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>got a D on my final paper because I used "chinaman" instead of "chinese person"
At least I still passed

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> "Oriental" is considered racist now
WTF? Why? and why did nobody tell me?

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why in gods name would you use "chinaman" in a uni paper? Im surprised they didnt outright fail/blacklist you

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it's retarded since orient just means east.

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Just call them a coolie next time

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>At least I still passed
That's the spirit anon. Keep your head up.

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Lmao some autistic german professor at GTown Law got fired for calling a student “chinaman” while his class was recorded

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>he doesn't pretend to be woke in college

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ITT list terms you're bringing back
>jap (it's just convenient and it makes sense, who the fuck wants to say "Japanese person")
>light in the loafers
>step'n fetchit
>"the jewish question"

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I call them YELLOW STUPID NIGGER NIGGER YELLOW and then I somehow get called racist

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Crocodile bait
Cotton picker
If you think these are racist, you're probably the racist one yourself

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Don't forget the classic, tar baby. Nothing racist about a tar baby. FUCK tar babies!

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I say Jap and Oriental.

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If I were a Jap I would want to be called a Jap. It sounds cool.

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>banned from my local Chinese bookclub for describing Mandarin as the yellow menace

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why no? there's frenchman, irishman, englishman, etc. why not chinaman?

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Based 19th century tourist

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because of muh heckin connotation and muh history of racism

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>I'm French
>I'm Irish
>I'm English
>I'm... China

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Chinamen are the most racist fucking people on earth, they literally see other races as subhuman compared to them

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Call them Celestials like they did in the 1700s

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I worry I'm autistic to unintentionally be racist or sexist in college. This why I didnt bother. I just read books that interest me now. And be a wagecuck. Oh well.

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> Don't forget the classic, tar baby. Nothing racist about a tar baby.
True, that's actually not racist. That's just a reference to an old African folk-tale. What? you didn't know that? are you racist or something? you hate African folk-tales? look's like you're the one stuck with the racist tar-baby now, nigger.

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doesn't matter
they are a minority in America which is all that matters
havent you heckin heard? if you're not white you can't be racist because in order to be racist there needs to be an imbalance of power and a heckin history of systemic oppression
ummmm hellooooo??? we heckin racistef the chinese by confusing them for japanese because we're heckin evil racists and we LITERALLY put them in CONCENTRATION CAMPS which were heckin more evil than heckin H*tler

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I once read Br'er rabbit in public...no one knew I was reading about why niggers have white palms and soles and chinamen have straight black hair...just remember we all used to be niggers but some of our ancestors were lucky enough to warsh in that fountain

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you are retarded and you should feel retarded.
chan is not irl.

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>used the term “retarded” in one of my final exams
>got a first

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being "first" of the retards isn't something to brag about

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Autistic discrimination

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>That's just a reference to an old African folk-tale.
Filtered and edited through a white guy's lens, that's the main criticism
Song of the South kinda stained it

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>write everything in green crayon
>last page is just a soijak drawing
>100 grade

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I call chinks celestials all the time. No one knows I'm insulting them and just assumes I'm retarded.

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Didn't some American teacher get fired for saying "niggardly" in class?

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Smoke and spook are my go to nigger substitutes. I was doing research for a story a few months back and it was funny how casually reporters would refer to niggers as spooks and smokes in newspapers back in the good ol days.

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This but with no sarcasm

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I didn't even go to an ultra-woke college but it really helps that if you're an unironic Christian, larp as some sort of theology major. Unless an actual theology major calls you out or someone decides to ask you about the finer points of Jihad in the Quran they won't suspect a thing.

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>he graduated from harvard

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do we not call people in the west western? Honestly, i think we should bring "Oriental" back

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For real?

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only if we can bring back Occidental too

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Sambo is a good one. I used to work at a library and they culled ten little niggers but little black sambo was perfectly kosher kek.

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sure, it sounds cooler too

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Also dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature

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I've cited the Unabomber without any penalty.

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Ds get degrees, anon. But welcome to the new order of shit.

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What ever happened to that, by the way? I really like the term.

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What would be a good way to quote Nietzsche and Stirner in a history essay?

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>Dr. Pavel, I'm China.

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