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reminder that Girard irrefutably destroyed Nietzsche's slave genealogy of Christianity

>Christianity is how the individual prevents the crowd from persecuting him, not the other way around

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Good post. Looking forward to reading Girard more as I get older

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I knew the crusades were a pagan conspiracy the entire time

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>Christianity is how the individual prevents the crowd from persecuting him, not the other way around
Wrong. Christianity is wholly refuted by Nietzsche, elaboration here:
tldr christcucknity is cope

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tldr you worship the crowd

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i worship my virtues

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>ITT nonotheists treat philosophy texts as scripture to refute theism.
Dunning Kruger.

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yet you still haven't been crucified
because your virtues overlap with the spirit of the majoriy
you are beneath me

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>yet you still haven't been crucified
we live in a liberal democracy finally, thank god
i'm not a non-theist, although as a neutrally monistic panpsychist pantheist/panentheist Dawkins would categorize me just as a "sexed up atheist," i merely disagree with all organized religion on ultimately doctrinal matters, disagreement which stems from their ultimate cultural inauthenticity

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>liberal democracy
>doesnt worship the crowd

kek there it is

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How are you such a bloviating pseud? You have no idea what you're talking about.

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it's just an idealized Athenian democracy/refined or "realized" Plato's Republic, to an extent. or could be, at least

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Your completely ahistorical argument fails. The role of Jesus within Israel as the 'Suffering Servant' prophesied by Isaiah (died circa 7th century bce), and bringer of the 'new covenant' (aka 'new testament') prophesied by Jeremiah (died circa 570 bce), was established centuries before the advent of the Roman Empire, and Rome's conquering of Judea (63 bce).

Even if you doubt the prophecies, you cannot dispute that the meaning and logic of those prophecies was the source of Jesus's claims within the Jerusalem community, and they were likewise the source of his recognition as the long-prophesied Jewish Messiah. The Roman Empire was just a sideshow in all this.

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