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>Not available on the three biggest book retailors of my country.
>Not availbable on nations biggest second hand book store
>Not available on my country´s amazon

I only found this on UK Amazon. Why is it the case? Is this book banned or something? Been thinking about ordering it from the UK, what is your take on the book?

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Who gives a shit, it’s garbage

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I don't know, but buy it if you can. It's worth the effort

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This is meme trash. The only reason it should be banned is because it's written by a hack nigger

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Worth a read. Even if you find yourself hating the views of the author, it is short and entertaining enough to be worth exploring. Its like a long form shitpost. Just pirate it on z-library. Author wouldn't mind. Ignore the haters, they are just bitter a different 4chan poster actually made a book

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What country do you live in? This was one of my favorite books ever. I loved it so much I bought a copy for my cousin and got it shipped to him, 'cause I thought he'd like it. I definitely recommend. People will try to ban it, and Israelis come here to trollpost about how "gay" the author is and other shit. Anyone attempting to get in your way of the contents of this book is either a Jew, demon, Soros, "liberated woman" or some combination of the aforementioned. Do not let them stop you.
Don't tell people in your life (except for the highly redpilled) that you are reading this book. Societies have long since become encompassed by advanced sociological circuitry that can weed out dissidents. They will find you and kill you, or arrest you for some small crime once you slip up. People have lists of us just sitting, waiting for a mistake so that they can imprison you away from the rest of the masses. At least in Chadna they don't wait for this kind of thing and just come arrest or kill you on the spot without hesitation. Oh well. Don't listen to them. Don't listen to me either. Find your own way, trust your instincts, and above all, reject xenoestrogens and spiritual suicide. What mean?

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Ouch why?

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its shit

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Reheated cup of cold Nietzsche

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Why is that a bad thing? It's an easy read and I'm pretty sure the entire point of the book is to get you to read more.

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Because if people don’t continue to read (which I’m sure a lot won’t) they will never discover all the ways in which he misinterprets vulgarizes >>20570571
and bastardizes Nietzsche

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Why would you want to read a book written by a jew?

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bap is a crypto zionist and the bronze age shit is a larp

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QRD? I thought he was still le anonymous writer

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He's Jewish? I guess that explains the little boy thing.

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>THE Stolen and Perverted Writings of Homer & Ovid, of Plato & Cicero, which all Men ought to contemn, are set up by artifice against the Sublime of the Bible: but when the New Age is at leisure to Pronounce, all will be set right & those Grand Works of the more ancient & consciously & professedly Inspired Men will hold their proper rank & the Daughters of Memory shall become the Daughters of Inspiration. Shakspeare & Milton were both curb'd by the general malady & infection from the silly Greek & Latin slaves of the Sword. Rouze up O Young Men of the New Age! Set your foreheads against the ignorant Hirelings! For we have Hirelings in the Camp, the Court, & the University: who would if they could for ever depress Mental & prolong Corporeal War. Painters! on you I call. Sculptors! Architects! Suffer not the fashionable Fools to depress your powers by the prices they pretend to give for contemptible works or the expensive advertizing boasts that they make of such works; believe Christ & his Apostles that there is a Class of Men whose whole delight is in Destroying. We do not want either Greek or Roman Models if we are but just & true to our own Imaginations, those Worlds of Eternity in which we shall live for ever, in Jesus Our Lord.

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>pic for ants
Plus the pic is literally the only thing BAP is right about desu

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A toast! To freedom of thought!

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I hope it’s banned.

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I'll sell you my copy, it's not like this book can actually enhance your life unless you don't read in the first place. This book was meant for gamers and incels who haven't read something that didn't have a pirate ship, laser beams or dragons on the cover in over 10 years

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He’s not a fed, just a gay Khazar who wrote that book to get a following of 20-something men who think posting their half naked body on Twitter is a great idea.

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Nah, he's both

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Is this an actual quote from the book what fucking drivel is this

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How did this guy come to be identified as BAP? I see a bunch of things that say they're the same guy, but no definitive indication.

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Nice try, Costin.

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It’s gay as hell

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That's William Blake

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It's availible on libgen, the only distributor of books worth mentioning

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Nigga, u gay? Brozen Age perver is a ultra gay dude.

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>the entire point of the book is to get you to read more

Yeah, more twitter threads that have the same asinine sentence structure as that "book", not actual history or philosophy

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He cute

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The book feels like a reddit comment written by a 4channer

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Sounds like nonsense

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God, I hope so, it’s shit.

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iirc he mentioned he was baptized Catholic in his interview with Bishop Richard Williamson

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Is this implying Bap is a spook? Why would spooks promote Nietzschean neofascism?

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BAP, like most popular(read:botted) RW Twitter accounts is anti-JQ, as Keith Woods(pbuh) pointed out. Hmm.

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A jew is a jew even if they LARP as catholic or atheist

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Seems like a stupid argument though, even if most people won't go on to read more some definitely do and that is a positive impact. I can testify that after I read this book from Twitter I became interested in the Greeks. I don't know if I would have ever read Herodotus or Xenophon or Thucydides like I did if I hadn't been introduced to them by this guy. I certainly never heard their names in high school or college, and I went to one of the best schools in the US for my discipline. After reading Plato and Herodotus I became interested in philosophy and history in general and I read almost everyday. Everything he says isn't right but I become suspicious of anybody that dismisses him entirely because his push to get people to become physically healthy and intellectually interested in the Classical and Western canon outweighs any negatives you can come up with about him.

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He literally wrote an entire article addressing this and he constantly derides neocons and Zionists like the Kagans or Hazony.

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42 replies from 26 posters. Yeah I'm gonna call Jew on this one.

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nobody would publish it that's why it's only available on Amazon self publishing

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He was also as mentored by Zionist Jew David Sidorsky. Hmmm.....

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which of Neechs books is the most similar to BAM?

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what do you mean? like some sort of internet defense force? shut up skitzoh

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None of them, because Nietzsche was actually a good writer. If you're looking for a place to start, the essay On Truth and Lies in a Non-Moral Sense is good. A lot of people start with Zarathustra because "muh ancient aesthetics" but then never properly understand the book because you're supposed to read it after The Gay Science/The Joyful Wisdom

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Oh and consider checking out Twilight of the Idols as well. I remember it being one of his shortest books, and Nietzsche intentionally wrote it as a sort of summation of many of his main ideas, but it still contains some important new bits like his "Reason in Language" chapter or "The Four Great Errors". A lot of people who claim to read him don't even know about these sections, even though some of his best known quotes come from this book.

"Reason" in language - oh, what an old deceptive female she is! I am afraid we are not rid of God because we still have faith in grammar.”

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Sure he's very open that he was a neocon Straussian. He has literally hundreds of pages of written material and hundreds of hours of recorded material deconstructing neocon views and professing something entirely different that neocons, something that they entirely oppose. I don't understand why you bring this up as if it's a gotcha, what person always believed the same thing? Did you? Napoleon was a Jacobin and a Corsican nationalist before he was Emperor of France, Mussolini a Marxist before he was fascist, Hitler an agent of the Weimar government before he subdued it. What about BAP's actual views lead you to believe he's still a closeted neocon? He's far from perfect, but that he professes vitalism, reviving interest in the classics, physical fitness, etc points towards the idea that he is very genuine.

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Have you read The Problem of Tyranny and Philosophy in the Thought of Plato and Nietzsche?

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isnt BAP someone who use to write alot of stuff for zerohedge?

>> No.20572835

Isnt zerohedge an econfag outlet

>> No.20572840

mostly. but they were running shit on the covid outbreaks/lockdowns in wuhan months before it hit the MSM in the US

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"BAP is a zionist jew" is coming directly from Nick Fuentes' homosexual gang due to BAP's disparagement of cringe fed "catholic integralism" which Fuentes is a part of

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touch grass

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That’s great that you started reading the Greeks but in a healthy society you’d know their names and just because he helped you learn them doesn’t make him good, it just makes him a tolerable stepping stone. If you had read Nietzsche in high school as I did you would have learned about them earlier instead of having them taught to you by a pedonigger. This is why we need to reinstate classical education and kill technokapitalismus

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>having them taught to you by a pedonigger

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because it isn't motivating to the pure of heart and those of good faith. it's a distraction but very effective

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Go to bed Costin

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>there will never again be a comfy BAM thread because of contrarians

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shit thread
just read it OP, you'll either fuck with it or you won't
I like it

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Fuentes is a hormonal teenage child who needs to work on getting pussy before venturing into politics

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