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>all those books are in great condition. You obviously don’t read!

Why are some anons like this?

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A thread died for this.

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Why do you care about opinions about people you don’t know and will never meet?

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By my calculations, it was this one:
Nothing of value was lost.

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/lit/ anons can be petty and just want to knock someone down.

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just petty/wack
that being said most paperbacks you spend 30+ hours reading will kind of wilt so it's an obvious tell for philosophy
there's no point bitching someone out for it though

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I don’t but those comments are unnecessary

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without the unnecessary comments this board would get 3 posts a day and your thread would not exist.

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The virgin cradling your paperback like grandmammy so it doesn’t wrinkle vs the chad spine gaper

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Oh fuck, treat it like a dirty whore, yeah, that a good looking used book

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I buy books just to look smarter when I bring girls over to fuck.

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>novel several times within 5 years
>keep donating the books I’ve read rather than keep packing my collection over and over since hey I read them anyway
>finally settle
>bookshelf is 90% books I haven’t read
Feels shitty desu

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Then why make this thread?

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