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We should adopt Spanish as /lit/'s lingua franca. Think about it, seriously.

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I thought about it...
It's fucking stupid!

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stupid catposter

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At least he is not advocating for Esperanto or the phonetic alphabet.

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thinking about it now!

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Nobody has more bad ideas than people that consider themselves smart.

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Pero por supuesto. Filtramos a los mogolicos que no puedan hablar un idioma que hasta los argensimios y meximonos promedio pueden.

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Basado y rojoempastillado.

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Cuál es la mejor traducción en español de la Odisea?

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t. angloscum

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I'd argue German. It would filter most English-only retards and German is the best language to discuss philosophy in.

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¡Al carajo con los angloides!

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>German is the best language to discuss philosophy in.
This is not true at all. Heidegger was a liar.

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t. multiculturalist

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It's against the rules to post anything than english. You could get banned for posting in spanish if tge mod don't like it. I think i got that dumb tripfag a few times. Ha fuck you el tumblrican.

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>Heidegger was a liar
Gibt es einen offensichtlicheren Weg dich als pseudo zu kennzeichnen? Ich denke nicht
[Is there a more clear way to reveal yourself as a pseud? I think not.]
I second this. German is a modern language which filters everyone who'd also be filtered by Latin or Greek.
Adopting a different language to English won't work however, and it's a stupid idea anyway.

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>it's a stupid idea anyway
because...? Spanish pretty soon will become the new lingua franca

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Puedo oler la paella desde acá, gallego putazo.

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Because you'll have a dead board full of 3rd worlders... ?

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Este cuarto digital maldito es (por bien y malo) global. Si una platforma espanola o francesca existe, díme. Voy a visitarla.

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I would have used „offenbaren“ in this context. :3

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Why not German? We could all be philosopher-kings.

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This is an anglo supremacy board. I will not be ruled by spics.

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could be cool, I already avoid anglo lit anyway but then again I hardly speak Spanish and I'm not learning a language just to talk to neets about fascist poets

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Wait and see

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Como los otros han dicho, un idioma más apropiado para /lit/ sería el alemán. Filtraría a los que necesitan ser filtrados.

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German or French.
With English, they form the triad of the civilized languages. Everyone here already knows English, and I know French, so I'd support German if only because it be cool to learn it.

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los gallegos no dicen mogolico gordito, proba de vuelta

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Almost happened by the angloid overlords of the mods put a stop to it

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de diez, siete
Would be a good opportunity to practice and get help

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yeah thats close enough to italian to work for me.

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Should be the actual lingua franca used by the great academic societies of history, Latin.

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el gato gusica

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Russian is the ultimate filter language. Midwits can’t grasp the grammar but the phonetics and spelling aren’t really a challenge. Perfect for mass language conversion.

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