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I remember there was a Nietzsche quote in one of his works where he said some shit like: "If there was proof God is real I'd deny him even more". I can't remember what was the exact quote or in which work it was. Do any of you know know which work it was or the exact quote? I clearly remember there was something like that

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not getting spoon-fed frognigger

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fuck you

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Nietzsche is the philosopher prefered by trannies and black people.

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You stupid nigger.

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He didn't say that, you false flagging twerp.
t. read every book of Nietzsche

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I remember there was something like that on the Antichrist. Please don't tell me I'm going schizo

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That's Sartre

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Nietzsche isn't a philosopher you dolt. He's a sem-famous actor from the 50's. What the hell are you talking about?

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witty anon

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