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Am I falling for a boomer meme or has the quality of prose declined? I don't mean in literature necessarily, but the average reasonably educated's person commonplace writing - letters, journals, etc.

Pic rel, I find this short primary source very impactful

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Yes. People are far less exposed to precise and complex writing in both primary education and just day to day.

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Think about this for a bit. Do you really think that people were better writers on average back when the average person could not write much more than there names?

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Wish I could heal her with my dick (platonically).

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Yes and no. A lot of prolix, purple prose style conventions have been tossed out; then again, just look at any phone poster.

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Yeah OP, try reading some old poetry. Not from the good authors, I'm talking about public domain type stuff.

Some old poetry sounds like straight up schizos or non-sense rambling about god. It's awful. Some people just sounded like perverts back then too

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I'd read a book by her. The real answer, though, is that the people who actually were writing back then generally had a good upbringing/a lot of education. People wrote letters/journals etc., far more often, which led to decent writing skills. You had to be pretty good at articulating your thoughts when your only way to communicate with people at times was a letter that took a week or more to get to them. If we're talking about published prose, though, I wouldn't say that it's necessarily gotten worse. The average novel published back then was pretty low quality--perhaps even lower quality than the average one today--we just look back and focus on the good prose and ignore the 99.99% of garbage around it. It's the same thing with music. Boomers say that music is trash these days compared to when they were young, but the reality is that better music than what they had is being produced constantly. They just focus on the popular garbage that's released and compare it to the few classic songs they had in their youth

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I think people just don’t give a shit about writing that way anymore. For the better anyway, it’s a waste of fucking time. And if you judge a man’s ideas on something so superficial as his prose instead of the ideas themselves you are gay as fuck. Butch as bigger bitch ass ass lesiban

Do da gritty do the GRITTTYYYYYYY

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They are also producing it far less, nearly no one writes letters or keeps journals anymore. It's all vulgar frugality now.
>tfw no qt maiden to intricately express your infatuation towards

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Girls just think that kinda shit is weird now anyways, unless you're already married

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sad but true. I wrote my gf a poem in college and I kind of cringe at it now.

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post poem

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>Girls just think that kinda shit is weird now anyways
It's a shit-test and you must power through. The more autistic you prove yourself to be, the harder they'll fall for you. Imagine her being complimented in ways she never even thought of before, things beyond her moist hole and anus flaps she long forgot about. It's like when you go pick up a hoe to dig thinking it's easy because you go to the gym anyways right but it leaves you sore like a motherfucker for 3 days afterwards. In a way uou kinda enjoy it more than the sterile repetitiveness of the fored cold steel, it's much more raw.
Careful there is a catch however: you must not do this in public. She'll bicker you endlessly for not showing her sufficient affection when out, but she'll inevitably end up losing respect if you get too mushy around others and lose your masculinity. You must dominate, don't leave her unsatisfied but never let her feel entitled.

>unless you're already married
Precisely, your autism already won her over and there's no use denying it anymore.

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Prose is a meme.

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Most Americans were literate in the 1890s.

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