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Thoughts on this podcast? Are they a good introduction for a pleb like me into philosophy? So far I’ve only watched their youtube videos and they’re a little cringe but he does a good job at explaining the bare topics and visualizing them. Unfortunately I am a zoomer which means I’m borderline illiterate and have to learn philosophy through accessible means before picking up a book and reading it. :P

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Hermitix is the only good philosophy podcast.

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plastic pills is actually pretty good imo, for the most part they cover critical theory, which is often critical of earlier philosophical thought. id recommend michael sugrue on youtube for getting a broad idea of the earlier philosophers that led to 19th century philosophy if you find plastic pills interesting

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Listening to podcasts is unironically for low-T losers with recessed chins

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Pretty good, he's a specific breed but he conveys the material well and accessibly. I'd probably just stick with his videos on the main channel

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history of philosophy without any gaps is what you're looking for

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Well I definitely have low-T, so this checks out!

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Thank you for the recs. I’m pretty slow and dumb so I’ll have to rely on commentaries and explanations on philosophy for now before investing in some books.

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