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What are you reading tonight?

>> No.20794579

gonna listen to Moby Dick

any good recommendations for the audiobook? ones on youtube arent really my style

>> No.20794658

I have to finish off Frankenstein soon

>> No.20794784

Just finished The Netanyahus, very comfy. Resuming Franzen's "Purity"

>> No.20794790

The Satanic Verses by Salmab Rushdie

>> No.20794826

Pale Fire

>> No.20795133

harry potter

>> No.20795144

I've tried reading Moby Dick like three times now, trying to get to the good parts where the white whale shows up, but I always lose interest because it's just so... fucking gay.
Also, currently reading Lasher.

>> No.20795153

The Silmarillion but it’s taking me forever

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Night walk/read. I’m moving to the south for the first time in a few months and chose to re-read this (one of my favs) to get me in the mood.

>> No.20795181

House Made of Dawn

>> No.20795199

Not tonight but Paradise Lost... Or at least i will try because so far it's just satan seething.

>> No.20795219

The Master and the Margarita

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read the /lit/ anotated moby dick version notes for motivation

>> No.20795227

The Savage Detectives

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I'm going to read Don't Quixote tonight and finally finish it tomorrow night. It was a lovely ride I must say.

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