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What's with the appeal and sway that "professional asshole" pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Vaush and Christopher Hitchens over so many people's views?

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You’re asking why they were/are successful?
Money puts them out there, they attract similar minded people
This isn’t even about literature

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>This isn’t even about literature
They write books, so yes it is

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The masses like to hear fat guys onesidedly rant evidently. Entertainment

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limbaugh was fired from his job. he would have to ask his rich parents for money to pay the mortgage on his new house.
he was watching world wide wrestling, trying to figure out why it was so popular
then he got an idea for a new radio show. it would be a political talk show with republicans as the heroes and democrats as the villains
for content, he scanned social media to see what his fans were talking about
then he would repeat this on the radio
his fans ate it up. they loved limbaugh

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>for content, he scanned social media to see what his fans were talking about
Social media didn't exist when Rush started.

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>Rush not in disguise when even his horse is
>Rush time travelled to Plymouth just before the pilgrims landed
What a dick

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About 31 years ago, back in February 1985, one of the first virtual communities — and now the oldest, continually run virtual community — launched. It was called the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, otherwise known as The WELL

early social media. people posted. other's read their posts and replied

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>They write books, so yes it is
kys tranny
You're not even wanting to discuzs their books. You're wanting to have a /pol/ thread about the people who praise them.

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>over so many people's views?
Being over the top gets misattributed with being correct.
It's classic "confidence man" psychology.

"They seem really confident, I guess they must be right"

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