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This piece of shit has ruined my life. Everywhere I look I see slave morality. All my favourite movies, tv shows, books, philosophies are all slave morality. Even myself. I am a slave. Don't read this cunt.

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i don't think you read him since all you have to do is stop being resentful.

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>Don't read
Ok jew.

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room temp iq

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Quit being such a bitch, that is what Nietzsche boils down to. Meditate on this.

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Fuck off with the slave morality bullshit already. What is this like the 6th thread you made about it?

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Who revved him up?

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I have no choice anymore. I have to become.... der Übermensch.

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Slave/master dynamic is bullshit

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>Slave/master dynamic is bullshit.... my professor said so!

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no professor would say that, you obviously didn't go to school.

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>Quit being such a bitch, that is what Nietzsche boils down to.
Nietzsche was a little bitch himself who had a mental breakdown over a horse getting beaten and deliberately infected himself with syphilis from a prostitute (the only time he had sex btw) because people were opposed to pointlessly fucking in late 1800s.

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When I was reading Elizabeth's introduction to Thus Spake Zarathustra I had to stop and masturbate to a fantasy of her and Friedrich having sex.
>captcha: WDHOT

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>people were opposed to pointlessly fucking in late 1800s.
apparently you've never heard of fin de siecle culture or decadent literature. you're not too bright.

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>fin de siecle culture or decadent
That was the tiktok of the 17. hundreds.
Nothing important.

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The horse story was a myth. He literally went nuts because he was surrounded by retards.

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Why would I go to school? They teach gay. I make 80k a year doing plumbing and electrics 20 hours a week.

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I'm surrounded by retards and I'm still perfectly sane.

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For now.

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>he literally went nuts because he was surrounded by retards

I dont see how that's any better than going nuts because of witnessing a horse get beaten

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Holy shit you fucking faggot philosophy is a bunch of shit, that's my philosophy and when I see a human I see a shit sack walking with shit inside them. Does that change your worldview or do I need an aggressive nietschan mustache to make it more authoritative? I despise you and your faggot philosopher so much I won't even spell his name right. You whore. Fuck you. You wish you were like me you dyel small calf. I shit in your glovebox, idiot, go look, oh wait it's a metaphorical shit I'm so smart I' a philosopher look at my prose I used to be so poor couldn't feed my dogs now I ride in the sky with my hands held high FAG because I philosophosise for money.

So before my creative juices are sucked up, here's something to think about and argue about what I, Anon, the wisest philosopher said to you: you shouldn't drive in the left lane. Woah what does that mean? It's so deep let's circlejerk him HES A PHILOSOPHER HE HAS A PHD AAAAH CONSOOOOOM HIS BOOKS AAAAAH LISTEN TO HIS PODCAST AAAAH poop. All poop.

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why the FUCK do americans only talk about master morality vs slave morality in regards to Neetsch and ignore the rest of his thought?
Is it because you're all a bunch of ignorant subhumans bred to be at each other's throat constantly so you find that dichotomy inherently appealing?

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>resentment bad
Spooked. It exists and you feel it for a reason.

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School is a pyramid scheme.

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>Stop being ___.

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I feel similar but I don't regret reading him. Better have my life ruined by him than be lived by life like everyone else. The thing he killed inside you was weak. Be grateful it's dead.

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Professors hate Nietzsche unless they’re giving you a Foucaldian interpretation of the will to power

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bro you haven't read Nietzsche, stop lying

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Allowing yourself to be swayed so easily by the thoughts of another is the mark of a severely undeveloped mind.

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You ruined your own life by reading books you're not smart enough for.

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