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self help books -- post em
I am trying to read one a month until I no longer hate myself. picrel really opened my autistic mind to the thoughts and feelings of others. what is you favorite self help book?

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this one is actually good but it's very christian constant references to scripture every two seconds which you may or may not like

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Just watch Andrew Tate interviews.

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>Just watch Andrew Tate interviews.
I have. and in the spirit of tate himself I am going to tell you that its not enough, andrew tate is only the beginning
thanks, pirating it now

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>I have.
What’s your problem then? You know you have shit to do. Are you working? If not, get a job. Go out and conquer something, get shit done. That’s what it means to be a man. The first step is conquering your emotions, ignoring them, and doing what you should be doing. Stop believing that there’s a way to just be happy and stress-free all the time, and get to work.

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>What’s your problem then?
I want more. more success, more motivation, more meaning, more purpose, more money, more knowledge, more sex, more contentment, more everything.
>Are you working?
Yes. 9 to 5 6 figure job and trying to launch a small business (working on my business plan now) but I need to be doing more. Its not enough to launch a small business, I need more hustles.
>Go out and conquer something, get shit done
I am trying to conquer my mind
>Stop believing that there’s a way to just be happy and stress-free all the time, and get to work.
I understand this in theory (seek satisfaction, happiness is fleeting) but this is an area I can improve on.

You don't accomplish a winners mentality, its a state of mind which must be constantly reinforced and tended to. Hence why I am asking for more reading suggestions.

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You think that a book will give you a certain mental state that will make things easier. You don’t want to suffer, you just want everything to come to you, like a woman. It’s not really your fault, you were raised this way. But you know that it’s not about being happy, it’s about winning and exerting your will on the world. When you think of great men, do you think of how they feel? No, you think about what makes them great, what they do differently than everyone else. Life is competition, it’s our biology. You win or you lose. Don’t let emotions and mental states get in the way of winning.

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Picrel is great for understanding how our beliefs shape our lives and how the mind works as a goal-oriented device. Get the original 1960 version not the updated annotated bs.

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you dont seem to understand the purpose, importance of utility of self help books. stop being emotional and recommend me a book or get lost

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Those books are a waste of time made to make a profit. They’re filled with bullshit. If it’s longer then 20 pages you shouldn’t even touch it

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how to stop worrying and start living
the first half of it anyways, the best stuff is up front

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oh ya underrated book, not as weird as the title makes it sound

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>I am trying to read one a month until I no longer hate myself
idk if that is possible. they exist because people don't like the fact that they have flaws and want to change them, but the actual problem unless you are a piece of shit is just not being accepting of who you are

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