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How do I stop cooming bros? I coom almost every day. I did manage to stop using porn to coom but I do it without porn almost every day. I need help bros.

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By killing yourself, stupid frogposter.

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I don't want to do that. I'm not suicidal nor am I retarded. I just want to stop cooming

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I cum 3 times a day and still have a normal life. Won't have erections by the time i'm 40 but that was goig to happen anyway

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Disconnect from the source of your porn. Get offline.
You don’t need a fucking book to tell you this.

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By reading instead of making off topic threads, faggot

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Spend at least 8 hours outside without your phone and sleep as soon as night falls

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Read the coiled serpent and/or the easy peasy way to quit porn (it will help you with masturbation as well)
The Coiled Serpent is a more mystic book, while the easy peasy way is more grounded in psychology and so on, based on the Easy Peasy way to stop smoking.
At any rate, God be with you.

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>Disconnect from the source of your porn
I've already disconnected from porn. Porn doesn't interest me anymore but I still coom without it. I get big urge and I can't really hold it anymore

asking for /lit/ recommendation so I can stop cooming nigger. If janny want's to clean this he will. He's a slave anyway

Nice idea but 3rd worlder here and there's no parks here near me. unmanaged urbanization, houses everywhere

thank you I'll look into those

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I don't think there is anything wrong with masturbation. "NoFap" is a harmful pseudo-scientific ideology that has propagated on the internet.

Even men with girlfriends masturbate all the times. Your girlfriend might masturbate you. Or she might ask you to ejaculate on her breasts. It's normal to hold your erected penis in your hand when you are naked with your girlfriend.

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Don't set your goal to be "stop cooming" completely, but see it as a daily challenge. Can you just not do it for a day? If you manage that, then repeat the next day. Somewhere in about 2 weeks it's going to feel almost impossible not to coom (I felt like my loins were about to explode any second). However if you manage to pass that stage, from the next day on you'll be free. The urges will be gone for the most part. Another important thing is controlling your thoughts and your sight. Try as much as possible not to think about sex. If you see a scantily clad woman irl or on your screen, look away immediately. Obviously this also means you shouldn't look at porn or erotic photos online. You need to minimize these "triggers" as much as possible. The hardest part is just the first 2 to 4 weeks, and it then becomes natural. Good luck anon!

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How do you coom without porn?

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Try sounding, but leave it in.

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try castration

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Just edge,bro. You won't feel like shit post nut clarity if you just edge. I recommend watching hentai.

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One day I was able to just quit.

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if you accept that writing is logic and read dusty greek scrolls all day your dick will wither off and it wont be an issue anymore

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unironically The Bible

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Stop spending all your time in your room alone.

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but I'm hindu and don't want to convert to christianity

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It probably means that you're a healthy male under the age of 50, whom nature has motivated to produce vast numbers of progeny. Why worry? The only times in life when I haven't felt the urge to wank or fuck every day is when I was depressed.

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Put yourself in situations that deter you from it. Spend time with family instead of alone
Go for a walk when you get horney etc.

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