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>women's literature

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Emma cuckitini

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just you wait till wimbledon

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chud thread

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Chud = chad + stud

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Going from the base line to the net in the time she had is impressive. She clearly expected it to bounce higher and thought she would get to it before the ball was lower than the tape, but she was a fraction of a second too late and had to twist the racket at the end of her swing to give the ball some upward trajectory so it would clear the tape, Not much you can do in that situation but hope for the best, the motion was set the second she left the base line. Such a lob is designed to fuck over anyone who is still on the on the baseline. An amazing lob from her opponent.

I assume your knowledge of literature is as poor as your knowledge of tennis.

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>She clearly expected it to bounce higher
Actually she got fucked by the back spin, the ball lost almost all forward momentum on the bounce and she just could not get there in time. Amazing lob.

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Female athletes can’t even beat trannies.
Lol what a pathetic gender.

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you wish

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>Going from the base line to the net in the time she had is impressive
do women really?

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You can tell the woman is very dumb because she should've just chopped straight down to put huge amounts of back spin on it. That way it would barely clear the net and possibly start to bounce backwards.

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This or she could've swipe to her left to send the ball to the right. Once again a stupid woman not understanding how spin works.

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Damn, this bitch was literally one step away from the net when she hit it and she hit it with full fucking force. Goddamn you stupid bitch why did you follow through on your swing. You were supposed to just hold the fucking racket still. Dumb bitch.

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mistook that for a death in june t-shirt.
>being pro-clot shot

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Imagine wearing that shit out in public. Jesus Christ.

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That's a falseflagging kike

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>Actually, women's failures are just as impressive and praiseworthy as men's successes
I think I just figured out why women never do anything. This guy's been coddling them!

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Everything that makes your side look bad is a false flag. I got it

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No, everything that looks bad is jewish.
Jewishness = ugliness

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This thread was about women lit bros

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The ball is too low for that and essentially what she was setting up to do, which is why the swing had too much power for how it was hit, she adjusted mid swing to compensate. Reducing power mid swing is very difficult, you have little control, especially in that situation where the stroke is short, she had to adjust for the ball being lower and closer to the net than expected, twist the racket and swing up some to make sure the racket does not hit the net, all you can do.
You mean hit it right to her opponent who would effortlessly drive it hard to the opposite corner leaving her no chance? That would be giving up the point and only slightly better than not even trying. This is sort of the point of the lob, you leave your opponent in a situation where they can either hope for the best or lose it on the return. This point was actually lost on a previous stroke, when either she setup her opponent for this lob or her opponent set herself up for the lob, most likely the former considering where she is at the start.
That lob would get the top men more times than not.
Than you should have actually talked about women's lit.

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Simple explanation: She hit it too hard and at the wrong angle bc she's stupid.

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I've come to the point of hating women so much I'm now a homosexual.

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based and greekpilled

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Platonic homosexuality is the final solution of the eros problem. Gay sex is gross, but women are just worthless trash.

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How is this /lit/ related? Go back to /r9k/.

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Of course, Chud. Anyone who believes the same things as you but happens to fat/ugly is a falseflagging kike.

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Wizard status: Lost

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you mean >>>/sp/

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A thread died for this.

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based fed

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it's better than getting COVID lol

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By women or for women?

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