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has anyone else ever btfo'd nietzsche this hard?

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>definition this low
No wonder poor people hate Niezsche

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Oh Nietzsche had the most retarded takes on Christianity ever? More news at 11

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>Doesn't understand philosophy is theology that doesn't focus on God
Dunning Kruger: you got it bigly OP.

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>the Dionysian stance is the supreme expression of the mob
Rene Girard is literally just making things up here imo.

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>nooo you're not being coherent in the way I like it and you're not incorporating my theory

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If you have any knowledge of history you'd understand the cultural connotations of the Dionysian and Bacchic cult. The latter was censured as a slave cult by the Roman patriciate. It was always associated with the mob by the very aristocrats themselves that Nietzsche claims were Dionysian.

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I don't have much knowledge of Ancient Greek history, no - I see someone going on about "Judeo-Christianity" and the Nietzsche to Nazi genealogy, I assume the author is bullshitting somewhere.

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>>mobthink is just a theory

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too many exclamation points
I fucking hate this gleeful indulgent prose

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i fucking hate you

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He is right about that one. Read Bacchae if you want to learn more.

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>Likewise, Mumford demonstrates at length that the sole conceivable and real finality of "technics'' is the augmentation of power. There is absolutely no other possibility. This brings us back to the problem of the means. Technology is the most powerful means and the greatest ensemble of means. And hence, the only problem of technology is that of the indefinite growth of means, corresponding to man's spirit of power. Nietzsche, exalting this will to power, limited himself to preparing the man predisposed to the technological universe! A tragic contradiction.

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Bacchae was written by Euripides, who Nietzsche claimed was corrupted by Socrates. It's strange to use it as an argument against his notion of Dionysus when he had already dealt with that play.

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i hate you more

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That means there's no reality-basis to the focus of theology at all, Mr Dunning Kruger. Way to refute your own belief system whilst calling the other guy stupid.

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where is this from

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I'm not dealing with Nietzsche here. Girard said something, that anon questioned it and one of the most important sources on Bacchism confirms it.
And anyway, I don't give a fuck about Nietzsche's evaluation of ancient authors. His philological work is weak, he is no Willamowitz.

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>His philological work is weak
Please be trolling.

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>I don't give a fuck about Nietzsche's evaluation of ancient authors
You should. He was much smarter than Girard.

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Define "btfo'd"

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"i see satan fall like lightning" and probably "the technological society" but idk

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>Judaism and Christianity
Does Girard really?

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>nietzsche went insane because of cognitive dissonance
lol egotards are hilarious, this is what happens when your philosophy is pure projection and you mistake it for "honesty"

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He's right though. No one in philology took his important works seriously. The only works of note are exegeses on Diogenes Laertius and a few other less well known writers. Nietzsche's understanding of the historical Dionysus is incredibly weak.

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damn this is actually pretty good

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In general, probably. But I think Girard is right here. Nietzsche tried so desperately to overcome Christianity, but the Overman is basically just Christ in another guise. Very disappointing.

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Christcuck coping poorly.

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>this type of victim is innocent

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that's right. I found the book and am reading it now.

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>the Overman is basically just Christ in another guise
The Overman is, in Nietzsche's words, one who represents "the antithetical character of existence most strongly, as its glory and sole justification" (WP 881), who has "the greatest multiplicity of drives, in the relatively greatest strength that can be endured" (WP 966), who bears "the greatest responsibility" and doesn't "collapse under it" (WP 975), who lives "beyond the rulers, freed from all bonds" (WP 998), and who "determines values and directs the will of millennia by giving direction to the highest natures" (WP 999).

Kind of Christ-like, but the end result is completely different. The Overman is really the opposite of Christ, not here to be a savior of humanity, but to herald its end.

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Is that all you can say?

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people hate Niezsche?

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>There are two sorts of saints: the saint by nature and the saint from fear. The saint by nature has a spontaneous love of mankind, he does good because to do so gives him happiness. The saint from fear on the other hand, like the man who only abstains from theft because of the police, would be wicked if he were not restrained by the thought of hellfire or of his neighbor's vengeance. Nietzsche can only imagine the second sort of saint. He is so full of fear and hatred that spontaneous love of mankind seems to him impossible, he has never conceived of the man who with all the fearlessness and stubborn pride of the Superman nevertheless does not inflict pain because he has no wish to do so.

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>le misinterpreting toad man

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