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Can I read this guy's work without knowing any philosophical context or history?
If not, what should I read to fully understand him?

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yes dive right in

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yeah no problem
start with
>genealogy of morals
>beyond good and evil
>the antichrist
>thus spoke zarathustra

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Start with Call of the Crocodile

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im not gonna fall for that one again

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Why would you do that?

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>It ain’t gonna succ itself

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I would recommend reading Ecce Homo first if you have minimal philosophical / historical background. In that book Nietzsche gives an intellectual biography of sorts and discusses all of his previous books. Though some people don't like reccomending it to beginners since it is a lot more egotistical and bombastic than most of his other works.

I think The Gay Science is a bit more accessible than Beyond Good and Evil or the Genealogy, so I would also recommend that for beginners. Also, Twilight of the Idols is short and provides a summary of his mature thought. And if you have a decent understanding of Christianity, then I would recommend the Antichrist (though like ecce homo it is more bombastic then most of his other works).

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>Can I read this guy's work without knowing any philosophical context or history?
yes, dive right in

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don't read neetch. period.

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Start with Zarathustra and then stop reading. Make wild leaps of logic about what the intended meaning was and live your life by this personal interpretation nobody else shares. Raw life force.

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Possibly, if an artist.

>Schopenhauer's essays
>Hegel: Philosphy of Right, historical lectures
>"Pre-Platonics Lectures " Nietzsche
>Hölderlin & Heine poetry

>Thucydides [pricrel]
>Laws of Manu [for GoM]
>his fren Burkhardt's History of Renaissance Italy ["Cesare Borgie as Pope-- have I been understood?"]
>Notes from the Underground & The Demons [anarchic nihilism/socialist movements presaging the world wars]; FN rated him as a psychologist of the times
>Renan: The Life of Jesus -- historical school he critiques and attributes demythologizing and ultimately God-assassinating impulses
>Goethe, Faust -- the above + the pagan undercurrent in the Christian West reawakening
>Jorjani: Prometheianism -- simplified exposition of Overman, will to power, the civilizational stakes in play, and the imperative to move from the Faustian to Promethian

If you're approaching it from an artist's lens, Carl Jung's Zarathustra
James hall: Michelangelo and the Reinvention of the Human Body Overman exposition, a Birth of Tragedy tier text in its own vein and The World as Sculpture
Francis Yates: Theatre of the World

Otherwise diving in directly:
>Birth of Tragedy; Truth & Lies in the Nonmoral Sense
>Antichrist, Twilight
>HATH. Daybreak
>Antichrist, Twilight, EH

>y tho
Genealogy of Morals requires (little) prior knowledge and is a good primer.
Zarathustra is the cipher and casts the earlier works in a different light; together with Beyond Good and Evil, Antichrist & Twilight of the Idols become all the more suggestive.

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yes you dont have to have any background, because Nietzsche is your run of the mill atheist you find on any street corner nowadays, so you already know what's he about...

nietzche was a nihilist atheist so he tried to turn ''nihilism'' into ''optimistic nihilism'' by doing 2 things
-first by being a deceitful bitch, like any atheist, by redefining nihilism to mean ''christianity''
nihilism according to women, atheists and NPCs like nietzche mean ''thinking long term''. So according to them, when christians think what will happen after death and focus on that, that's ''nihilism''. According to atheists, ''non-nihilism'' is ''living in the present moment like Dionysus''
-second, by saying that since there is no truth and only subjective values, people should fight for their personal values. So for instance, trannies, BLM, feminists are the ubermen according to nietzche because
--they fight for their own values
--they are subversive of the ''old values'', ie the values of the british judean dutch french bourgeois merchant rats who started liberalism 300 years ago, in order to kill kings and priests and make the bureaucrats and merchants the ruling caste in their ''nationalist democratic republics''

there that's all there is nietzche . Optimistic nihilism is retarded and a huge cope by atheists to justify hedonism lol. But bitches like nietzche dont call hedonism ''hedonism'', they call it 'vitalism''.
nietzche is an hedonism, like any atheist, but atheists are desperate to earn atheist karma points, after saying objective morality and truth doesnt exist lol, and they embark on a self-made self-aggrandizing narratives wherein they are cooming like Dionysus and at the same time ''fighting for values''.
The other cope by atheists is ''traditionalism'', ie ''everyday I want a bureaucratic daddy to tell me what do to in his fascist republic while I am pretending to be wicca witch doing magic in my sparetime like Evooooola''.

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thats exactly what i did and im pretty sure nietzche intended to be read like that

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Yes, just don't become a smug pseud who thinks Nietzsche was right about everything.

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You are an idiot.

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based and nietzsche trannies seething

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yes, "nietzche" intended it precisely like that, which is why after zarathustra he wrote 4 books about explaining zarathustra, because he wanted you to adhere to your own midwit interpretation of his book

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Sure. I read Thus spoke Zarathustra kinda early in my philosophical pursuits, and most things stands on their own. If you can't derive anything from it then philosophy isnt for you

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"nietzche" never existed. Niet -- means simply NO in slavic languages. (He had distant Polish ancestors).

Same with ''''deleuze'''' which is a cunning linguistic jest: DE leuze (gathering). Yes, 'leuze' means gathering or the enframing (gestel) in heideggerian. Thus de-leuze is to make a unique repetition of an essence freeing it from morty (and rick lol) fying grip of the Enframed.
Nietzsche saying NO. No. NO. NO> NO. NO. Before the daybreaks breaks the day and never the hegelianism claims the ground again.

This is Hegel:
>“There's a time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones together” (Ecclesiastes 3:5)
NO. Mr. NO is writting about scattering so much stones so much bros more than there were gathered in the first place. And in the second. And in whatever attempts there was or will be AMEN. Because that is what it is: stones are endless, they shall not be exhausted (in maincraft admin mode). From a more esoteric peerspective: not the stones but the force. Not the phenomenal but the source of consciousness.

soo... to all the downtrodden and decadent -- the Time asks for those worthy to relate to books and texts in a unique way. Is it not a whitepill, I ask you? Why your eyes are so low? Are you not a .. Gamer? You just need to lvl up bro.. and to revisit the known with the next level eyeys

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When he sent his followers away and told them only when you’ve forgotten nietzsche will he return to you I took a month break cause the first part spoke to me so deeply I understood the heart of it and some of ethics that come along with it

Nietzsche isn’t telling you who to be he introduces you to a new perspective and better ideas maybe some day I’ll read it again since some of the latter parts didn’t speak to me like the earlier ones did

But I don’t think the book was meant to be studied and gnawed at for just consumption and trying to be a respected intellectual like you seem to think

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Fucking beautiful if not cringe: I speak to thee of the infinite Absolute, the stones I cast are without number, ken ye the end?

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You should probably read at least some Plato and/or Indian phil before reading any Nietzsche or else you're liable to seriously misunderstand him (or not understand him at all).

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>no Wagner

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Everyone misunderstands him so you might as well throw your corpse on the pile as well I suppose.

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>Can I read this guy's work without knowing any philosophical context or history?
Go ahead. The man is a failed philologist who didn't knew either.

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Yeah, the Greeks are a meme and we’re refuted.

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