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Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man.

Melvilliterates, Fitzgerautists, Steinchuds, Salingidiots, Pynchontards, McCarthorons, Wallasshats, Dellilosers, and all other anons drooling at the bit to defend their favorite author, feel free to cope but you know it's true. Their prose is dated and dumb in comparison, their missions ignoble and wits dull. You may now cope.

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Never heard of him lmao
Can't wait for zoomzooms to die in WWIII so this stupid shit goes away.

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>Invisble Man over Juneteenth
The mark of a true pleb, especially when America will be officiating its first Juneteenth in corporate glory this Juneteenth. However it is somewhat unfair that Juneteenth distracts from P R I D E

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Juneteenth sucks lol. Ellison's standalone essays are also midwit bullshit

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>muh Joonteenf x4
Ew, stinky brown people are gross and weird and need to go and stay go.

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Call of the Crocodile

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What's the matter? Does Black Wall Street scare you?

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Yeah, I'm petrified that pavement fauna manage to stop killing everyone around them and doing drugs long enough to build a functioning parallel society inside one which already provides literally every necessity and luxury necessary to thrive while still managing to be the most pathetic, mentally and physically ill, illiterate, low IQ, and undereducated demographic in the country.
My smol yt pp is quaking in terror.

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I thought people like you supported small business?

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>muh right wingers implication
I wish niggers would just get their shit together and not be a fucking blight on everything and everyone around them. History has shown that they are incapable of this. That said, it would be better for all of us if they would go and stay go.

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