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Name a SINGLE GOOD fantasy novel. A. single. one.

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Wizard of EarthSea

Now go take your bath

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Pedro Paramo

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R Scott Bakker - The Darkness That Comes Before
William Hope Hodgson - The Night Land

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theres plenty, you just have to dig through the excess of YA "shirtless male model on the cover" smut for women

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There aren't any.

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This is it bro. If you want to read Malazan read this first then go back and read the first book, it was written ten years before it was published and completely incomprehensible to newfags

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Commercial fiction has produced absolutely nothing of value, and its transition into a trailer park for faggots is probably an improvement.

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The Broken Sword
I doubt you read much of anything if that's your grand analysis of literature and "commercial fiction" which is funny considering the majority of the so-called "canon(s)" are shilled by the Big Five and academia to make you buy their books and critical introductions, monographs, as well as companions.

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The Hobbit

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The Worm Ouroboros by E. R. Eddison

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Just read this on a whim. It was a real pleasure.

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There's this underrated writer named JRR Tolkien. He wrote a novel named Lord of the Rings. You should read it sometime.

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what are good fantasy novels for adults, or at least 20s lol

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not him but my canon is homer, hesiod, virgil, ovid, dante, shakespeare, milton, goethe. if you disagree, you gay.

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The Sword in the Storm

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Gustav Meyrink collection. It's up to me to praise this good name on /lit/ it seems.

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The Bible.

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The Crock of Gold

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Lord of the rings, stupid frogposter

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Anything by Calvino

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Gravity's Rainbow

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Stupid forgposter.

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the iron dragon's daughter

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Translated as: Name a fantasy novel that I agree is good, and also enjoyed.

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holy. fucking. based

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This is the answer OP. After reading malazan absolutely nothing else comes close. It's just that good. The first 7 books blew my fucking mind

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First page of darkness felt like incomprehensible nonsense

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Lyonesse trilogy is probs the only good fantasy I've found so far, and I've tried BotNS and Gormenghast. BotNS is an overrated meme and Gormenghast is just alright.

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Heard Warhammer is nice.

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Mother of Learning
Warlock of the Magus World

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