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>boys read Nietzsche
>Men read Kierkegaard

>> No.20570109

So if I read both I’m a man child? Sounds about right.

>> No.20570113

Boys read Plato and Aristotle
Men read the newspaper

>> No.20570131

ubermen read the pali canon

>> No.20570163

In a good society it would be the other way around. Only men can truly understand Neetch and only young adults can understand Kierkegaard

>> No.20570290

You are quoting a dumb guy, OP.

>> No.20570441

t. young adult who thinks he has everything figured out

>> No.20570542

based boomer "intellectual"

>> No.20572222

>Only men can truly understand Neetch and only young adults can understand Kierkegaard
t. r*dditor

>> No.20572241

>Only men can truly understand Neetch
he literally only appeals to alienated youth

>> No.20572258

Boys sell feed and seed.
Men sell fuck and suck.

>> No.20572640

Pseuds read neither but still act like they understand both!

>> No.20572645

>Geriatrics read /lit/

>> No.20572691

Boys read Nietzsche
Men understand Nietzsche
Old men know why Nietzsche cannot be overcome

>> No.20572891

nietzsche should not be capitalized
his name disgraces any gratitude or respect

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t. lowercaresposting tranny

>> No.20572905

>Self-realized Gods read Stirner

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>implying there is a notable difference at all
egoist life affirmers are all the same
mass shooters are vindicated in the realm of secular humanism

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