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By "significant" I mean people whose ingenuity can't be questioned, so people like Putin, Gaddafi, Stalin, Ho Chi minh and the likes, not nobodies given substance by propaganda like Churchill and Lincoln.

And by unbiased, I mean actually unbiased, not some jewish crap

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Go back to /pol/ or wherever

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This is not related to politics, so what point would be there in going on pol?

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>cant be questioned
>gadaffi, putin

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He said ingenuity, not morals or actions.

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Stalin was notoriously uninventive. He was cunning. But he got where he did through sycophancy, not making a fuss, and letting everyone else fight it out until he was the last one standing. Putin was similar. But with regards to ingenuity I would stay Stalin is highly questionable: he repeated other ideas, he sought consensus. He was bereft of original thought.
Most charismatic leaders are bereft of original thought: it's what makes their message digestible by the masses.

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No such thing, all of the people you mentioned are and were products of their circumstances and mass movements.

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