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Anybody else using this lulu printing shit? I just bought a book for 6 dollars that otherwise would have cost me 80, and I got to make a better cover anyways. You have to have be able to get a pdf but damn... if this thing comes in decent quality I'm going to start using it so much.

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How is F Gardner making his books so cheap without lulu? They’re on amazon for that same price but it doesn’t seem possible

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I'm talking about using it to print books just for yourself that you might not otherwise be able to afford in hardcopy

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>I just bought a book for 6 dollars that otherwise would have cost me 80

I'm intrigued. Please do give us an update when you get it.

I've been toying with the idea of some such project transferring select pdfs to hard copy.

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wait, your own book, or a pdf of an already existing book?

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All through lulu

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Yikes. What are the dimensions of those books?

How's the printing quality? (I note print on demand ink is often somewhat shiny, which I find detracts a bit from the reading experience.)

And the paper? A nice, off-white paper, perchance? Or pure white like office photocopy paper?

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That looks darn good.

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Should kill yourself posthaste

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what book size did you do?

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Whatever size I could re-format the PDF to fit Lulu's incredibly finicky infrastructure. It rejects so many pdf upload attempts that you just have to play around until it gets accepted. I have another box somewhere in storage that I used to print expensive National Security books

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Moreover, if you downloaded the pdf from somewhere else--namely, libgen, among others--you have to embed every single font, ensure all page sizes are equal in size by reformatting the pdf, then fix the pdf again if lulu's system rejects it.

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Yeah Lulu is pretty solid for the price. I've said this before but I'm genuinely surprised /lit/ hasn't started their own small press / imprint or something, all you need is anons willing to contribute content and anons willing to typeset the books and you're golden

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>decent quality
It's a gluebound paperback.

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>8 x 10 pages
oh no no no
just kidding. that's great that they don't care about copyright law. i'm guessing they're in some third world shithole, though. i'll probably have hitler's complete collection of speeches printed now.

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They’re in NC and if you read the terms and conditions, they say not to upload copyrighted material. To circumvent that you just don’t make public what you upload and dont give anyone the link

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oh nice. i'm actually going to use them now. i've got some pdfs of some rare books that i'd like in physical format.

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