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>the only good intellectual to come out of france

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littéralement qui

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he looks lik a mafia boss

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This. Not to mention the fact that they’re both Christians which is in contrast to the atheist pedo-cult that Sarte, Foucault and De Beavouir put up when they signed “that” petition in 1977.
>Rene Girard
I’m seriously curious. Why doesn’t lit seem to be interested in talking about his works?

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reminder that all french intellectuals are part of the pro humanist ruling class, ie they are pieces of shit

Jacques Ellul, né le 6 janvier 1912 à Bordeaux et mort le 19 mai 1994 à Pessac, est un historien du droit, sociologue et théologien protestant libertaire français.

Professeur d'histoire du droit, surtout connu comme penseur de la technique et de l'aliénation au XXe siècle, il est l’auteur d’une soixantaine de livres (la plupart traduits à l’étranger, notamment aux États-Unis et en Corée du Sud) et de plusieurs centaines d’articles.

Auteur profondément original, atypique et inclassable, il a été qualifié d'« anarchiste chrétien » et se disait lui-même « très proche d'une des formes de l'anarchisme », mais rejette tout recours à la violence.

Fervent lecteur de Karl Marx auquel il a consacré un enseignement à l'IEP de Bordeaux pendant plus de trois décennies, et tout en étant lui-même un théoricien de la révolution politique et sociale, il s'est cependant toujours tenu à l'écart du marxisme, au motif qu'il n'y voyait qu'une idéologie comme une autre, une « pensée fossilisée ». Certains le rangent par conséquent dans la catégorie des marxiens.

Converti au protestantisme à l'âge de 18 ans, sa posture est également surprenante pour certains du fait qu'il s'est livré à une critique du christianisme, dont il considérait qu'à partir du IVe siècle, sous Constantin, il a été « subverti » par sa collusion avec l'État, allant même jusqu'à affirmer, deux ans avant sa mort, que « le christianisme est la pire trahison du Christ ».

Sa pensée est profondément ancrée dans le christianisme et il n'a cessé de témoigner de sa foi dans les Évangiles. Il établit un parallèle entre les textes bibliques et le rejet des institutions, en refusant tout amalgame entre foi et analyse politique mais en établissant leur mise en relation dialectique, notamment dans son ouvrage Anarchie et Christianisme, dans lequel il considère la Bible comme un livre libertaire.

Ayant adopté comme devise « exister, c’est résister » — résister « à la sollicitation du milieu social », aux conformismes et aux lieux communs —, il disait de son œuvre qu'elle est entièrement axée autour de la notion de liberté : « Rien de ce que j’ai fait, vécu, pensé ne se comprend si on ne le réfère pas à la liberté2.»

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>Why doesn’t lit seem to be interested in talking about his works?
if his theory is true all we have to do is spam Rene threads and eventually everyone else will follow suit

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Jewbro Levinas also goes in this category

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Where's Marion

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he could be if he wanted to

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Isn't that what happened with Guenon and Pynchon face threads?

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>prot convert

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Not in the case of Girard, at least. His disagreed with enlightenment philosophers like Rosseau.
>the rest of your post
Sorry, I don't speak baguette.

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Peter Theil, "proud homosexual", "Christian" and Straussian was influenced by Girard

>Thiel attended a lecture given by René Girard. Girard, a Catholic, explained the role of sacrifice and the scapegoat mechanism in resolving social conflict, which appealed to Thiel as it offered a basis for his Christian faith without the fundamentalism of his parents

pretty interesting how the more "public" philosophies like Nietzsche, Rand, Marx etc which are filled with half-insights of power dynamics are inherited by the herd, yet Girard's theory whereby literally all conflicts and manipulations can be accounted for is relatively esoteric and succeeded by actual elites

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You guys underestimate how Napoleon III's reign and the Church's attempt at regaining back power in the late 1900s contributed to the depravity and hedonistic world view of France's modern intellectuals.

I think a lot of the blame can be pinned on Right Wing reactionaries and their nonsensical like the Dreyfus Affair giving rise to Émile Zola.

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Thiel is a Randfag

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Flavio Insinna?

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>seething propagandized machine

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Which other intellectuals should I read in order to become an elite?

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Protocols but use it as a manual

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just goes to show how ignorant you are. tocqueville, montesquieu, montaigne...

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explain. how is it Napoleon III's fault at all

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rand is just his way of dogwhistling that he wants to kill poor people

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>proud homosexual
I suspect he would have been a "bachelor" living with his "business partner" for his whole life had G*wker not outted him.
Ugh, if only I could enslave him and his husband just for one night.

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I'm not sure what he meant by it either but he does have a point about how the Church in France was retarded in its attempts at trying to return France to the Ancien Regime, a lot of the pioneers of the modern French school made their names as Anti-Clerical politicians trying to prevent reactionary forces from taking over the Republic.

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has anyone else ever btfo'd nietzsche this hard?

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This chap has the opposite of hunter eyes

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This is far from a btfo. I like Girard’s mimetic theory, his theory of sacrifice is interesting though not even closely universal as he makes it to be, still, this is a very disingenuous interpretation of Nietzsche, paganism and the history of Judaism and Christianity. It is true and I agree 100% with Girard that Judaism paved a new route for man in history and that it culminated in Christ, changing human consciousness (yeah, the universal christian values as different not to say opposed to old pagan ones), but to say that the “executioners” were “unjustly legitimated”? This is absolutely hysterical and even opposes his theories in Violence and the Sacred, where violence is at the one hand inescapable and even natural and at the other hand a necessary evil in order to stop more violence and so as to establish order and society. Nietzsche never proclaims an active persecution against the weak, but more of an indifference, like the old pagans, and with this Girard wants to blame him for every thing Nazis did (which it is just as retarded as saying there was nothing Nietzschean in them). Anyway, Girard radicalized his views at the same time he became more christian, hence this gnostic non-violence stance of his, the world condemned to a samsaric bipolar forces always eating each other and perpetuating the cycle of violence. At this time he relinquishes everything pertinent he had to say to turn to mere apologetics.

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t. jesuit
on the other hand i was reading satan fall like a lighting with tears in my eyes

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