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/wwoym/ YA High School Lesbian Novels edition

Previous thread >>20779234


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Women respect big cocks and strong fucking, nothing else

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Popular myth, nothing more.

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Is artist himself is an art too?

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Violence is the ultimate form of self-expression.

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finna retire off $PLSD and shitpost on /lit/ more than I already do

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>t. simp in his first 5 month relationship, totally not getting cucked

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Can someone in Chicago or the greater Chicago area please come beat the shit out of me? Ill pay.

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It is. How people hurt other people reveals a lot about their psychology. One of the most important aspects of criminal profiling for prolific killers is the methodology they use to commit their crimes. Just as an artist would detail their struggles on a canvas, a killer details their struggle on another person's body.

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Is artist himself considered an art too? Would the same painting have the bigger effect if someone famous paint it?

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Is Evola based or cringe? I don't know anything about the meme about him

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Babble. There’s no “ultimate” here. You just sound like you’re romanticizing psyho killers. Watching too too many movies glorifying them.

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Literally just "Live, Laugh, Love" for disaffected young men wrapped in a mystic blanket

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I don't watch movies.

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PR, self expression, the way an artist presents themselves. Yes, much in life can be considered an art to practice

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>Be me, writing fanfiction
>Write stories, post them, have fun

>Be me, writing original fiction
>Come up with wild plots in my mind, cool characters, deep and tragic stuff
>Never write anything

Why am I like this

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FUck you mods and fuck your warnings. I'm not translating my divine visions to English. This is how they're supposed to be read. You translate them if you're interested in what they say.

Visions of the Tabernacle: 08/04/2022

Herir al vacío.

El abrazo de Desdémona quema (se siente) generaciones después.
Cantar al Espíritu, majestuoso animal herido;
su piel es nuestro código, nuestra alianza.
Con él arde toda nuestra herencia,
se pudre toda nuestra historia.

Apostasía de sangre de los Hijos de la Montaña.
Nuevo significado enterrado entre tenue luz.

Gozo cautivo de señores y sirvientes.

Sofisticación del mecanismo génico.
Observación de los símbolos.
Sublimación de lo sagrado.
Iniciación bastarda a los caminos a través de ritos de fuego.
Conexión a los nueve infiernos,
el ojo de Horus.

Ninfas falsas activando danzas mortales,
el culto al sigilo.

Escasas doctrinas para sostener el cielo.

Cubículos argentados.

Divinas penitencias de amor duro.

Masa crítica. Armisticios rotos.

Lo peor.

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I donno. But I do know you can switch it off by leaving the internet.

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I've been skipping around the house like a little girl.

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Stop watching tranime.

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I don't watch anime, I'm just a queer.

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Started with the Greeks?

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I don't follow

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Many such cases!

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At least I'm not a homo.

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There is so much deep wisdom whenever you lurk too close to the abyss. It's a maniac state, it's when I am the most lucid and intelligent. Whenever I look back at these death haunted mental states, it feels like dreams like the flights which my imagination made was the signifying process of my most authentic Being. Ironically I have much loosed conception of self in those states yet I am the most authentic at it.

Death contemplation is cruel but there's a lot of death and wisdom to it, a very thin rope. You sometimes feel like you're moving in circles, but Cioran solved this for when he said by moving in circles you gain more depth.

>The mind advances only if it has the patience to go in circles, in other words, to deepen.

Emil Cioran, The New Gods

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ultimate pseud shit. There's nothing terrifying about doing a little introspection and contemplation, unless you're an NPC.

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If there was wisdom in suicide, there would be no philosophers.

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>t. never even seen the abyss
You have to tie an astral rope to your solar plexus with the other end fastened to something stable that you love before approaching.

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I have been in the abyss, looking back it was underwhelming. Get out of the abyss and soar towards the heavens. Then come back down and ground yourself. That is true enlightenment.

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even schopenhauer didnt kill himself

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>looking back it was underwhelming
When you dig deep enough you figure out that there is no bottom. The return to the world of men is a result of coping with infinity, being overwhelmed. Your reemergence from the underworld mirrors the birth of life which uses certain strategies to cope with the infinite, after the rebirth you're consciously taking part in the "cope" that is life instead of just acting it out without knowing what you're doing.

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R̵̨͉̭̱̐̔͂̍A̷͎͈͙͎͇͖̖͂̃̑̽̈́Į̴̞̰̼͒̕D̴̖̟̫̘̏̋̏̑͝Ė̴͈̙̥̺̟̦͕͛̀̕Ņ̵̩̔͆ ̵̣͚̝̝̙͕̺̏̔ͅT̶̨̩̂̈́͂̇̀͋́͝Ụ̴̮̩̜͒̓͆͒̈̇R̷̤̹͓̟̟̈́̀̀̿̓͝Ñ̴͙̎̌̔̔̓͠͠ ̶̨̨̦̤̠̩̘̓̚ͅŎ̴̢̰͙̺̪̚ͅF̶̫̭͇̕͜ͅF̶̞̮̭̹̹̗͇͌͋̇͌̑̚͝ ̸̛̪̔̾͝Y̷̭̭̦͍̙̱̣̜̆̍͐͌̕͝Ǫ̵̡̞͓̯̞͚̆̄̂͆̊̄̈̕U̷̹̽̎̽͐̒̏͘R̸͇͓̤̓͂̆̋̕͠ ̷̢̭̪̄Ṇ̸̨͉͉̺̜̗̓͋̃Į̸́̋̄͑̕͝Ñ̴͉̜̙̫̀̿͌̒̊̓̚T̴̜̯̮̠̏̆̓͠Ë̵̹̙́̋̈̿̆Ň̶̫͇͐̑͆̆͘D̵̻̈́̐̊̾̓͗̽Ǫ̸̤̜̽̏͒̃̌̕͝͠ ̵̛̣̰͈͊͊̈́͑̕̚Ś̸̗̼̂́̚̕͠I̶͇̼͚̻̦̾͘ͅX̵͎̱̍̄̆̾̓͑T̷̛̠̣̀̄̀͐̊͗Ẏ̶̟̔͜ ̶̨̭̹̦̳̘̈́̆F̷̗̿̀́O̴͕̭̎̾̽̈́U̶͖͓̝͚̽̑̒́͝R̷̨̡̦̣̘͚̹̖̾̾͘͝

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What I have done isn't little. Stay there for 7 years. Most of what you get from there could not be translated into language.

Schopenhauer called Death the supreme muse of philosophers and even said that without death men would scarcely philosophize.

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cope on this dick bich

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Your dick is pure cope.

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The digits I got say otherwise

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>a little introspection
you just expose yourself.

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What implication for /lit/s future holds the fact, that reddit modding team is walking freely here >>20787283

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Then how the fuck Cioran managed it without tiring himself to anything?

I would admit that I went there without a cope or rope and now I am dying and broken. I had no mentors or guides. And I still went there utterly alone, kind of makes me proud.

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Unironically it's /lit/ adherence to "quality" that makes it such a shitty board. You have pseud posters who want to embody that "quality", and then you have deliberate shitposters who trample all over "quality" to piss on the pseuds who care about quality. Thus the board becomes a struggle between pissed off pseuds and shitposters who try to bring the board down as far as possible. If people just talked about books but didn't care about having intelligent discourse then the intelligent discourse will just come naturally, without any pseuds to piss off there would be no shitposts.

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I wish I was as big as the guy in this gif.

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I only take the worst decisions

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Either go back if you can or go deeper, don't stay. When I went deeper jedi ghosts of teachers I didn't know were my teachers showed up and the rope I didn't know I had became visible.

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I wish I was as big as tinytrip anno 2013

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I failed my life

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He may be bigger than the guy in >>20787384, but he's not bigger than the guy in >>20787384.

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that makes two of us

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I don't know who "he" is, and you reference the tattoo'd guy twice.
I mean clearly the guy who's roided to the gills is bigger, yes.

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Look again, the guy on the left is very big, you just don't see it yet.

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Did anyone else not really know how to read as a kid and teen? I was obviously taught how to read text and know what it means from a young age but when I recall reading stuff like harry potter it's just sort of empty. The main reason I read was because adults and teachers said it was good but you weren't taught how to visualise, imagine and keep track of things. I had to teach myself and train that later when I was in my late teens and realised I couldn't properly read.
I believe this isn't just the minority either and the main reason why the majority of people don't read.

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>Either go back if you can
I can't. How I should proceed? Any way or tips?

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Organs are made of cells. Cells have organelles. But what are the organelles made of? More cells? Is it just cells all the way down?

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Beautiful image. Where is it from?

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Thank you to whatever anon recommended Desert Solitaire, really good

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This guy clearly never came close to insanity ahahaha

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Only NPCs and normies do "a little introspection and contemplation". Apprehension of the Other, whether it's the Will, Unconscious, or Shadow is not merely terrifying

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Michael Whelan, of course.

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it shouldnt be

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read a high school biology book
the answer to that specific question is no

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It should be to a healthy functioning human. You never let go of the cope so you never experienced anything besides the cope.
>i hecking love skull thrones, nothing spooky here in this castle made of meat

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How can you tell if you're getting cucked?

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or God or Being or Nature

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Spiritual growth involves self-limitation of the spirit (see Goethe and Hegel)

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This is my favorite picture of a skeleton.
The depiction of skellies as spooky death symbols are cliche. They've been done to death you could say. Over time, their fear factor has diminished considerably, having now reached the point of desensitization. When you see the "punisher skull logo" you can't help but roll your eyes at such edginess. Or scoff at the corniness of the notorious "skull masks" used by right wing extremists in a yawn-worthy pathetic attempt to score cheap intimidation points.

With Utagawa's Takiyasha the Witch and the Skeleton Spectre, the skeleton reaches its aesthetic zenith and accomplishes everything one might wish from the bony husk of a human being.

The skeleton is a phantom, an apparition. So it is more than just a literal symbol. The skeleton is a being, a fearsome specter.

Its anatomy is detailed and accurate, displaying the artist's deft eye and aptitude for legitimate research. Specifically with the complex structure of the skull and facial architecture is extremely detailed, capturing the curvature and involution of the bone structures which sculpt the face. Small touches like pock marks dot the skeleton in a nice touch.

It is not just its classic skull faced rictus grin which spooks, but the massive overshadowing size of the cartilage shorn colossus. To the chagrin of orthopedic surgeons everywhere, the phantom's spine curves grotesquely , showing its frightfully intent focus on the haunted warriors below. Its orbital cavities glare blankly, with no eyes to see but still with unnerving supernatural sight. Backgrounding this spindly titan is the deep black of oblivion, symbolizing the total darkness of death from which this animated horror springs.

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I think its because hardly anyone sees a skull anymore outside of sterile environments.

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Probably. It’s funny you posted this, just a while back my mother suggested I attend a certain art gallery, and I made a comment along the lines of “these days, it’d be more of an ARTIST gallery”.

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If you have to ask...

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another day wasted
another day lost

>> No.20788470

How do you write or get into it? How do ppl do it or what topics? Whats a good place to start if you want to start writing.

Does it help with disjointed and incoherent thoughts? I feel when I talk to ppl on go on mental blanks

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what did you do?

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I'm just paranoid about everything in general. She doesn't show any signs, but I'm anxious nonetheless

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Every day is a blessing.

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She married me for the robux dude, i dunno what you're on about

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I meant to post this image but Diogenes is cool too

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Anglo-Japanese is a neat style.

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Jesus Christ, if I told you you wouldn't believe it. And isn't that the only proper response to nihilism, gossip? Meaning is just people spewing bullshit at each other to see how far that gets us. Freud wrote a whole fucking book about it. So why tell you if you're not going to believe it? Egoism? I think Freud said that, too. Anyways, this Brazilian whore. Ten dollars! Ass as big as the state of Kansas. Tiny hip that was attached to her spine like a well-oiled ball joint. A throat that could fit a 2 liter coke bottle or whatever fucking measuring system they use down there. Ten fucking dollars and I was going down on her rose-scented pussy like Jap in 1946.
Fuck all that. You don't want to hear about that. There's no discussion in it. There's no gossip. It's just me gloating. Here's the gossip: do you think we'd be such a super power if we had these ballerina barbies spunning on our dicks for $10? Fuck no! That's what the puritans knew. Those sleazy cunts were as slimy as Freud. Who, don't ever forget, was a Jew. But I tell you, these fucking puritans knew. They got to the forefathers and told them, too. And that atheist bastard Franklin believed them too. He was a smart men, a whore lover, but he knew that America couldn't be great with whores running around everywhere. No way we'd be great if we could have a fat ass on our dicks for ten fucking dollars. We need that repression. The repression that foists nihilists into the abyss, the repression that gave Nietzsche syphilis. Nietzsche could have only gotten syphilis if he was destined to be great writer and we must hate whores if we ever wish to be great. You can't be great if you could get your dick consumed by an ass with its own orbit without any effort. We're talking about 10 dollars. Anywhere in the US, that's an hour of work. You're telling me the most low life minimum wage dipshit deserves this? Fuck no and it's not because lack of sympathy. It's that America needs that minimum wage dipshit to go without pussy. That's the built up rage that makes us great. If life were easy, we would just be Brazil. Drug lords and slum kingdoms everywhere. We need our poor to be motivated to get out of that. That why our whores are expensive. No one deserves a fat ass like that unless they fucking earned it. And ten bucks isn't fucking earning it. You have to be able to kill your own mother and then cry to anyone that doesn't know the truth. That's how you earn a fat ass on your dick. Being amoral, but getting it done. That's what makes people great and makes people detest nihilists. Just get shit done, first. Then you can get an ass as big as Kansas swallowing your kids.

>> No.20788903

Like this? You can't, obviously. You either suffice or you don't. You can't judge the honesty of a woman unless you've known and have heard of her from her relatives and friends. Trust is the cement of a relationship but it's also a token that has to be earned by both parties.

It's in the early beginnings of a relationship that most people will find inconsequential to flutter a bit. But don't fret too much over it. Most people are idiots who can barely lie and their stories will be full of holes. You can allow yourself to be paranoid (and ask questions then) if you notice changes in her behavior (and you will if you're not severely autistic). Enjoy the ride anon.

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"volcel" cope
All the greatest men in history were sex-havers. Most philosophers are just incels who make up a bunch of bullshit to justify why they're such a fucking loser.
"I'm not having sex because it makes me smarter!"
Yeah, no one fucking believes that. You're not having sex because you're an ugly manlet who is incapable of courting a woman.

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let's begin with two simple statements
1. you are spiritually dead, as you worship big butts and money instead of God, who doesn't like fornication. the only thing everyone get from your well-written dialogue monologue is that your whole world revolves around whores and materialistic riches. get a life
2. most people can get their dicks sucked for less than 10 dollars, dare I say for free, it's called having a girlfriend or a wife

>> No.20788974

It was some creative writing from /gif/'s monger thread. Some guy went to brazil and fucked a 10 dollar whore. I just wanted to remind everyone that Freud was a Jew and to hate all jews.

>> No.20788985

That's not true. Up until the last 50 disgynic years almost every man had the opportunity to have sex and children. Women simply did not have the option to reject for manletism or whatever. So men who did not do it were clearly making a sacrifice in service of whatever beliefs they held.

>> No.20788988

some organelles are cells (e.g mitochondrias), some aren't (e.g lyzozomes), it's a question of constituants (is there an individual unit with a separate DNA inside another membrane inside that cell? if yes, it's another cell AND an organelle, if not it's just an organelle)

t. biochemist

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I've written more poems in the last two days than I have in the last two years combined. I'm trying not to be hyper-critical of them. It's my biggest drawback I think. I haven't posted on 4chan in a year I think, a very long time. Been drinking again. Have been dating this girl for almost 8 months now and will get married once she finishes college. I dropped out myself. Moved back home from Hawaii to be with her. Still think it was a mistake. Everything is. Except my writing, it feels right. All the other shit can go to hell for all I care. I often feel as if her family thinks of me as lower class. I cuss a lot in front of them, and smell like my work. I'm either hungover or properly shitfaced when I'm around them. Don't talk to my family much anymore even though I live roughly 45 minutes away from them. Closer now than when I was separated from them by a literal continent and an ocean. Hawaii haunts me. Can't break out of it. So many people and memories. Probably won't kill myself, mainly so I can see what happens next. Given up hope of determining what that next thing is however.

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Finding notes in secondhand books is always a pleasant surprise.

>> No.20789012

The very existence of consciousness destroys nihilistic reductionist rhetoric as we are the manifestation of smaller components materializing into a greater meaning and act of existence. And I believe such spirits of the self can be expanded into groups and communities of human beings. There's spirits within groups as well. And perhaps, if not created yet, something even higher. What a twisted tragedy to see the fate of mankind.

>> No.20789023

The constant left vs right shitfinging on this board is very tiring. It's all the same thing every day ad infinitum. Where do these golems even come from? Why can't they have actual substantive discussions rather then merely being culture war drones for whatever ideology they've been duped into? Why does it not end?

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Do you guys have a non-subverted source for that claim? I'm not listening "experts" after they told billions of people to take the clotshot. Fuck medical professionals. Cells are made of smaller cells, and those cells are also made of smaller cells.

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-- Due to the parasitic predatorial elite which will spiritually destroy all of you.

>> No.20789029

You are reading someone else's sloppy seconds. That book will always have been annotated by someone else first. You are just a mental cuck.

>> No.20789041

They're made of proteinium which is made from a bunch of letters that God put in a volcano.

>> No.20789045

It is tiring and has ruined this board but I don’t think it’s left vs right totally. If you were to tell some anon making political threads and posts to take it to the political board, you would be accused of belonging to the opposite party. I think a lot of the fighting is between anons who don’t want to hear about politics and anons who want to discuss politics. I definitely have an opinion on which side wants to have political discussion on this board more, though. That is who I blame for the death of lit

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(formerly prince)

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God isn't real, I don't listen to theological "experts" as well, they're just as retarded as doctors. Cells are made of tinier cells. The science is settled.

>> No.20789098

He used airplanes from the 1950s to fly over the volcanoes which explains why the letters were in English.

>> No.20789121

fucking retard, airplanes weren't invented until the 1960s
and if everything is made of tiny english letters, how come I can't read it all?

>> No.20789124

gayest thing i've read today.

>> No.20789129

Oh, don't worry
Everyone knows

>> No.20789138

Your eyes are too big. Some children can read them.

>> No.20789141

Everyone already knew this

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about the kyoto animation arson attack or ...?

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im really tired of it all

>> No.20789220

you started it.>>20789206

>> No.20789247

not the same guy, I'm just tired

>> No.20789254

Stop watching porn.

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Make a crypto message song out of that you freaks.

>> No.20789315

I am not suicidal but I would do anything to die in my sleep and forget Christ. It is amazing how Christ is such a disruptive figure in that even my useless and heretic heart my soul still recognizes the Gospel and yet it rebels and mangles itself on it. I feel like a toy for the expirement of destroying yourself. I don't hate myself nor my family but I simply wish to have not been born or to simply exit stage right in the density of night and to never have a name known on this Earth. I have conquered poetry and some of secular philosophy and it's all dry. The top isn't cold or empty but it's pure terror and awe, crying and broken before God and yet my soul is perverted thing, both so steeped in sin and so deeply reconciled to Christ that it is neither saved nor damned but merely a nuissance to both. I have felt the afterlife and I am not afraid but I am afraid of this life and it is this fear, this gnawing sensation that I can only describe as an iciness made of hate, that leaves me in my own spectacle of mediocrity. I can only love and serve and yet I still have the places the devil carved his pleasure in my hesrt and my holes, and yet I barely need to try as faith is not a question but a Truth. It's odd. I wonder how I am still not insane. Please pray for me.

>> No.20789377

Stop picking your ass. That’s disgusting

>> No.20789386
File: 216 KB, 1447x2048, 1653365026341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish Hoshimachi Suisei was real and I wish she was my girlfriend.

>> No.20789416

I used to live in Chicago. You can drive over to me in Iowa, or I have a semi-bodybuilding friend who could use the money.

>> No.20789424

Or philosophers lack wisdom.

>> No.20789495

Getting real tired of the zoomers.

>> No.20789501

Is rape kino/ludo/whatever the /lit/ equivalent is? I want to write a story with a rape scene one day.

>> No.20789606
File: 34 KB, 346x482, 1643711739128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate John Lennon but I'm a bit jealous of him desu, I wish I was a walrus.

>> No.20789615

The walrus is Paul

>> No.20789618

No. Don’t.

>> No.20789619
File: 109 KB, 1288x1288, 1657013824155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh. nvm I just hate John Lennon even more now. I wish I was the one to kill him. I'm jealous of Mark David Chapman now. I would've made Holden Caufield so proud.

>> No.20789632

Everyone and Julian would like to have killed you to save him. So shut up edge-lord pipsqueak

>> No.20789644
File: 134 KB, 1000x600, 1657117806882.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Phony bastard. I'll smack you good.

>> No.20789664

>Spend 8 hours a day being a college worker mindnumbingly talking and thinking about global issues
>Go home and immediately watch John Carpenter movies, write up Call of Cthulhu TTRPG scenarios, and read genre fiction
I'd rather live in pulpy horror or science fiction than anything else desu...

>> No.20789677
File: 8 KB, 480x360, 91BEC75E-BD6C-40CF-9CDB-CA869FA64978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20789764
File: 24 KB, 720x596, 13958382829381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm returning to uni next week. I'm nervous. It's probably nothing, I tend to overthink too much and believe that I'll do much worse than I actually end up doing in social situations, but after spending pretty much 2 years as a shut-in I don't know. I'm afraid I won't have much time left to read and write, that I'll do bad socially, that I'll do bad academically.

>> No.20789789

Carpenter isn't pulp, Corman is pulp.

>> No.20789805

I was gonna write a shitpost like
>I was sneeding when I wrote this, feed me if it goes astray
>The P.H. was all purple, and there were people fucking everywhere
And then I got onto a tangent about how Prince was a JoWit and Judgement day wasn't a metaphor for Nuclear war, it was literally he thought the second coming of Christ was going to arrive under a purple sky

>> No.20789806

glad someone got my joke
I don't even listen to Prince though lmao

>> No.20789811

I miss the old memes like bachelor frog, alpha wolf, etc. Maybe I’m just getting older but they seem so lazy and uninspired today. I have the feeling only retards argue with memes and care about them a lot. Hell, they may even think in memes which is sad.

>> No.20789821 [DELETED] 
File: 16 KB, 722x720, 1630474381776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I miss the old memes like bachelor frog, alpha wolf, etc. Maybe I’m just getting older but they seem so lazy and uninspired today. I have the feeling only retards argue with memes and care about them a lot. Hell, they may even think in memes which is sad.

>> No.20789869

I've never said the word ostensibly before but I would like to someday.

>> No.20789881
File: 259 KB, 693x601, 1640178470165.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

4chan - Not Banned
You are not banned
You are not currently banned from posting on 4chan.

>> No.20789899

Well if that “self” of yours is an insufferable piece of trash human with no redeemable qualities that only wants to hurt people and you want to express that, go ahead!

>> No.20790052

as an agp i concur

>> No.20790059

The English have the mind of the Greeks but they have no soul let alone anything comparable to the Greek soul.

>> No.20790068

idk man the other day i saw them tallied side by side and older ones seemed quite reddit

>> No.20790071

>indulge my narcissism: the thread

>> No.20790072

>wake up at 2am
>can't fall asleep
why? why does my brain make me feel tired if it won't let me sleep? I don't even care what happens during the day, all I need to be content is 9 hours of sleep every night, but literally everything works against that happening

fuck you fuck this universe i don't even need sleep i don't even fucking need anything i fucking create reality i am god

>> No.20790089

Try audiobook short stories

>> No.20790092

and get ear infection from wearing headphones all night?

>> No.20790095

Today I slept in, I woke up around 10:30, I hope to get to sleep earlier tonight and wake up earlier tomorrow. I made stake and eggs for breakfast/lunch but I wasn't too happy with how the eggs turned out. After eating I read a bit from Sun and Steel, it's quite and interesting book. Eventually I headed on down to my local community college for an evening class that have every thursday from 5pm to 9pm. After returning home I read from Into the Wild. A story about an upper class kid trying to run away from it all into Alaska. Apparently Alex, the protagonist was a big fan of Jack London, I've read one of his short stories for school but I would like to see if he has anything longer form. I also had a burrito for dinner and listened to Sweet Dreams by Angel Olsen and browsed this sight for a little bit.
I wore light washed levis, black boots, a short sleeved button up and two necklaces today, one was given to me by my mother and the other by a good friend.

How was your day?

I forgot to include this but I am trying to learn how to write poetry, specifically sestinas. It seems like a great creative output for my emotions.

>> No.20790108
File: 9 KB, 200x163, HopelessHopium.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>feeling a little insecure about my writing
>decide to pop into /wg/ for the first time and see how the pros do it
>everyone's writing is substantially worse than mine
>mfw everyone is even more clueless and retarded than I am

There is no hope

>> No.20790129

Its just starting here. (11 am).
>trying to learn how to write poetry
Can you actually learn it? I remember trying to learn but couldnt do it. I just can connect my emotions to descriptions/images and write it in a poetic way.

>> No.20790245

you guys ever stop and think sometimes if there's a connection between the aquatic ape hypothesis and the lost city of atlantis

>> No.20790247

no but there is definitely a connection between dragons and unicorns

>> No.20790254

i came here from the top page
has writing? what?

>> No.20790263

Name a single person on this site who isn't a pussy effeminate faggot. If you can't do that much then I'll know I'm wasting my time here.

>> No.20790265


>> No.20790271

Do you get into fights?

>> No.20790272

everybody respects me too much to want to fight me

>> No.20790504

all i want to do is brain numbing menial labour

>> No.20790610
File: 154 KB, 736x736, fb4eef656619fdec7f8957ee16a2054c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20791123

I love fighting but prefer sorcery. Most people are very easy to control even if they decided you're their enemy.

>> No.20791243

I really regret going to work for my Uni’s admin after I graduated.

>> No.20791289


>> No.20791297

Aw, thanks man.
I’ll try to live up to it, and leave this house of goof-offs.

>> No.20791374

If hell ain't half full then I don't imagine that heaven got gender neutral bathrooms.

>> No.20791393

Nobody wins
Every time
So I became him
Embrace the sublime

>> No.20791401

yo bars are whack
so prepare ya anus
so imma be on the attack
and my flow so heinous
lick my fucking nut sack
motherfucking poetry?
nah, i rap hard so you know it's me
my rap game stevey steve
run up on a motherfucker
imma shoot his ass, no reprieve
get off the charges, bail money paid
i got some tricks up my sleeve
i fuck with ya thumb suckers
i’m growing weed and got shit made
tattoo and cuts on me like body modification
been doing ice since like the eighth grade
white bitches only fuck with alsatians

>> No.20791420

You didn't say anything unlike my incredibly deep and profound insight into the human condition and the new online reality we're finding ourselves in. My electronic penis is larger in length and girth.

>> No.20791434

floating through the world, my soul ablaze
with uncertainty, i fly
above the water, soon to cry
my eyes lower, the waves crashing
this plain, ill die
ascending, dawn sky

>> No.20791466

gotta practice; what should i draw? please control yourselves.

>> No.20791489

Draw his poem >>20791434

>> No.20791529
File: 46 KB, 1024x824, 53674CF3-C1F0-441B-93A0-F8B4E4663BE0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Having yet another one of those days where I am consumed by guilt and shame for ever believing in SJW wokeshit. Sincerely sorry for it plus ruined my life and the lives of everyone around me. I should have killed myself once that kike made shit up about me on tumblr in 2016 but didn’t because I am not only an autist but a retard as well. I just hope I can be forgiven, but I can’t force myself to be heterosexual no matter how hard I try.

Sorry to dump.

>> No.20791546

I had a dream where is was extremely drunk on a street in Mexico. I forgot what i did the last days or even years and i stumbled towards a place that fixes cars where the owner recognized me and showed me the way to a bedroom indoors. Some girls there were happy to see me and one started giving me a blowjob.
Later i was at some kind of therapy dance with people dressed up in skeletoncostumes and we did a sort of polonaise and i felt free for a second.
After waking up i fell asleep again and had another dream where i was extremely drunk or disorientated and couldnt even move. I was getting dizzy and thought id have a stroke or something.
Apparently being drunk jn a dream has bad connotations.

>> No.20791557

Everyone with empathy and all that goes through the phase of accepting some premises based on it without grasping the wider consequences.
My "SJW" phase lasted for two weeks in 2012 but I've had even worse ideas than those, they exist, they're out there stalking us.

>> No.20791586

My SJW phase lasted from like 2010 (I was 15 at the time) to 2016 . I fucking despise the way empathy is being weaponized by a small fraction of the population. It’s both infuriating and terrifying. Care to share what is out there stalking us?

>> No.20791699

There are certain perspectives associated with nihilism, materialism, atheism etc that lead to the SJW stuff and worse. It's all rooted in impulses that are destructive. "It's healthy to be destructive in this sick world".
Each idea on its own as an intellectual thing could be reasonable in certain contexts but not the pop versions of them that infect naive minds. A lot of our problems can be boiled down to "nihilism" but this claim is just an informal attempt to point at social problems. Nihilism as an intellectual idea can have subtle differences in meaning and not necessarily be a source of all this trouble.
When I saw the towers fall I thought "of course, obviously". I was completely onboard and not because I was a muslim. They weren't either, they were nihilists like me motivated by the same history. Kurt Cobain did 9/11.

>> No.20791726
File: 2.50 MB, 1280x1280, 1632186888879.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this was a really good reply.
picture didn't turn out real well, but it was fun, thanks.

>> No.20791732

I fear that /v/ has become an unironic refuge of sorts for zoophiles.

>> No.20791738

Had an idea for a thing I think would be funny. Just wideshots of people filming themselves doing tiktok shit (like those day in the life of ___ videos) but just off to the side there's appalling shit happening and nobody cares. Like a girl desperately belly dancing for attention in front of some old tramp on the floor having a seizure. Some kid doing cringe dance videos at the train station as a guy throws himself in front of the incoming train and is obliterated into mist and a mess. Maybe put a laugh track in? Might be a bit much.

>> No.20791789

I would like it a lot better if it was just the background.

>> No.20791832

indo-evropa more like poopoo-ewwropa

>> No.20791850
File: 204 KB, 602x538, 1658496364142776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The fulfillment of desire guarantees the maintenance of suffering. As we feed the will, it becomes more sophisticated and unattainable

>> No.20791855

I'm homeschooling my kids when u have them. I know too many people my age who want to become teachers who haven't read a book since Harry Potter in Highschool

>> No.20791909

I don't like friends, boring sitcom with boring characters

>> No.20792012

Why is it so fucking good just doing absolutely nothing? Fucking love being useless.

>> No.20792058

im the writer of that poem, this is beautiful, thank you :)

>> No.20792114

face mogged

idleness is goodness

>> No.20792178

what about seinfeld?

>> No.20792234

Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

>> No.20792248

I liked friends. When I matured a bit and the psychology that's being exploited became obvious it became turbo cringe.
It's literally called "friends" and it was constantly playing on all tvs at a time when each home had a tv in every room. It was a social environment simulator, a friend-sim. The subdued sort of safe humor, associations with warm coffee and all that is all crafted with a purpose by people with manipulative intuitions.

>> No.20792253

I like it, specially George and Kramer.

>> No.20792257

I really only have to work a few hours per day, the other four or so hours I spend either talking with people or just sitting idly by my computer. Work is very generous with time off and flexibility as well. Still, for those few hours of work, I absolutely despise it. I despise it most of all because it puts me in this headspace that is just counterproductive to just everything else and the only thing that resets me is a long walk through the woods. Should I quit, given how not demanding this job is? The income is not great but it’s decent and stable. I know I should feel very fortunate but I somehow just feel as if I’m slowly dying here, like it’s some sort of life not worth living.

>> No.20792263

There's a whole person you don't show them.
If only they knew.

>> No.20792299

I’m a remote worker and have absolutely no idea where I should live.

>> No.20792322
File: 437 KB, 840x854, 1560199919031.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the only way is attain decent wage is to code
>dont find it interesting
minimal wage here I come

>> No.20792325

this needs a proper release soon, shit goes so hard

>> No.20792357

be a nomad until you find a place you like enough to settle down or live somewhere with a lower cost of living and save money

>> No.20792363

the truth is, it is all my fault

>> No.20792368

Don't use this word like that

>> No.20792371
File: 505 KB, 680x626, 15.15.08.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Boy picture a guy punches you in the gut and messes up your insides and the next time you take a piss a stringy jet of feces blasts out of your dick with little firecracker farts.

>> No.20792378

This room feels like my eternal return. Like I've ventured forth from here and traveled far and wide, yet I always find myself back here. Every time, I find myself back here.

>> No.20792385

my evolution into a sigma male is complete. I was always trying to fit into society. but now that I realize I never will, I'm free.

>> No.20792390
File: 495 KB, 739x896, flowee.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20792403

How do you numb the pain?

>> No.20792420


>> No.20792422

the pain came from always trying and failing to do what's expected of me, to cater to other people's social desires not appear rude or callus, to try and understand normal conversation, to try to show off everything I have learned, to try to fulfill my obligations to other people, to try to have friends, to try to change who I am.

Now that I no longer try, now that I no longer care whether my achievements will ever be seen by anyone else, now that I recognize that I am not the same as everyone else, that I never needed them to begin with, that my time is better spent doing what I want than on social obligations, that my brain is not designed for relationships, the only pain is the pain that comes from killing my old self, and it's not so much pain as it is a sense of disbelief that this change was so easy.

>> No.20792442

have you read the wiki for the lead singer of this band? def worth a skim lmao

>> No.20792471

no i haven't

>> No.20792478


>> No.20792501

i threw way too much cajun spice in that pan

>> No.20792504

No it's my fault. I'm so powerful and important that everything is my fault. If someone dies in an accident I could have been there and warned them so it's my fault they died.

>> No.20792516

interesting. different golden echoes though i think

>> No.20792538
File: 47 KB, 1200x1171, 1200px-Texas_flag_map.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can Texan anons please reply to this post with their weight in pounds. I'm trying to prove something.

>> No.20792555

oh ya true

>> No.20792565
File: 7 KB, 235x215, 620A7CA0-0A46-4EC9-A787-1D8A3E0173FF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok I know this is a long shot but does anyone have THAT Yoko video? (not Taro or Ono, the other one).

>> No.20792577

If a rising leader claimed to be good, in a time whence being good was not valued consciously - and so had seemingly nothing to gain from it, but if that good were real, and therefore the people internally recognized that goodful truth, whom this leader represents; but the leader is not actually good.
Would it be better to support this leader, whose will will bring goodness to people, at the expense of one's pride and dignity? If his goodness is exposed as being phony, but nobody cares, because they assume this ungoodness is necessary for greater goodness; well, are they right? One might say: "no, of course you shouldn't support a hypocrite," and the other would say, "well yes he is flawed, but this is necessary." and even another would say, "he has no problems, he is winning and only you are upset because you are not winning as he is."
One aspect of it is the false belief of LOA. it's sorcery, it is "meme magic." it is also of certain philosophies, "master morality." the rejection of beautiful losing.

>> No.20792611
File: 4 KB, 184x184, 1659450502203377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How to deal with 16 years of browsing imageboards almost daily?

>> No.20792645
File: 185 KB, 1200x800, C7Vl_gtWkAAkj_Y.0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Part of me thinks transhumanism is a meme. Another part of me could totally see Bezos augmenting himself to be an immortal cyborg so that he may reign supreme over capitalism for eternity.


>> No.20792647

cock mogged

>> No.20792655

150 lbs

>> No.20792708
File: 347 KB, 976x973, 1659729806494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kind of achievements do you now feel more at ease to pursue since you've made this realisation? Or are you simply more content with yourself, regardless of your achievements etc.?

Just go outside a bit more. The whole
>you're here forever
thing isn't a big deal. Fucking around on 4chan isn't mutually exclusive with doing other shit in life. I've been here 14 years or so and while the decline in the site quality is noticeable it's still better than pretty much anywhere else online. And like I said, doesn't prevent you from being chill irl.

>> No.20792778

if you ever feel like you’re at the end of your rope and life isn’t all that cut out, just comply with an officer of the law

>> No.20792949

"thereof" is my favorite word now, it's super germanic and based

>> No.20792960


>> No.20792976
File: 82 KB, 822x708, cringe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's french and therefore cringe. thereof is based because not only is the word Germanic, but so is the construction, I have realized this due to learning German and seeing how they have words like daran, German utilizes adverbs in a way more interesting and powerful way than Latin.

>> No.20793006

I can do whatever I want without caring if society thinks I am a failure. Why do I need a successful career when I don't spend any money? Why do I need a degree when I have always been able to teach myself more and faster than the education system? I can learn whatever I want, do whatever I want, live however I want. Maybe it's cope that I don't have the proper kind of brain to survive through the traditional societal judging process, but I perceive all these things as social signals, hell, the way that people pay for higher education here in America is by signaling that society's investment into them will pay off. Why should I waste my time getting social accreditation? So that I can make more money? I only love learning, why should I learn something not for the sake of learning? There are 16 hours a day, and I can learn from life itself, it doesn't matter where I am or what I do, I am always learning, I am molding my brain to mirror reality itself, learning specific skills and specialized knowledge is only the half of it, why should I overspecialize to make money when I can distribute my learning across the whole breadth of reality?

>> No.20793028

I don't have a reliable car and don't plan on buying one.

>> No.20793085

I think about the future.
Virtual Realities.
Collective Memory.
PoV Empathy
Universal Info Database

>> No.20793214
File: 1.51 MB, 1125x1217, 1638702602920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are men like this?

>> No.20793309

I have to remove my wisdom teeth but I'm absolutely terrified of paresthesia. My lower teeth are very close to the root canal.

>> No.20793364

think im gonna get classic xi drunk tonight

>> No.20793396

I never drink porn so the feminists are wrong
They don't know me, all they sow is lies
One more hit of my dragon gamer bong
Where are all the barefoot trad housewives

>> No.20793558
File: 40 KB, 640x627, 1657380005734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have nothing on my mind.

>> No.20793585
File: 93 KB, 640x999, 1635890736192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would /lit/ eat vegan pepperoni?

>> No.20793594

not much different from actual red meat which is also just tasteless grey slop

>> No.20793763

Went out for drinks tonight. Ended up coming home early because the whole group consisted of disjointed groups of acquaintance, but it is what it is. I remember seeing a lesbian trying to pass as a man. It was kind of cringe. We've got a lot of them here and they're all fucking awful people who think that they're Tony Montana because they've done a line of coke, but the moment a fella gives em a slap, they're on Facebook complaining that men can't hit women. Like, if you're going to pretend to be a man in every other aspect, you can't suddenly switch sides when someone gives you a smack? I dunno.

>> No.20793788

go to bed

>> No.20793831
File: 117 KB, 640x640, 1655413773131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20793861

It's naive to expect a funkbot to share your non-funk based values.

>> No.20793990

What is the deal with Amazon and places like abebooks setting ridiculous prices for new books that are out of print? Do they expect to sell a penguin or modern library hardcover for $100+?

>> No.20793998


>> No.20794006

I haven’t gone out with friends in years. Don’t exactly have any friends anymore. Don’t even have acquaintances.

>> No.20794013

How do you sell something to people, ideas especially, rational arguments aside?

How do i learn this skill?

>> No.20794018


>> No.20794082

I thought we were meant for each other.

>> No.20794140

I have to learn how to control myself to stop running away from reality in face of how fucked up my life is. I realized I'm addicted to escapism, be it games, movies, posting here or whatever.

>> No.20794147

Is cvmgenivs still around? Haven't been on lit in a sec

>> No.20794163

I finally know what all those people who said “I wasted my 20s” were talking about.

>> No.20794286

These days ///..?
Im drunk
I am so disconnected. More than even the average fag. There is no one. I am not human but in this board that meakes me normal I suppose. what is normal. Whatever makes the most. The most people make big smieles.

>> No.20794288

dont say that

>> No.20794353

same but i don't have a living

>> No.20794386

What it feels like to be middle class in U

>> No.20794428

Whiny faggot

>> No.20794445

To fail and fail upon each trial
I am no longer in denial
Silver rupees
Anime boobies
Wish I can turn back the dial

But that's how if goes in the game called life
My dick has caused me so much strife
Could have been married
Instead I'll be buried
Cut down by my own butcher knife

But I have a chance of redemption
Grow and and get a nice pension
Maybe see the kids grow
Watch as the flower blow
I need to stop losing attention

>> No.20794462

Suck my dick fag

>> No.20794463

I love celery. It's taste, it's crunch, it's affordability.

>> No.20794484
File: 110 KB, 316x316, FloralShoppe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw 2011-2016 Internet culture is starting to feel like ancient history now
I'm about to cry man I wasted my life behind a computer and it's like it never even happened

>> No.20794488

Sometimes I feel blessed by the shitty parts of my past. My first girlfriend was a cunt. We were in our early teens, we were both shitheads, but not self aware shitheads. I think we both hated each other, and eventually I gave her an ultimatum to change her entire personality or we were done. She chose to end it, and I made it way more emotional and dramatic than it needed to be. Teenagers are retards. Up until that point, I'd done the typical thing lonely fat internet-kids tend to do and thought getting a female to like me enough to not be repulsed by the physical form I was fucking catastrophically self conscious about was all that really mattered. Naturally I was the "nicest" nice guy you could have imagined and regularly went out of my way to manufacture animosity and resentment towards women even as I was completely deferential. But in the end all I caused for myself was to grow to hate women, the closer I got to what I wanted the more confusing and frustrating they became. I had built up whatever I thought love was (pussy and attention, really) to be the purpose of my existence and it turned out to be all effort and toil without ever any real satisfaction. In reality I was stretching myself past my breaking point to be as many other people as possible while increasingly hating my own self for being insufficient to achieve my fucking delusional social goals.

So I decided women must have been a meme all along, as I'd finally gotten a few and had a terrible time. I concluded I wasn't a "relationship person" and to accept the consequences of that. I stopped caring about women and focused on myself. You know what women love? A man who's driven, has self esteem, and talks to them like he couldn't care less about their pussy. I didn't realize what I was making myself into when I decided to change my relationship with women, but I'm far better off for it. If I described my situation now contrasted against where I've been, you wouldn't believe me it's that much better. I think there may be a lesson to be learned about how your attachment to something clouds your ability to see it for what it really is in ways that can actively drive you away from what you want, sabotaging yourself but not in a 'afraid of success' kind of way in a very literal 'your technique sucks' kind of way.

>> No.20794523 [DELETED] 

dude what the hell just happened with ann heche? it's like they were wheeling her toasty corpse away in a bodybag and she unzips the shit and jumps out? that was like a zombie movie man

>> No.20794533

Forking paths. One leads to the Metaverse (trademark)
The other leads permaculture

>> No.20794535


>> No.20794540

Everyone on this board seems angry and depressed. Cheer up, don’t stress out and make the best of life, bros

>> No.20794547

I still listen to Death Grips pretty much daily

>> No.20794652
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>> No.20794708

did you know Carly Simon's father was the co-founder of Simon & Schuster

>> No.20794766

This is literally me except I'm not balding yet and I'm courting a 16yo to become my tradwife

>> No.20794780

Going into permaculture I hope

>> No.20794879

same anon

>> No.20794888

are you me?

>> No.20795000

It astounds me that people here get offended if they find out people like to read different books than them.

>> No.20795055

Edgy shits. Hate em

>> No.20795089
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its 2 am again
im doom scrolling the apocalypse
new article appeared,
"all rain water is filled with cancer chemicals"

i dont go outside, i never go outside
to see the birds fall out of the sky
or fish wash up from the sea and die
just to go and get my SSRIs

the world is dying, the oceans are dying
collapse is near
i lay in bed watching anime about
cute girls doing cute things

>> No.20795195

Men do everything better. They even make better women.

>> No.20795237

Ran out of butter. No butter for toast. Dry toast. Life without butter is an unspeakable horror.

>> No.20795250

4chan is extra toxic today

>> No.20795256
File: 5 KB, 440x248, occcc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yet another day of crying in bed and wallowing in self pity, waiting for bedtime. Living and taking care of myself is too hard, I'm so fucking baffled how i became such a fucking incompetent sack of shit. I've tried everything: hobby activities, hanging around with normies, went to school and work and everything did fuck-all or just made my feelings of disconnect towards everyone and everything even stronger. When the damage has been done during crucial developing years as an impressionable young person, it seems you are fucked up in the head for life. This world holds no place for me and only thing ahead of me is to wait for the day that i finally snap and decide to take my own life. Or that I cease to take care of myself altogether and die 'accidentally'.

>> No.20795360
File: 61 KB, 599x768, at-eternitys-gate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same here anon. I went out for a hike this morning and I felt somewhat decent. A few hours later and I'm in bed and on the verge of crying. I legit don't know what to do anymore, I have tried for years now to change my life and it just isn't working. It's like nothing makes me feel good, I just drag myself places and it never works. It's like the positive feedback mechanism in my brain is broken. I'm on meds now and it's not even doing shit for me. I don't even remember what it's like to not be depressed all the time.

>> No.20795438
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I have found out that going outside for a walk often helps to make the pain somewhat manageable and I have been planning to just walk for 2-3 hours couple of days a week during autumn if I can gather up the energy and will power for it. Maybe it is something you could aspire towards as well. I think being outside helps with the fear that things will not get better and everything will stay the same until death. Even though nothing special has ever happened to me while out on a stroll, the chance is always there that you'll walk into a real life random event which could be good, neutral or bad. Either way, it would have some sort of impact on the course of life at least.
What meds are you on anon? I've been giving serious thought about starting antidepressants myself if my outdoors plan doesn't work out.

>> No.20795456

fucking cat didn't come in all night and day
she pisses me off so much i have to leave the door open i feel like next time i see it i'm going to kick it as hard as i can and never let it in

>> No.20795470

why do you own a cat if it pisses you off when it does predictable cat things

>> No.20795517

>fucking cat didn't come in all night
I wish my brother cat would stop coming at night. I cant sleep otherwise.

>> No.20795563

usually it comes back every few hours and stays in at night this is a new habit

>> No.20795572

>I have been planning to just walk for 2-3 hours couple of days a week
try going for a long walk every day. it will improve your life, i promise. not saying it will fix life being shit, but it will help. it will also improve your overall health. walking at a swift pace for a couple of hours is simple but does wonders for the body. leave your phone at home

>> No.20795574
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Advice is shared freely and between everyone. Why?

>> No.20795585


>> No.20795613



>> No.20795797

I am Odin

>> No.20795811
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>> No.20795860

I tried reading Tolstoy, and even though I enjoyed the characters and story it felt very pointless.
I think I have to be older to truly enjoy his work

>> No.20795874

I had similar feeling when reading Anna Karenina. I think a lot of themes and nuances just flew over my head by me never being in love or a relationship

>> No.20795947

There’s nothing truly eternal and timeless in Tolstoy. I think many people either fetishize Tolstoy or like his books for the aesthetics alone.

>> No.20795970

Dont Russians prefer Tolstoy way more than Dostoevsky?

>> No.20796200


>> No.20796325

>tfw u see some thread from like 36 hours ago is still being bumped
man /lit/ has really descended into one of those dead boards hasn't it?

>> No.20796384

you mean ascended?

>> No.20796397

how fucking new are you? why do the newest posters always have the most opinions about the way a board should work

>> No.20796422

Read the sticky

>> No.20796442

How come /lit/ can’t stay on topic?

wwoym is made for the off topic, and yet these attention whores keep wasting their loves away with this bullshit. Let /lit/ coast a while. Stop posting so much. Go get a life offline.

>> No.20796477

I haven't been hungry for days, now for a second I felt hungry but I waited for it to get stronger but instead it stopped

>> No.20796611

You're not the arbiter of objective categories, you don't know what you're trying to regulate or how to regulate it if you did.

>> No.20796631

Its really bad when its one of those shit threads.

>> No.20796656

You’re a troll trying your damnedest to shit the board up so we’re as miserable as you.

>> No.20796669

You don't understand anything but still think you should dictate what everyone else does.

>> No.20796670

I once dreamed there were some books that rivaled Harry Potter, but were better written. Something Something involved about a room full of mirrors.

Damn I do wish there would be Harry Potter like clones that finally make it good.
>wizard & witches
>cool cast of main characters
>them growing up, showing them as teens with romance and shit
>cool world building etc.

>> No.20796683

>Heartfelt advice/condemnation is dictating
I know exactly where I stand. If you’re not one of the trolls, why defend them so hard?
You don’t understand.

>> No.20796697

Little Witch Academia

>> No.20796739

I went offline for two weeks. Im back now just today

>> No.20796746

>I didn't understand your post on any level
What a surprise.
You gave no advice. You complained about your inability to understand the posts that are here. On topic threads are constantly deleted while apparently off topic threads are kept up based on political bias combined with the kind of attitude you display where you think have all the answers about what's on topic or not based on your own biases. Maybe in one case you didn't get the reference and in other you did so you delete the one you didn't understand creating a biased result that helps nobody.

>> No.20796782

>You gave no advice
>Stop posting so much. Go get a life offline.

Go away. Shifting the blame onto the jannies isn’t addressing the main frontal attacks. Janitors hands are mostly tied and they’re not invested in trying hard at all, but nothing compares to the constant shit posters

>> No.20796835

This you? >>20796823
If not, why not go chase him off

>> No.20796852

>Stop posting so much. Go get a life offline.
No u. Stop going to places you don't understand and don't like to complain about what those places produce. Going to 4chan and complaining about shitposting is one of the more deranged things a person can do in life. There never was a golden age of jannies or some shit, they and people like you have been making the place consistently worse with everything you do and say since the start.
>muh bad trolls
>anything that makes bad feefees is bad
>no bad thoughts only nintendo
He is more productive than the jannies and janny bootlickers.

>> No.20797071

/lit/ is way faster than it used to be. a few years ago WWOYM threads sometimes lasted almost a week.

>> No.20797089

Did Disney really made me gay? I don't think I even watched Disney that much when I was younger.

>> No.20797164


>> No.20797167


>> No.20797180

This. Threads used to be able to last a week. Now a thread can die in half a day. It doesn’t give lurkers who read a chance to find good threads

>> No.20797183

new thread get the fuck in here

>> No.20797217

I agree with this. I go for a walk every single day. It does help, but the problem is that I'm so depressed that nothing makes a notable difference anymore. Not going to stop doing it though. It's good to do things, even if they only take you from feeling really shitty to just shitty, it's still an improvement.
I have been on prozac and bupropion in the past. Now I'm on a combination of buspirone (for my anxiety) and moclobemide (for my depression). Still, I only feel less shitty. I don't feel great. I just started moclobemide so maybe a dosage increase can give me better effects. We'll see. I recommend bupropion if you really need an extra jolt and aren't crazy anxious. It is like a stimulant. Stay away from SSRI's if you can. Getting the added problem of limp dick won't do you much good. Really do your research though, ask your psychiatrist lots of questions.

>> No.20797825 [DELETED] 

>talk to people about story ideas
>thoughts go wild and I spitball all kinds of crazy things

>write by myself

>> No.20798364
File: 2.06 MB, 1240x1748, 1659142297830.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20798368
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>> No.20798382
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