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>There are two sorts of saints: the saint by nature and the saint from fear. The saint by nature has a spontaneous love of mankind, he does good because to do so gives him happiness. The saint from fear on the other hand, like the man who only abstains from theft because of the police, would be wicked if he were not restrained by the thought of hellfire or of his neighbor's vengeance. Nietzsche can only imagine the second sort of saint. He is so full of fear and hatred that spontaneous love of mankind seems to him impossible, he has never conceived of the man who with all the fearlessness and stubborn pride of the Superman nevertheless does not inflict pain because he has no wish to do so.

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Based, thank you Mr. Russell.

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Stop posting this midwit reddit

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D. H. Lawrence proved Russell was the later although he saw himself as the former.
Many such cases

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14 Sept 1915
I’m going to quarrel with you again. You simply don’t speak the truth, you simply are not sincere. The article you send me is a plausible lie, and I hate it. If it says some true things, that is not the point. The fact is that you, in the Essay, are all the time a lie.
Your basic desire is the maximum of desire of war, you are really the super-war-spirit. What you want is to jab and strike, like the soldier with the bayonet, only you are sublimated into words. And you are like a soldier who might jab man after man with his bayonet, saying “this is for ultimate peace.” The soldier would be a liar. And it isn’t in the least true that you, your basic self, want ultimate peace. You are satisfying in an indirect, false way your lust to jab and strike. Either satisfy it in a direct and honorable way, saying “I hate you all, liars and swine, and am out to set upon you,” or stick to mathematics, where you can be true— But to come as the angel of peace — no, I prefer Tirpitz a thousand times in that role.
You are simply full of repressed desires, which have become savage and anti-social. And they come out in this sheep’s clothing of peace propaganda. As a woman said to me, who had been to one of your meetings: “It seemed so strange, with his face looking so evil, to be talking about peace and love. He can’t have meant what he said.”
I believe in your inherent power for realising the truth. But I don’t believe in your will, not for a second. Your will is false and cruel. You are too full of devilish repressions to be anything but lustful and cruel. I would rather have the German soldiers with rapine and cruelty, than you with your words of goodness. It is the falsit y I can’t bear. I wouldn’t, care if you were six times a murderer, so long as you said to yourself, “I am this.” The enemy of all mankind, you are, full of the lust of enmity. It is not the hatred of falsehood which inspires you. It is the hatred of people, of flesh and blood. It is a perverted, mental blood-lust. Why don’t you own it.
Let us become strangers again, I think it is better.

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Stop coming here you nitwit

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>So the well known *asshole* D. H. Lawrence says that he can prove the character and inner aspirations of a man without actually having been that man
Haa ha. Funny.

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In general Russell is cringe but Nietzsche is even more cringe. So when Russell criticizes Nietzsche he becomes momentarily based.

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Russell is so unbelievably based it's unreal. No wonder the cesspool that is /lit/ hates him.

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>"WHAAAAH WHAAAAH He said bad thing about my magic, make belief friend!"
Holy shit Lawrence was a whiny crybaby

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He's wrong on both counts.

There are no saints as a result of nature, nor as a result of fear.

You would think someone raised in the English culture of his time would know this, would have absorbed something as basic as this by osmosis.

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The Bible inspired by Jesus (PBUH) answers this, and all struggles of mankind

Basically. Humans can never not fear. Only Jesus (and Mary) were saint by nature. Anyone else can only be saint from fear, anything else is cope and any appearance of such devilish

Retroactively refuted 2,000 years ago. Off to sleep.

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Norm fucking hated russel

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Too bad

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