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So basically i like this idea about the call of arabia. or the idea that some people are compelled to travel to faraway lands and do dangerous things. preferably a non shitlib perspective, something like evola or some shit. TE Lawrence. not looking for psychologist or materialist perspectives. just give me books or materials please i dont care about ur faggy shitposts or hegel or kant or whatever the fuck else. i like men of action.

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I think you're looking for a different Call, anon.

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Moby Dick

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Lawrence wrote a whole book about his time in Arabia, called the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. I have yet to find a better adventure book.

But you will undoubtedly find that adventuring people tend to be, well, liberal in outlook. Often I find that adventurers have real experiences, write books in which bad shit happens, and the solution is to kill some folks. Then these books fall into the hands of shitlibs, who think that the world is a safe place, or that being a mercenary is a cool job, and they die as expected, but not before infecting anyone who will talk to them with the mind virus. Shitlibs often have this hobbyist approach to adventure, which is a good way to die horribly.

Lawrence himself says in the prologue that he hopes other people will avoid emulating him, and just read about it in his book.

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Anon, the way you present your tastes makes you sound insufferable. They said, I get what you're throwing down, you want adventure without self reflection, or at least without a certain type of modern emotional reflection.

I got you. Exploration, spies, and European conquest in Central Asia from about 1800-1914. The competition between Russia and the UK for influence.

Lots of first person accounts of all sorts of crazy shit. Men crossing great desserts alone, pretending to be Muslim sages, only to help start revolts when they reach some ancient, barely known kingdom far out across the desert or steppe.

Really top tier adventure, but also framed in the Great Power politics of the era.

Also, if you like this, check out The Ghosts of Freedom on the Caucuses.

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Also, read about the guys stick behind what were now enemy lines when the Bolsheviks took power. Unable to breech the German lines West, they fought in the Russian war for years, at one point seized the Siberian Rail Road and the dead Tsars gold bullion, bargained it away, fought a naval battle on Lake Bikhal with stolen ships, eventually fought to the far eastern coast of Siberia so they could get picked up by steamers, sail to the US west coast, do a railroad tour raising money for their new country, and then make it home having circled the globe.

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But they were shit libs who formed a Republic when they got home...

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This, Read Lawrence's book I love it

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Kids got a hold of 1001 Arabian Nights and got spellbound. Henry Austin Layard had a proto-Indiana Jones adventure rediscovering Nineveh and the next generation had that and all this Orientalist art luring them to adventure

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Great book. Fantastic read.

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