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I have a college essay where I have to write about how history between 1700-1900 influences my personal life and law career. What are some books with quotes about the importance of history? I need at least two quotes.

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Do you explicitly need quotes? In situations like that, I just interpolate and show an example, like how the legend of the Alamo affected Texas more than the actual history thereof.

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The new prevalence of Prussian schooling after the end of the civil war. It was meant to groom the masses into the new peasant class. Still is today.

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what are the actual requirements and assessment criteria?

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touching on the napoleonic wars and the dominant influence napoleon has to this day on our legal systems

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Dude just list the 2nd amendment and how controversial it became

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Mostly I just have to write nonsense about muh this really helped me realize blah blah blah. But I need at least two quotes from important authors and idk what book should I quote. I've been reading fucking Nietzsche

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Stupid Frogposter.

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just refuse. write that you are an avowed anarchist and deny all of history because it was oppressive and mean.

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