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Who is a writer you want to “get” but don’t?

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a pussy

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Unironically Gardner, if only to make the shitposting slightly less annoying.

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F Gardner

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Byron. I love English Romanticism, and my teacher that first really exposed me to it was literally in love with him, but I just don't enjoy most of his work. I prefer Shelley and Keats, and most of Byron's work just doesn't speak to me. I did like his Prometheus, but that's the only one that I really enjoyed of his, and that might have been because I was soaking up everything Prometheus related after reading Unbound.

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Goethe. I like a lot of his aphorisms and the man as a whole, but his individual works just don’t do much for me

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I think Byron the person is infinitely more interesting than Byron the poet. At some point I want to get a biography of him.

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Flaubert and Stendhal filter me really hard

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I wouldn't say that all his shit filters me hard, but definitely some of Mishima works, and Emily Brontë.

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Ligotti. I have no good reason, I'm just annoyed at how unimpressive he seems to me despite how a lot of writers I like adore him

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Dostoevsky. I loved Crime and Punishment right until the end, where he throws his hands up and surrenders to God, essentially. I want to understand what makes a mind so pathetically lazy after so much hard work in setting different ideas and theories in motion and having them act against each other. For that reason I just don't 'get' him - I can't follow over into the 'other side', as it were.

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Nobody wants to say Pynchon kek

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If “writers” you “like” “adore” Ligotti, then you have absolutely shit taste in literature

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