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I cannot find this book anywhere and i've been searching for like 40 minutes.
I would be sooooooooooooo grateful if someone could help me with it, a link to a website where I can find it or the file itself, anything goes

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And this one too btw

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Cunt, i found both in 10 seconds. Use the links in the sticky

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Thanks, goy.
I don’t sit on this board, never read the sticky, so sorry. God bless you mwah xx

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yeah you'd better kiss me, cutie. enjoy your penis book.

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I still cannot find the one about medicine and drugs :/ send the link

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Here's the 9th edition, that good enough?

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I was really expecting this to be a coy shill thread for that Eggplant book, but it looks like it’s unironically just two schizos.
Carry on.

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I need the 11th edition, there’s 500 more drugs in it

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Technically the difference is ambiguous as 2500+ could mean 2999 and 3000+ could mean 3001. So there is actually only a 2 drug difference, and they aren't even very good drugs. Spring for the critically acclaimed 9th edition, lucky number 9 aha!

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Maybe even just 1 schizo

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My penis is unironically 9 inches long.
What should I read? Virgin btw.

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I am a medfag and i'm reading this for a reason, I don't think that you should read this book because you won't find it interesting (probably). nice dick btw

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