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What can I read to fill the void left when growing up without a strong male figure to guide me into manhood.
Not a nigger btw

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samuel r delany - hogg

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Did you know elephants need father figures to prevent them from turning into criminal youngsters? If there isnt any adult male elephant around to show them who's boss, they will just go around raping and smashing things.
This will only stop when a very large dominant male is introduced who can absolutely trash them and show them who's boss.
OP i suggest you look for an old tough looking guy to beat you up.

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No "strong" male figure, not no male figure. Sounds like daddy issues. Anyways op not a book but take up a martial art that hurts, boxing for me but there are others equally valid. Fighting has always been the driving force behind masculinity, a martial art will drive that for you yet again. Fasting also helped me with my discipline and is something I always turn back to when I am becoming lazy in other areas of life. And finally the millenia old tradition of stories about perfect role models, my favorite of which is the Count of Monte Christo.

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