over 9000 times in a Japanese forge by a demon who was trapped by a fisherman, and that can taste the difference between Heinz beans and Aldi beans to the nearest micron

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Inside the box there's an otter that will announce the revolt of the flesh against machine, a new era in which we all defeat the Cartesian Iron Maiden

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It is a deity inspired by an ancestral instinct that were there before life even existed, because it is the energy that flows in every and only organic beings and that turns them truly alive

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where have i read this?

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I met your precious otter at an astral party once. Absolute pervert and sex pest. At the end of the night he had tried to hump everyone and everything there.

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Shut the fuck up

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I can't feel gods presence.

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The thumping sensation of a heartbeat, but without the sound, every beat reminding you of the presence of a body.

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The Wealth of Nations?

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MGS vibes.

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I was expecting a kino analysis, got a shitty goodreads tier review instead

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