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I'm skipping Demons so I can read this. What am I in for, is it a slow burn or is it good right away?

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but demons is good, anon

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That's what I hear but I'm a slow reader and I've been meaning to read the brothers karamazov for years

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>What am I in for
Stop fucking asking this, you dumb shits.
Worse than the “what did I think of it?” Pat meme phrase

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It's slow, but very cozy. It's also like C&P, The Idiot, and Demons, rolled into one.

The Rebellion and Grand Inquisitor chapters are crazy intense, though.

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Not him but which translation should I check out? I like the Penguin cover

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Probably by richard and larissa. I heard they’re the best translation for TBK. So I’m also guessing for Demons and other works

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This or Avsey or McDuff

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>What am I in for, is it a slow burn or is it good right away?
Just read it, you idiot.

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This. It is tied with brothers karamazov as my favorite dosto.

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Demons is better and it’s obviously a slow burn as all 19th Century works are by today’s standards but it’s a satisfying and deep work

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It is fantastic all the way through

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Read Demons first.

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>skipping Demons
ishygddt ngmitbh

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