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Any literature that can get me comfortable with death? Literature that can get me ready to die, soon.

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the five people you'll meet in heaven

tibetan book of the dead is made explicitly for getting you ready to die but you have to already be pretty deep in the buddhism rabbit hole for it to make sense. (i was not, having read 3 translations each of dhammapada, upanishads, gita.)

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This seems interesting although I'm more of a materialist. All this religion and spiritual talk just pretends oblivion is not a thing, takes away from your awareness of the end.

>Bardo Thodol
Enter the void then? I'll read up on it.

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The movie "the fountain" is nice.

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I don't want to cope, I want something that will take away my fear of death.
I already read the Denial of Death, I read Conspiracy Against the Human Race.
I don't want to cope, I know it's nothing forever.

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I want ego death. The first death.
Long before you die, final and true death you undergo first death, purely mental and personal, no more fear.
I still have no idea how to reach this.

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>I'm a materialist
So why do you care about death?

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I'm alive of course, I'd prefer not to die, ever.

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The fountain accepts nothingness.
The conquistador's dreams, hopes and legends puff in smoke as what he was looking for was a honey trap. He drinks the sap, game over, turns into a bunch of flowers.
The fear of death stemies from many sources. I find mine stems from the paradoxical demand of wanting to know what will be next. Will my family be happy? The loss of control and knowledge is fearful, because I will not be able to influence what happens.
How can we help you?

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Mine comes from a belief of not being enough, not having enough, I will always want more, time, things, skill, audience, I crave more.
Once I die, I don't even get to keep memories of the things I loved, nothing at all, the thought makes me sick but I will die soon, I can feel it.

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>I'm alive of course, I'd prefer not to die, ever.


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What's wrong with that?
Once I'm gone, I'm gone forever, I'd prefer to avoid this.

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Gravity’s Rainbow

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>Once I'm gone, I'm gone forever
That's why it's preferable dumb-dumb. You know you can't live forever, right? Better not to delay the inevitable but to bound into the bliss of non-existence as quickly as possible.

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upanishads is a bunch of short pieces, some more religious than others. more than half of them are about fear of death... and yeah the hindu worldview is that you're going to reincarnate but it's discussed to abstractly that it's very easy to read it as a metaphor for your legacy or your family line.

but even more powerful than the reincarnation bit, imo, is the idea that the material world around us is the one true world that we're all sharing together. there's no escaping it other than inner peace. i too am very materialist but it's undeniable that there's a human experience we're all going through inside our heads or consciousnesses... no book has made more sense of the world than upanishads. yes the world is real and true but it's viewed through our senses which are faulty so get a grip on your self if you want to succeed in life.

(or something like that.)

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Don't have much to say, but sending my sympathies. I hope you find a way to live with the incoming death and his inevitability.
If it's any help, know that everyone ages, gets sick, changes.

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Metaphors, I too believe it's all a metaphor, your afterlife in Buddhism is whatever sprouts from your corpse.
Meditation helps you realize that shit flows inside you, I've looked into the occult for answers, many mentors, nany chats, it all seems to be a metaphor for mental stuff.

My issue is that I will die soon, "before my time" without having done what I wanted, I wasted my life, I had more rhan enough time and the intelligence to do it, I just didn't, lacked the will.
I know it won't matter when I die but it matters to me now, all that I'll ever be is regret.

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anon maybe listen to bernardo kastrup and rupert spira on youtube

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or read the bible

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If it's any condolence, most people die like that.
What's done is done.

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you already know it , because there is one book that you can read. noone has to say it you already know which.
but u just want ur fucking comic book literature to delude urself into being able to do whatever you want, ''adulting'' for 8hrs in total and then never having to worry about such an actually serious topic again

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What? What are you talking about? The bible?

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Start with the greeks desu
And don't stop

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The works of Martin Luther
His famous Lent sermons

Being and Time also deals with this a lot

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time isn't real idiot, you are already dead

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And you're still alive, why? Be the change, anon.

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That's actually a very good point, I know time is an abstract concept, made up so I do think of my life plus hard determinism as merely catching up to the end but in practice, I am here so it's not a way out.

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The Bible.

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>I know it's nothing forever.
I thought you were trying to avoid coping?

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What do you mean? I think death is sadly the end, I know this so I want to get comfortable with the idea.

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It's impossible to know. Even in materialism, you cannot know for certain that the continuity of your experience will end. Certain belief in nothing is just another of many comforting thoughts.

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Not sure why no one ever recommends phaedo, you do seem to think that the death is the end so it may not be as beneficial to you, but it still a good read

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Just read current news. That shit makes me long for the sweet embrace of death on a daily basis.

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Either there is something, or it was like before you where born.
Either way, I do not see what is scary about that. Were you afraid for the 13 billion or so years before you were born? No. Also, when the time comes, it will either happen within seconds or you will be in so much physical and mental pain that you will beg for death.

Also, if 'you' did not exist before and then a bunch of atoms came together and here you are - then why can't it happen again? Rephrasing the word 'death' as 'unborn' instead also makes it a little less intimating in my opinion.

Personally, I believe there is something after personal life experience along with reading both theological books and books on materialism to balance it out. Everybody goes through some existential crisis in their life and will make their own conclusions.

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Why would you want to be comfortable with death? Surely you’d want stuff that would make you uncomfortable with life, instead?

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Stop avatarfagging retard

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>author has children and is Jewish

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Take Lsd and high dose of shrooms
Its impossible for you to remove fear of death easily, you need to understand, face yourself, go in your path and embrace life itself, its closely related to reaching enlightenement, but enlighttenement isnt reached in a day or two

but on lsd and mushrooms, Its literally IMMEDIATELY! ive felt the work that took me 3-4 months was done in 12 hours of an LSD trip

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Pfft hahaha, a slave of desires you are, literally nothing matters much, the higher you go the harder you crash, the more wealth the more people want to steal that wealth, the bigger the reputation the more people want to slander you
you need to realise that desires are literally endless, you get what you need not what you want

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Lol dying is bliss, Reality is not real, the ten thousand things are all one, but you cant realise that because you dont see spirtuality or the mystery of life itself

"The tao that can be named is not the eternal tao, namelesness is the beginning of heaven and earth"
Just look at the sky, is the sky just a name? or is it the thing itself? this thing called sky is so vast so big, almost endless, all encompassing, no matter how yuo try you cant reach it nor can you break it, just look at it you are so little so vulnerable compared to the might of nature and the world
Humans literally cannot create anything of nothing, we are so weak, we can only use things and see how they work and use them in a few ways or mix them

What is a "tree", its the wood right? but what is it? remove the name, what is "wood", such a mystery, where does all this shit come from? what am I? how come i can think? am i the body? the mind? the self? just what am I ? is death the end? or is it the beginning?

The closest answer i got is "Death is both the end of life and the beginning of life"

We live in such a mystical world, its beautiful

I personally, i feel pleasure from thoughts, i dont have much desires aside from bodily, but i very much like to experience, i think i would be happier to not control but only be able to see forever, i think the body is very limited, i cant fly i cant see clearly, im influenced by the state of the body so its very much limiting
as for family and other things, i really dont know, im not too attached to anythjng

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HOLY BASED, this guy understands

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>Any literature that can get me comfortable with death?

read philosophy, starting with the greeks

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