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What does /lit/ think of this? I never see it mentioned here.

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Was fun to read in middle-school. Doubt I will revisit it.

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It's funny and includes lots of charming characters and peculiar and memorable ideas. The radio shows are better than the books.

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I read the first book, it's mildly amusing. Can't imagine there's much different in the other books

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The books get more serious, less episodic, and -- in my opinion -- worse, starting around the third book.

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Wish somebody had given me this as a kid

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My mom got me the first radio series on tape when I was a kid. I was absolutely fascinated with the series for years. I didn't find out until just a few months ago that they did some sequel radio series featuring most of the original cast during the 2000s.

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rick and morty: the book

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It was a hoot when I was 13

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It's a nice read, bit of sci-fi, bit of decent british humour. You need knowledge of british customs to understand a lot of the jokes though. I recommend reading it.

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I'll read it because it's a classic book eventually

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Books go in and out of style.

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If you're in a state of abject depression like I was when I first read it you'll find a lot of relief in its humor. The story starts with the demolition of the entire planet earth, which is a pleasant thought at times.

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It's pretty good, but the people who regularly post here are psuedointellectuals so they're all
>"muh greeks" "REAL literature" "much philosopher book"
and are depressed and dead inside. I loved it.

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It ain’t funny, I feel the same way about the Discworld books

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It's what got me into reading. Shame it became reddit-tier. I'll reread it someday to remind me of childhood.

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>The books get more serious, less episodic,
That sounds terrible, glad I skipped them.

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I found both Hitchhiker's and Discworld funny, but not funny enough to justify being novels. They would be excellent as short stories.

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It’s the literary equivalent of Day of the Tentacle

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>That sounds terrible, glad I skipped them.
I'd suggested the 2000s radio shows, however. They adapt material from the later books, but with a spirit more akin to the first books/radio series.

>Shame it became reddit-tier.
The book is what it is; you're referring to a change in fashion, not to a change in the book.

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Completely ripped off of Sheckley

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>you're referring to a change in fashion, not to a change in the book
You're right

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The third one was the best one and I'd say that the fourth is the absolute worst but it was so bad I didn't read the fifth.

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