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>Renders Aristotle and all his defenders obsolete in your path

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dunno he lost pretty bad in this debate:

basic decadent upper middle class atheist

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What nonsense

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How so? Aristotle's Posterior Analytics dabs on analytics.

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I’ve got my copy!

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Bertrand Russell is proof that Anglos and Americans lack the capacity to think.

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>upper middle class
I don’t disagree with you but actually he was an earl, as aristocratic as they come.

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Give me the TL;DW

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Russel refuses to investigate and refuses to engage with the philosophical question of whether there is a primary or original cause in a chain of cosmological contingency (cause and effect over time).

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Because they determined earlier in the debate that such a cause must necesairly be the Absolute cause they can call God.

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I'm thinking uhh pretty based? (I don't know what cosmological contingency is)

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He didn't render anything obsolete. If anything soulless analytical logic-obsessed anglos like him didn't contribute anything to philosophy at all. Except maybe Wittgenstein but he was an austrian autist so he doesn't count

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As much as you might hate him of the Idealism essay, Moore came up with much better way of tackling ethical issues than Nietzsche ever did.

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You mean a way that feels good to your slave sensibilities while dragging the world into decay.

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Talking about moral issues in any capacity is better than feeling too cynical to address them in any systematic way.

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it means everything in the universe has a cause and an effect. Except the first thing there is. It obviously does not have a cause. It is its own cause beyond time and space. beyond the big bang, and beyond anything else you might imagine beyond the big bang. It is the "prime mover", an absolute in everything also including mind, psyche, spirit, subjectivity, and absolute in being itself.

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provide quote nigger

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Two city states.
City A has systematic analysts appealing to castles of logic built on a million assumptions that they demand we overlay on reality dogmatically.
City B has intuitive, adaptive people with no formal systems of thought.
Is A inherently better than B? Strategy B has worked far better historically. A has almost no track record and the record we do have tells of basically nothing but misery and decay.

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His father was a willing cuck. He died when he was like 30 and still managed to convince his wife to cuck him. It is safe to assume that his son was a cuck too.

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Jay would utterly destroy him in a debate.

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The greeks were already refute by the time he was born.

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Refuted by Saint Maximus the Confessor

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