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I don't get it. What is he saying that's so great?

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what did you read from him? he says a lof of things

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Whatever it was had him swarming with young female devotees ("maidens"), so much so that he went to Africa to escape them.

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>Yes the anitchrist is real and we're about to meet him. Here's all my sources, it's more than what most people read in their life & yes this isn't close to everything I could tell you

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Based, how did he acquire the harem?

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Truly, will the next aion see the second coming of the Christ as the completely intergrated Self?

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>Truly, will the next aion see the second coming of the Christ as the completely intergrated Self?
Unsure, but I don't like the idea that we are at some level potentially entirely bound to a collective subconsciousness.
I'm very interested in if there's anything else like Aion out there

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I think he says 'unconscious' rather than subconscious, since the collective psyche doesn't have consciousness in the sense of ordinary everyday consciousness. I have always wondered if the collective unconscious is the repository of archetypes, then what's the difference between it and the Platonic Intellect?

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I refuse to read Jung on the grounds of J.Peterson case. If studying Jung makes you this cringe he should be avoided

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No, Jung is good
Peterson got so cringe by himself

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>Naomi R. Goldenberg, said that “Jungian psychology is a patriarchal religion within which I once lived and worked...[for] years in a Jungian universe”
>Jungian universe
Holy shit Jung was a chad

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You're a faggot who should probably stop breathing air since JBP breathes too.

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he's the metaphysical precursor for epigenetics. given the advances of neuroscience and psychiatry, jung's concepts have aged very well.

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