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write what's on your mind


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First is the worst. Second is the best.

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Jealous and no sense of humor.

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I think I'm finally bored with my life

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First World problems. Self inflicted too.
Do something with your time here. Death approaches

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>400 bad request
>400 bad request
>400 bad request

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It's morbin' time

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That's the problem. I've been doing things this entire time

There's only so much books can offer

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I should rewatch Tokyo Twilight, it's one of my favorites by Ozu. Also I mostly just rewatch movies now, been on a Malick binge.

God is so obvious and apparent to me now. I even want to pray but atheist pride won't let me.

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>God is so obvious[ly fraudulent]

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Third is a turd.

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This kinda sucks but I still feel good :D

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i like owning a car but i fucking hate it too

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I actually had a good day today. I am happy

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Based Malick enjoyer. Tree of Life is peak kino fr no cap

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I was just warned for creating a top 5 favorite book thread. It didn’t have a picture of a girl or anything. I was warned for “fan fiction”. Wtf?

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Multiple peers in my early life showering me with praise and affirmations, while my parents simultaneously held very high standards for me, has made me extremely afraid of criticism and I don't know how to remedy it. It seems I am only capable of pride or shame, and struggle to find balance and attain humility.

My parents' expectations weren't even too high; I merely perceived them to be as a misguided nine year-old.

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im sad

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Janny is a fag and got called out for posting their hw

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my parents teaching me how to read/write and do basic math stuff before starting first grade was not a good decision on their part

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I've finally got some creativity back from covid adjacent depression and now I'm afraid I'm not skilled enough to execute my ideas to my own (and others) satisfaction. Have several writing (and art) projects sitting half finished while i twiddle away doing nothing for fear of creating something ugly.
holy shit I feel. Cars are money sinks but a necessary one I guess. The way I get more value out of it is thinking of it as my home away from home. I write in my car a lot of times.

They're rare. Enjoy it, anon. Glad you had a good one.

Jannies go kinda crazy on /lit/ I've notices. Had posting blocked more than a handful of times.

One of the largest hurdles in my life is being the smart-kid turned lazy-bum. I mean I work and pay bills and shit but don't have a career which I guess is what was expected of me. It's okay, anon. Either you care enough to rise to those expectations or one day you'll realize you don't and then you will be set free.

Wanna talk about it, anon?

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Being told I'm useless retard loser my whole childhood has made me averse to praise. I do my best work when I'm being berated.

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You know, I was always the first in everything I did: I was the only guy in my school to get a scholarship AND I was the first one in my friend group to lose my virginity. Also, my own room.

10 years after that, something worked out, something didn't, but nothing ever felt like that one little accomplishment at 15. It's just different. You can't chase a feeling you are no longer allowed to have.

So, now I am just a bum, a fraud, a womanizer, a fucking disgrace. But it's still a thing to be - not made by parents and teachers. I hate myself, and this is a source of self-respect. I am not what I could be, but I still can be dead. Today or tomorrow - and there is dignity in that.

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Someone please for the love of God recommend me a book that is reminiscent of Eric Rohmer’s films

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I sit on my bench in the park and watch these couples go by and I don’t understand what these men have that I don’t. I’m better looking, more intelligent, yet they are the ones with a cute girl wrapped round their arm. It’s not fair bros

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>Eric Rohmer
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_School_for_Fools ?

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>reminiscent of

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Pushing at the boundaries of your understanding and experience - the will to discover- is the ultimate life-affirming action. For every ounce of despair you feel at the present condition of the world, push a pound harder against the tyranny of your expectations!
>Whoever cannot seek
>the unforeseen sees nothing,
>for the known way
>is an impasse.
-Heraclitus, Fragments
Praise the everlasting question mark, the infinite unknown that keeps us always in motion, forever becoming and never complete!
>Unlike habit, which is carried out in a determinate world, trust is paradoxically exercised in a world of indeterminacy, what James calls the "plastic zone, the transmission belt of the uncertain, the meeting point of the past and the future." It is indeterminacy that makes us need trust, but it is also because we have trust that we take the risk of the indeterminate. The feeling of trust makes experience a field of experimentation. It is therefore the condition for every form of creation.

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I am God

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I just finished The Leftovers TV show. What was the point of the dogs?

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How good or bad of an idea is it to ask a girl acquaintance who is may or may not be into me to set me up with one of her friends?

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watch The Mother and the Whore

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their will to pussy is stronger

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nothing to lose

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I’ve seen it, excellent film but the dialogue is more juvenile compared to Rohmer.
Looks interesting - will definitely check it out. But it doesn’t strike me as something similar to Rohmer’s work

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They're better talkers.

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yeah but then when u austism it up with her friend she's gonna hear all about it and think wtf

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this is the truth of the matter

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To elaborate there are a few girls into me at a place I frequent. I’m on better terms with one more so than the others. I’m not picky. Should I just give her my number and tell her it’s up to her if she wants it for herself or to pass it along? Create a free for all? Girls are competitive so it might work. Just never been in this type of situation

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8 out of 9, 1 left then finally rest from my year of searching. Hopefully before July it'll be done. My brain combusts in the morning and hallucinates after waking.

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i can tell this is going to end in autismal cringe, not saying i'm any better, that's how i already know

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Because you're just sitting at a bench watching.

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I admit being in the company of women aggravates me deeply, I just wish I could have some companionship in the brief moments it’s needed. I don’t really want pussy but someone’s hand to hold for an hour or so and then for them to vanish

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i wish i could still care about that shit even just to be miserable about it, at this stage of life, i'm just saving to retire alone in dump cheap house somewhere shitty

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I’m not autistic, I just wish I had more information to go on, so I would know who to single out.

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>and then for them to vanish

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>I'm not autistic
>Should I just give her my number and tell her it’s up to her if she wants it for herself or to pass it along?

dude come on now s m h

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I don't understand anything.

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Right now I'm working retail as I'm in-between jobs and broke as a joke. All the kids I work with are genuinely sweat, and very naive. All the older women I work with are Live Laugh Lovers who can't fathom anything beyond watching this is us and gossiping about people who miss work. I spend the entire day being faker than Jimmy Fallon's laugh. My family has always been a collection of unberable assholes and my friends were always fairweather, and since we grew out of partying, and I stopped making all the effort, they're fading into the background.

I wish I had one person in my life I could have any real respect for and be myself around, but every one I know gets the diet coke version of me, because if I gave them the truth it would hurt them and just make my life harder.

I'm looking forward to everything improving. But that means everything around me needs to change.

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I have no issue with single girls. I’ve just never been in a situation where there is a group of them where there is interest in me. And there definitely is. I just don’t know from who. Basically what I’m asking is what’s a good way to find out who that one is?

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I can relate bro. I stopped pinning for love years ago. It's a waste of energy.

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Everyone in my house knows my name.

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just change the fundamental essence of your being bro!

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I been there, man. Dark night of the soul, too absent to be depressed type shit. Keep your eyes open. You'd be surprised to find something could wake that part of you back up. Good to do you in the mean time

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i feel like gay dudes are the only people u can be yourself around as a man. they might judge my hat or jeans or something, but they don't judge me as a person, know what i mean? too bad i'm not that gay, so on the other hand it feels a little inauthentic to spend a lot of time in gay spaces.

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Damn, thats interesting as hell. One of my best friends growing up was a lesbian. Neither of us were barking up that tree with each other, and she wasn't an over compensating dipshit who had to compete with me. I think her lack of safe people, and my lack of intelligent friends made us both appreciate the connection. She was killed on a crosswalk. Drunk driver.

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You have a few options
>Get the fuck over it and accept that women and romance with women is a package deal, no substitutions
>Start fucking dudes who share your interests
>Die alone and bitter

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Sometimes I look over from my window alcove towards my bed and imagine a girl sleeping peacefully, her short curly locks gently swept across her forehead, her delicate foot dangling off the edge of the bed. I want to plant a thousand flimsy kisses on that foot

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Alright you have four options

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>Should I just give her my number and tell her it’s up to her if she wants it for herself or to pass it along?
Awful idea. You might not mind which one you get but they need to feel like you do. It might seem counterintuitive but you'll just seem pathetic and desperate if you go with the "whoever wants me come and get me" attitude. Single a girl out, get to know her a little and then ask her out.

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>I don’t really want pussy but someone’s hand to hold for an hour or so and then for them to vanish

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She's calling, Anon. Your $2300 is all that is needed to answer.

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Just pick one and move on if it doesn’t go well

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GOD i could use a big whiff of CUNNY right about now...

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Yeah I’ve thought about it and agree that’s best. I would just prefer the one who is most into me

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Imagine what a .45 would do to its skull… if only I weren’t so poor

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I believe that's illegal.

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That's fair but it's probably too hard for you to work out so go for whichever you like the most. Remember, appearances aren't everything, actually try to get to know them a bit and see which one you're most compatible with. Unless you are just looking for a one night stand in which case I have no respect for you and actively hope you make an autistic fool of yourself.

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Feel you. I felt so over love and romance for a long time, got very numb to it. But a friend who I’ve been in multiple intimate conversations with broke up with his boyfriend like 2 months ago, and then she just kept talking to me about love and how she wanted to be loved again and asking me questions about love and heartbreak and memories. It made it click on me that she is the only person that I communicate with on another level, on the very particular level of telling her about my feelings relating to my family, my desires, etc. Kinda opened a door in my imagination where I started seeing myself with her. And now I’m ambivalent on just pretending I’m not feeling this things or just ruining the friendship on the potential of something else, which I’m very pessimistic about.

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i be straight CUMMIN

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You need to find the most attractive girl and quietly approach her from behind and pinch her ass. Grip it with your fingers digging along the inside of the thigh and the thumb on the meat of her ass cheek. You want it to hurt (all women are masochists) but not too badly.

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Its a sticky wicket, old sport. I've spent so much time not even invested in my own day to day, I can't help but wonder what went by. At the same time, I know being like that would have been no good for anyone. Funny thing though, I changed, and once I found my heart was behind my actions again, I was hungry. Hungry to build, hungry to connect, hungry to live. But that takes time. Perhaps patience, and making the smart decisions you know are good on paper will keep the ship a float until you are ready to adventure. Hahaha, gay stuff, but maybe true.

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Yeah. I would want a solid LTR so I figured I could hit the ground running with a girl that has a big crush on me. I do realize it’s different once you get to know people though, but it’s nice to have a jump on things

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>The book provoked uproar, one royal minister styling it the “most impious and immoral book I ever read.”

uh, so how come i never heard of alberto radicati before /lit/? the book in question is "a philosophical dissertation upon death, composed for the consolation of the unhappy by a friend of truth". the amazon blurb says:

>A short treatise from 1732 which boldly claims that nature gives to all animals countless ways to end their lives as soon as their lives become tedious. It speaks of mankind's liberty to take advantage of these countless exit strategies whenever he so chooses; for suicide is commended as a laudable and reasonable action—never contrary to nature and never blamable. The publishing of this book caused Radicati to have to flee from Italy to England, where he distributed it, and where it caused a great increase in suicides.

woah sounds like an overlooked classic for doomers and anti-natalists

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horny chicks always do that kind of shit, it's an easy way for them to build up rapport with and eventually fuck dudes who aren't total horndogs. the first time you're like wow, we really connected to fast! then after a while you're like oh i see you're increasing your personal disclosure to me in a ploy to build faux-intimacy. how when a chick tells me shit about her relationships or ask advice i just lol idk cuz she doesn't care what you actually say, i'm sure guys without autism use this tricks too, but if feels salesy anyways.

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I get what you mean but I've known her for many years now. And the build up was rather slow. You might still be correct about it though idk

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oh ok sounds more legit but i'd watch out for blowing a good friendship on a rebound fling.

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Good on you anon. Wish you all the best in your endeavour

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If you are a girl reply to this post

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Good girl

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anyone got any tips for reading this heavily encrypted document that was sent to my house from Australia?

It's called "Herman Melville's Moby Dick" and it's utterly inane

I wonder if there is a hidden message embedded inside


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Who is the author?

>> No.20408008 [DELETED] 

Jessica Silvester

sounds like a Hebrew name

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Red seas, ruined towers, distant galaxies, theoretical astronomical objects, misty lakes, half-believed accounts of near-human creatures in the woods, standing stones, engraved bones, buried thrones, pyramids of gold, dead cities submerged under ice, one-way intergalactic journeys by means of constant-acceleration engines, vaults and arches in the trees overhead, floating islands in the sky on which no man may set foot, sealed caves of Aboriginal shaman's bones, the mountain which God revealed himself to near Moses, Norse runes chiseled into rocks on Mercury, the skull of Adam filled with blood, two aged scientists destroying their only means of returning home out of pride during a fistfight next to the engine of a vessel digging ice samples from the dark side of an asteroid orbiting Saturn, the pen spinning world championships, bone fragments found in rocks from the upper mantle, the form of forms, the intelligible and the unreal, the ascent to an exceedingly high mountain from which all the kingdoms of the Earth could be seen, ylem-aša...

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cookie too big :)

who dis she cute

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That's my wife.

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Plotinus is based.

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Opinions on the new RHCP?

>> No.20408166

based how?

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I am very drunk.

>> No.20408201

I am do drunk that I pissed all over my sock

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There's more to life than pizza pie.

>> No.20408234

in the morning?

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>Cars are money sinks
It depends I guess. Without my car, I couldn't work so I wouldn't make any money to start with. Y-you didn't buy a new car from the dealer, did you?

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hey god can you send me a big titty goth gf plz

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I have good days. But it seems pointless at the end of the day.

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Also, I realized how much seed I wasted on watching porn (about 8 years). At this point, I probably used up so much that I'm no longer producing my best.
I'm thinking it's probably best to never have kids. Probably best to go monk mode and just go with abstinence.
If the right girl comes along, I'll definitely reconsider. But for now, I'll try and find contentment with what I got.

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fuck off Gaydrian lmao

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I greatly enjoyed reading this.

>> No.20408300

imagine how many gallons of cum you spent all these years kek

>> No.20408305

The loneliness is too much and I know I am a terrible guy to have around... what's the point of living if I keep going this way?

>> No.20408324

Probably to spend time with all the other terrible normal people

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I like to think that when you are in the process of dying, time dilates into infinity, such that from the perspective of the dying, the lights never quite turn off. In that sense, death is asymptotic, and life is truly everlasting. We all inevitably retreat into our own little reality offshoots.

>> No.20408352

But I have enjoyed and still do enjoy being with some people, like it's a mad good feeling but I don't have much to say and the feeling isn't mutual

>> No.20408371

Or we experience an endless void for all of eternity, and go absolutely mad with boredom.

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I'd rather not haha. I'm trying to accept it. Glad I at least have stopped and didn't let it continue. Wish I had never looked at porn, but eh that's not how life usually goes.

>> No.20408425

nothing wrong with jerking off every now and then

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Eh yeah I've heard that before. I just find that when I get back into it, it's hard to stop or get my mind off of it. So I think it's best that I just don't do it. Just feels like a waste.

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one time there was a guy here who posted about how if someone replied to his posts and disagreed with him or called him stupid he'd get so insanely enraged for days that he'd go the store, buy baby chicks, and then go in his backyard and shotgun them. it was an extremely detailed post and it didn't get much attention, it was on /adv/ or /lit/. in the post he directly blamed the people who replied to him, it was very interesting as I imagine it was a window into the mind of someone who could be an actual murderer or rapist.

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I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care. All I want in life is to be reciprocated by a beautiful woman. Yes, I'm shallow. Yes, I've never once known or felt any sort of affection from anyone. Yes, I'll die alone. To be held in the thoughts and heart of a beautiful woman unlike no other blessed by God. God, Imagine that. To hold her in my egregiously pathetic spindly arms. I'd snap her like a twig from all the years of unresolved tensions and turmoil and feelings of neglect and the bitter batterings endured from a lifetime of duress. An angel in the form of all my sick demented fantasies. The scent of her hair, immaculately kept, the assortment of scented soaps and shampoos painstakingly curated over the better half of a decade of trial and error at the local pharmacy, her eyes trained on my every expression, my every thought, aching to enter the desolation of my inner world, her needing and wanting and unabated by the unremarkable maltreated dog of an outer shell that is the sterile wallpaper of my transient form, my meat and organs half dead half yet alive mistake of nature. God, I'm ugly, but she hasn't yet seemed to find out. Her half blank, half dead, stilted, achingly, borderline retarded, incommunicable expression, the finer features of her face and complexion, the proportions and amounts of the different characteristics and perplexities ebbing and flowing like a serene pool of water or the exoneration of a tortured man, I am freed by her. Her exposed, feeble neck and wanting clavicles, her impeccable sense of style, her very way of being. Her stupid uninsightful pitiable commentary on the painfully unimpressive nothingness of her world, so thoroughly detached from my own in every possible way. Her voice that melts the iron bars, simultaneously crying and singing at the state of my existence, at the delight of my being with someone like her, that I would give her the time of day. She knows she's not all that smart. She knows she's not all that interesting. She knows she's not funny, or strong, or talented, or all that good at holding a conversation. Her every word, her every thought crawls out of a Venusian torrential asylum of hedonic estrogen, and hormones, and late night television, and pop culture references, yet beneath it all she knows there is someone not so different from myself inside herself. We see this in each other. The curvature of her every dimension, vulgar and unrepressed, physically obscene, like bipedal pornography. The mere sight of her after a long day. I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, I don't care. All I want in life is to be reciprocated by a beautiful woman. Yes, it's not so bad to be alone in this world. Yes, it's not so bad to strengthen the intellect, to make a sport of the mind, to acquire affluence, to attain a degree of competency in a variety of fields commendable and trite, to sail across the world, to conquer the inner demons, and so on. I don't care. Show me your boobs.

>> No.20408486

Literally me. A hug would be enough tbqh

>> No.20408492

I like the flow, what's this from?

>> No.20408493

I need a fat Asian bitch to massage my legs

>> No.20408498

Thou hast committed—
Fornication: but that was in another country,
And besides, the wench is dead.

>> No.20408550

or experience is sealed

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im starting to believe that we are all one metabeing

>> No.20408575

My roommate is the definition of an NPC and seems incapable of producing a thought any deeper than the headlines he reads on Facebook. For a while assumed this was just because we don't know each other that well, but I overhear him talking to his best friends and their conversations sound like literal video game NPCs trading preprogrammed dialogue. He's a nice guy though.

>> No.20408605

birds of a feather

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>> No.20408789

Where should I suggest to take this chick tomorrow night? She seems nice, conversation isn't flowing, but she seems very keen to meet.
I need to meet more women.
My feeling is you should always be talking to >4 women when you're single, that way you never get anxious if one doesn't work out.
>Praise the everlasting question mark,
Fuck no! Nuh uh. Give me a probabilistic sense of where my actions and life may take me at least. Otherwise it matters not what I do, I might as well resign myself to the absence of free-will even if I do have agency and control because that agency is not truly 'free will' in the absence of certainty. Intentionality is a moot point without certainty.
> but it is also because we have trust that we take the risk of the indeterminate.
This is fucking true.

>> No.20408802

I'm tired of this town and I want to fuck off

>> No.20408804

Pack up a nice picnic, bluetooth speaker, and a bottle of prosecco. Research good picnic spots with a view, go at sunset, chuck on a good album and the vibe is automatic if there's any chemistry between you two at all. The combination of nature, wine, music and sunset are all very conducive to good conversation. Plus, it's a much better and unique date idea compared to generic, boring bar/restaurant/cinema

>> No.20408808

>you should always be talking to >4 women when you're single
This is the most tiresome aspect of millennial and zoomer dating culture. For whatever reason, you all think it's a fantastic idea to be dating and talking to and fucking as many different people as possible, up until the precise moment your """"situationship"""" becomes defined. It's just gross. Everything about extroverts is gross. I can't imagine even WANTING to be dating more than one person at a time, much less more than four. It seems like a recipe for shallow, tangential relationships that end up inflating the divorce rate. So many people spend so much time searching for the "perfect" partner that once they find someone who checks all the boxes, they don't realize that it's where the work actually begins. It's gross and transactional. Extroverts are gross and transactional.
>that way you never get anxious
Yeah, God forbid you ever get anxious. God forbid you learn how to be single — actually and truly single — and live with the voice in your head. Extroverts, man. Fucking extroverts.

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I'm a fan, post more.

>> No.20408857

It's an evening date so a picnic wouldn't work. I know nothing of her music or film tastes.
>Plus, it's a much better and unique date idea compared to generic, boring bar/restaurant/cinema
Yeah well originally I wanted to take her to an art gallery but that had to be postponed
>and live with the voice in your head.
You'd pray for death if you lived with my voice in your head, thanks for your unsolicited and non-actionable advice. I'm sure you'll be alone for ever and try to cope with the thought that "right now I just need to be alone, and need time for me, it's a good thing".

>> No.20408865

Anon this post is just verbal diarrhea as a result of spending a 24 hour shift at work idly browsing wikipedia. You could probably write something more interesting.

>> No.20408872

I will wait another 24 hours for your next post then.

>> No.20408885

>You'd pray for death if you lived with my voice in your head
Ah, the sad and long-suffering extrovert, whose overwhelming vividness of internal voice is unique to him! I'll never understand why extroverts think that just kicking the can further on down the road for a bit saves you having to eventually pick it up. If your internal voice seems to loud and unruly, it's probably just because you're not that good at dealing with it. But, hey! feel free to keep on chasing company instead of addressing the root problem. It's your life, and the people you pull into orbit will be the ones who suffer for it, not me!

>> No.20408900

>whose overwhelming vividness of internal voice is unique to him!
You're not talking about me at all are you? My internal voice is so banal, repetitive and boring I can't stand it.
> I'll never understand why extroverts
You'll never understand anything about other people because as you've just done you make incorrect assumptions and then ponder why people's behaviors don't conform to your inaccurate mental models you've projected onto them.
>If your internal voice seems to loud and unruly, it's probably just because you're not that good at dealing with it. But, hey! feel free to keep on chasing company instead of addressing the root problem.
And the way of addressing the root of a boring, repetitive, un-engaging, dreadfully monotone internal voice is? Because unless you have the answers, your opinion is not worth noting.

>> No.20408929

THAT'S what you're running from? BOREDOM is so painful to you that you need to constantly fill the space in your vacuous inner world with other people? The situation is even worse than I thought... I don't know how to talk to someone whose inner world isn't so much a twisting maelstrom as it is a barren wasteland. How does that even happen? Extroverts are even stranger than I could have ever imagined.

>> No.20408954


>> No.20409004

And what practical advice can you actually offer? Not commentary or insult, actually practical advice?

>> No.20409011

>Because unless you have the answers, your opinion is not worth noting.
>Because unless you have the answers, your opinion is not worth noting.
>Because unless you have the answers, your opinion is not worth noting.
>Because unless you have the answers, your opinion is not worth noting.

>> No.20409021

Stop being a solipsist
There's no such thing as an NPC. All people are people. You're not the protagonist of the universe. You don't know the thoughts inside his head.

>> No.20409031

All art is done. Even if I get any good at it, i'm better off trying to fuck the publisher instead of getting any good if I want to become a professional author.

>> No.20409045


>> No.20409058

Do both.

>> No.20409060

It’s a great feeling to scan a thread like this and not relate to the problems described in it.

>> No.20409082

I don't care for debates over the validity of IQ. If someone is either materially successful or has managed to manipulate their immediate environment towards their goals without requiring money or material possessions, I assume they exist along a continuum between
1. they were 'lucky', as in brought up in the right place with the right opportunities and connections
2. they are extremely intelligent
I do not judge anyone who hasn't manipulated their immediate environment or becoming materially successful/wealthy as being intelligent.
Because, and this is very subjective I know, what interest is intelligence as a concept unless it describes the faculty to optimize use of resources?

>> No.20409104

i fucked up I really fucked up i try to distract myself but I fucked up my life and I can't take it anymore it's too much for me.

>> No.20409114

Well, that's a correct assessment. Gues I need to work through the existential dread, then

Ugly straigth white sudamerican male fucking his way to the top, that's very common

I'm not Ana de Armas, my guy

>> No.20409306

we all make mistakes

>> No.20409340

>Ugly straigth white sudamerican male fucking his way to the top,
Not with that attitude.

>> No.20409349
File: 117 KB, 1516x649, 1641848507819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Be real with me, is /pol/ right and are we going to actually collapse this time?

>> No.20409388

Let's see how long it takes for me to get arrested, then

>> No.20409390
File: 193 KB, 1205x1600, AE7D6D5E-7668-4146-8C5B-8746F5AC6962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s 10:20 AM and I’m already hammered. How did any of those great, hard drinking authors actually read anything? It feels like such a pointless activity while drunk AND hungover. What little is comprehended will be forgotten.

>> No.20409407

I don't think so. Too much well-fed people. The places with actual civil unrest have actual scarcity, everywhere else there's conflict it is pretty much because of state-rigging cons and not really about any reason to be at war.

>> No.20409411

What would you say will collapse then? Most of the world or just Middle East and Africa for now?

>> No.20409418

stop with the booze mang

>> No.20409446

Well, if you cut logistics lines with China we'll have tech scarcity for at least enough time for the countries thay buys from them to build their own infrastructure. Food safety is relatively easy with modern agriculture technology, and you need a chain reaction of years of fuckups to have more than a season of scarcity, what americans might be needing anyways. The middle east was never first world, they're patriarchs with guns they got from better countries interested in their natural resources. So is Africa, but worse; they don't have that unanimously supported leadership like the house of saud or any culture to preserve, and might have a huge culling civil war in the near-to-mid future because of populational growth under first-world aid.

Truth be told, you need way less than the modern free market is able to give you. If society "fails", it will indeed take very long until your safety and provisions are affected, and nothing really cruel might even happen in your lifetime if barbaric people are far enough.

>> No.20409488

sub-vocalization is NOT life affirming

>> No.20409503

>Be 27
>Parents get divorced right as I come home from living abroad for 2 years
>Currently crashing with a friend in another city while I try to get a new job
>It's good to see my friends again, but it just kinda feels like a never ending play date
>Starting to feel the big sad
>Started hitting it hard with the lifts even more than usual since I found out my folks were splitting up
>Just end up feeling sore all the time
I just want to start working so I can get my own place and feel like my life is my own again. I feel like butter spread over too much bread.

>> No.20409520

Where on Real Raw News did you see that headline?
I think a lot of it is doomer talk. All the major cities of the US are worth more to its enemies standing as they are today then as smoking heaps of rubble.

>> No.20409527

With globalism, if the USA collapses, that means the rest of the world is in trouble too

>> No.20409530

would you guys bang an ugly chick if her body was decent?

>> No.20409551

Collapseniks are batting a solid .0000 for almost 300 years now. If WW2 couldn't cause the collapse of western civilization, it's hard to imagine what could.

>> No.20409566

Explain then why it is needed to have a constant state of impending doom on society?

>> No.20409572
File: 84 KB, 1083x731, 1629406091519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's hard to imagine what could.

>> No.20409594

Post her. You people are notoriously shallow.

>> No.20409601

This might get a Kennedy, not collapse

>> No.20409606

Only if she was an undefiled virgin maiden.

>> No.20409609
File: 69 KB, 637x504, 1643062543179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw might actually make it this time

>> No.20409639

Don't fall from the treadmill and you will, my man. Cheers

>> No.20409659

I don't have the pics

>> No.20409664

>inflation will cause the collapse of civilized society

retard moment

>> No.20409679

i want to see ugly chick with good body kidnapped and sensory deprived with bondage hoods and abused until her personality changes over the years
then i want to self insert as her

>> No.20409747

Literally me

>> No.20409750

Read /pol/, it's a perfect storm.
/pol/ is predicting collapse before the end of this year, famine in a month.

>> No.20409796
File: 42 KB, 409x409, B8FB5E41-03E5-4391-A405-6930DDBF7529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Read /pol/

>> No.20409806

Are you an undefiled virgin youth anon?

>> No.20409808
File: 848 KB, 1280x1684, 1628004836261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Explain this

>> No.20409824
File: 64 KB, 907x650, tetsis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there really any newfound clarity and genuine broadening of perspective to be gained from going to the shrink? i believe that i am reaching the absolute end of the line and i'm not sure if i'll make it to the next year if i remain on my own without supervision, but i never really engage in any discussion about my inner state save for a few posts here and there on cambodian embroidery forums since it would just devolve into needless complications with people irl.
i don't want to waste money on ''therapy'' as it is quite costly over here unless it can be helpful. has it been of any use to anons here?

>> No.20409827

When we are all still here in a year, will you admit pol is wrong, just like they are about everything? There will be a recession, but civilization won’t collapse

>> No.20409851

I'm a wizard

>> No.20409858

You lose nothing by seeing a shrink, especially if you reach rock bottom

>> No.20409860

Sensational, alarmist "journalism" designed to sell magazines.

>> No.20409864

Money, time.

>> No.20409877

Fuck no.
Money. Time. Letting someone lord over you. Revealing deep inner secrets of your psyche. Risking commitment. Permanently marked on your medical records. Becoming an experiment rather than a patient. Risking total loss of control, even if they falsely diagnosed you as psychotic

>> No.20409889

People miss the main point of seeing a shrink. They aren’t supposed to solve your issues for you. It’s all about getting stuff off your chest to a neutral party who can bounce unbiased ideas or thoughts back at you

>> No.20409891

>write what's on your mind
Swallow my children you slut!

>> No.20409900

might as well just post them here, no? at least it's free

>> No.20409912

Is it possible to get a trad boy friend who isn't simultaneously an incel / woman hating / coomer?

>> No.20409929

There's nothing traditional about casual sex and feminism.

>> No.20409930

Sure. That’s why journaling is very helpful, except you don’t get feedback. You can however go back and see how your thoughts, views, etc faired. Time reveals all, and often we see our thoughts are irrational in the past, and probably are so in the present, so we can do something about it. I wouldn’t trust this place to give feedback, criticism and advice in good faith though. There are some miserable nasty people who want to bring others down to their level

>> No.20409969

Yeah, everyone knows it's paying for a friend.

>> No.20409972

No, this time is for real, read /pol/
I wish I could, I want nothing to happen since I like modern society, have no survival skill, no guns yet and live in a city BUT I'm afraid it looks real, read /pol/

>> No.20409974

Who said there was?

>> No.20409975

Probably not. The whole "trad LARP" shit is literally a longing to return to a time when women were little more than chattel.

>> No.20409976

>Paying any amount of money to see a doctor
Do Americans really?

>> No.20409997

Your qualifications are that you want a trad boyfriend who fits your leftist diarrhea criteria.

>> No.20410001

the kind of question that keeps me awake at night

>> No.20410004

Be my gf.

>> No.20410010

Thats hot desu. I fucking love bondage

>> No.20410015

I'm beginning to come to this realization. Femcelhood is looking more and more likely lol

>> No.20410017

You can find a trad bf and save him from his vices. Like me. Be my gf

>> No.20410024

A good shrink will tell you what you need to hear, even if it isn’t welcome. I suppose that’s a good friend too, though. Too many people just want to be right and have their ego’s stroked instead of actually changing themselves, because you can’t change anyone else. And change is uncomfortable

>> No.20410034


>> No.20410036

>read pol
No. They fear monger and brainwash naive people like you. You will be better if you stay away. I do think something major will happen in the next century or so. Too many people and not enough resources

>> No.20410046

Femanon, you dont have to be alone.

>> No.20410051
File: 211 KB, 1800x740, 1636530047192.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Refute this, in the coming months to next year, 80% here will be in utter chaos

>> No.20410080

I won't be alone. The Christian mystic thread has inspired me to join the convent.

>> No.20410164

it;s much darker than just bondage i keep thinking of that swedish guy who kept his daughter locked in a cell for ~20 years to rape her
wonder how she felt
wonder what he was thinking he probably went "yeah she'll befine" at some point
i couldn't keep an animal locked like this but some people could if you found them like that after multiple years they'd probably be severely depressed to say the least but look just okay and can continue living
makes me wonder if the hysteria people create around sick and suffering people is even necessary i mean they're living so they're just fine

>> No.20410174

Yeah okay you're fucked up anon. Theres a difference between bondage and what youhave in mind

>> No.20410178

Alright bros where should I go today to meet women? Will I be an obvious pseud if I read a book in a cafe?

>> No.20410195

i'm just saying people who appear hysterical probably have the least understanding of other peoples suffering and the first ones to treat them like outcasts

>> No.20410199


>> No.20410201

Bookshops all the anon. Women who go to bookshops almost certainly want to be approached. Being surrounded by books is also good for conversation starters since you can ask questions about a book she picks up or even for a random recommendation

>> No.20410214

What is some anons obsession with this word, like there is a latter of refutations to go up to reach the top and then you win the game. Time will most likely “refute” you. Anyone can make infographics

>> No.20410226

I tried bookshops and libraries already

>> No.20410234

Did you actually try talking to women? They are unlikely to approach you first.

>> No.20410236

My gf birthday today. I have an exam wednesday morning so I couldnt go to her picnic but I'm getting her dinner. debating whether or not to fuck her after the dinner or study instead

>> No.20410242

It was all old women and beta males

>> No.20410244
File: 650 KB, 749x671, 1629762278428.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's what you're telling me

>> No.20410251

what to do when you can't stand the sight of your thoughts, even when they're on paper. can you get out of that degree of self hatred?

>> No.20410267

That is probably what you need. We are very biased when thinking about ourselves. Seeing your thoughts physically might be what you need to inspire yourself to change. Just remember that change is uncomfortable and no one likes it. Find out why you don’t like seeing your thoughts and why you have self hatred. That’s a huge first step because you diagnose a problem. Be fair with yourself though. No one is as bad as they think they are, nor are they as good as they think they are

>> No.20410271

If you want to buy guns, go ahead. There will be a recession though, so it might be money ill spent.

>> No.20410276

how do you try this automatic writing technique when thinking goes much faster than writing?

>> No.20410282

>Buy more and more food but no way to defend yourself from raiders
Curious advice, again, read /pol/, I trust them with my life and they are the only ones properly thinking about this.

>> No.20410293
File: 113 KB, 498x594, wojak.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

(You) are living in your own private Idaho.

>> No.20410300

You're being an autist and not elaborating on anything. Posting infographs and then sperging out isn't convincing
I dont know about "collapse" but there's going to be a crisis soon. The economy is clearly imploding, but whats most concerning is both supply chain problems and food shortages. A lot of countries which are net exporters of food are shutting down all exports. Theres a lack of fertilizer and feed, many of the basics we get from Ukraine and Russia are now absent due to the war. We're also seeing fuel shortages. Washington state is expecting 10 dollar a gallon gas.
Once we can't afford fuel and cannot find food all the political divisions which have been festering for a decade will explode. I am anticipating serious violence and political instability.

>> No.20410309

At least you understand, this guy is not taking it seriously, this is actual war, I have to get an auto shotgun blow their brains out before they kill me, living in a major city is hard enough but I can do it i KNOW i can, i can safely eat people too, ive been reading about it, legs go for the legs.

>> No.20410332


>> No.20410336

>read pol. I trust them with my life
Is this satire and I’ve been baited?

>> No.20410351
File: 825 KB, 1125x2436, 85F02B00-76B9-4DEA-A91C-EA6C19807D97.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My post is at the bottom. I agree we are heading into frightening territory.

>> No.20410362

Do any of you know Japanese, can you work out some lyrics for me?

>> No.20410369

That's a dumb post.

>> No.20410372

Never trust phoneposters

>> No.20410382

/pol/ is right, recession and societal collapse is coming
Not at all, they were right about covid, never got the vaxx myself.

>> No.20410411

Ok. A broken clock is right twice a day. Go back there then

>> No.20410419

/pol/ was proclaiming the end of the world when covid first showed up. I remember /cvg/ from January to April of 2020. It wasnt until after covid had been around for about 6 months that the consensus on /pol/ flipped

>> No.20410427

In the beginning all you had to go on were the videos coming out of China.

>> No.20410434

I remember that, it was meant to be the end, 12 monkeys but this is different, this is no welding doors, that was a reasonable assumption back then.
But this? Everyone knows now look at this >>20409808
it can be felt already, modern civilization is over.

>> No.20410442

Reported for being underage

>> No.20410447

I'm not underage, I'm 21. But please, refute it then? You can't.

>> No.20410518

Just bang, yes, but I would not get in a relationship with a girl that has an ugly face.

>> No.20410554
File: 25 KB, 540x544, 1613669677915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Recession is probably going to hit hard next year. Real issues will probably start by the end of 2023. The 2024 election will be the match to start the fire.

>> No.20410570

This is the last post im replying to that has “refute” in it. Posters who use that word are impossible to talk to. Only time tell, not refutations. Let’s make a bet. When do you think society will collapse?

>> No.20410578

Nah /pol/ is contrarian. The media said covid is no big deal so /pol/ said it was the end of the world. The media flipped and so /pol/ flipped too

>> No.20410580

Before the end ot this year for middle east, maybe everyone else. 2023 as the safest bet, 2024, 2 billion dead and more to go, 2026, 5 billion dead

>> No.20410582

That rooster is really cool

>> No.20410586

If that doesn’t happen, may you be cursed for all your life and never will a shred of happiness or contentment find you

>> No.20410588

Why do you think billions will die

>> No.20410594

Based. /pol/ has street smarts. /lit/ will be the first to die. Don't take advice seriously from these retarded nerds, just come here to talk books. Anything practical and related to real life, /pol/ is the way. Ignore trannies like >>20410442

>> No.20410608

Africa and Middle east first.
After that, slow burn on rest of the world until it hits maximum chaos, I'm talking breakdown of society on Europe, South America, Asia and America. Recession means famine, famine brings about genocide.
Long term, we will go from 8 billion to less than 1 before 2030

>> No.20410636

/cvg/ was a buch of retards lol you probably think the ukraine general is /pol/ too

>> No.20410644

I stopped browsing /pol/ years ago. There's nothing of value there.

>> No.20410656
File: 124 KB, 1256x1080, 1642070871618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no gus yet, no survival skills, no land where to farm or innawoods retreat
At least with guns I can TLOU this for a while
Why? Besides, it will happen, there are already protests over food shortages.

>> No.20410659

It's the best place on the internet at the moment so it sounds like you got filtered. Sucks to be you.

>> No.20410671

You are getting brainwashed by /pol/. How embarrassing. Once 2030 rolls around and 5 billion aren’t dead, the goalposts will be moved, or an addendum will be retroactively added to this post to make yourself appear right, no matter how wrong you are. Get off the internet. You’re too gullible. Keep your fear mongering in /pol/ or /x/

>> No.20410677

/pol/ isnt even the best place on 4chan

>> No.20410679

>food shortages now is the same as 5 billion dead.
If you were alive in ‘99, you’d be calling for the end of the world. I don’t believe you’re 21 either.

>> No.20410686

Ok what are the best places on the internet on and outside of 4chan?

>> No.20410693

I don't give a shit, as long as 1 dies but that could be me, I have to care, I have to prepare the best I can for city combat

>> No.20410700

Your horrific view of the future is the result of your own deficits. Only you can change yourself.

>> No.20410701

I've been getting this intrusive "I want to a woman" thought. I tried blocking, reasoning or shouting at it. I never asked - why? Once I did that, the second part became clear - I want to be punished for not being to embody the traits of a perfect man. If I cannot attain it, I should be tormented by putting myself into feminine role character wise. Theres something deeply wrong with me.

>> No.20410702

The best places are outside of your bedroom. Now I'm gonna go to the bookstore to leer at the high school girls on summer break. Cya later bros

>> No.20410711

Fuck off pedo

>> No.20410714

How’s your social life?

>> No.20410733

I don't want to die, I still have to become an artist, I don't want to die.

>> No.20410771

>can't we all just get along?
>bro it's not about politics
>left and right doesn't exist
>there's only one race
How do we solve the enlightened centrist question?

>> No.20410782

>bro just be le epic nihilist like me
>nothing matters bruh le will to power
>just let urself be killed bro

>> No.20410798

Not being a dick, but you sound unwell. You should get some help. You are the type of person that would join a cult

>> No.20410799


>> No.20410800

If I read the Bible daily will God be nicer to me?

>> No.20410806

God doesnt care.

>> No.20410810

If you abandoned him, yeah, probably.

>> No.20410818
File: 29 KB, 741x568, 1601587431972.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>After Irving was sacked by The Sunday Times to help them with their serialisation of the Goebbels diaries, he described a group of protesters outside of his apartment as, "All the scum of humanity stand outside. The homosexuals, the gypsies, the lesbians, the Jews, the criminals, the Communists...”
Why was there a /lit/ meetup in front of Irving's house?

>> No.20410828

The media also wasn't covering the stuff coming out of China.

>> No.20410834

4:01 and I am still drinking. I’m drunk enough to consider “getting back into” videogames. That’s ridiculous, right? I can barely read 15 pages at a time as is, my attention span probably doesn’t need any more damage

>> No.20410842

/pol/ didn't care about covid until march or so. It was mostly contained to a general, and there are always general when there are happenings. You clearly don't understand how to use the board.

>> No.20410845

Third is the one with the hairy chest

>> No.20410915

I wish I could still enjoy video games. Sometimes I'll scroll through the video game boards for hours but I can never get the will to play anything. If I try to I just get discouraged or lose interest after a little while.

>> No.20410926

>pol has street smarts
I have a feeling many users don’t ever set foot outside

>> No.20410958

They're much closer to normies than /lit/. Much smaller proportion of incels, more married men, less social anxiety, more confident, etc.

>> No.20410970


>> No.20410976

God has abandoned me first.

>> No.20410990
File: 29 KB, 326x313, ZwRi_ZKBZkaQitHRycWL3QjSATUH5_d5U3AEtlIz7lx0iF3LJLBA2z-BEWII0LxxMVsTNTLtsN1ZSJS3N6ayN-33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>high school girls

>> No.20410999

God never abandons his children.

>> No.20411002

You're a newfag so you wouldn't know about either boards. /pol/ has the largest crossover with /k/

>> No.20411017

No, he's right. /pol/ has shitloads of literal normalfags.

>> No.20411024

you should go back there

>> No.20411025

I dont know, I dont want to die.

>> No.20411045
File: 288 KB, 920x920, 1594569865032.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>newfag doesn't know you can browse multiple boards

>> No.20411074

>he has a 4chan gold account

>> No.20411075

Did butterfly die?

>> No.20411089

He did forget me.

>> No.20411190

I remember my grandfather, sitting on his porch, caressing his shitpost. "Anon" he said, "A shitpost is like a beautiful woman. The more you caress it, the more beautiful it becomes. It speaks to you."

>> No.20411195

Why do you think that?

>> No.20411196

i hovered the link and looked at the thumbnail.
does this man have down's syndrome?

>> No.20411211

Can't really think of books, but Hong Sang Soo's movies

>> No.20411224


>> No.20411233

that's what they get for calling evola a chud

>> No.20411239

/lit/ in a nutshell

>> No.20411243

of course

>> No.20411246

Badlands did nothing for me.

>> No.20411252

Try again with the sound off if you’re ever in the mood

>> No.20411266

Mathematics is essentially a vast, infinitely infinite realm. Formal systems allow us to analyse fragments of this realm. No formal system can capture the whole realm, as shown by Gödel. In hindsight, this is obvious (at least to Platonists). Formal systems are “constructed” (to an extent), or rather are products of the human mind. Mathematics is not constructed, to any extent. Also, in a way, I view algebra and algebraic structures as formal systems (systems within systems, in a way). For instance, arithmetic is a fragment of this vast realm of mathematics — structures such as groups and fields provide an effective (and highly general) way of capturing fragments of this for a more general analysis thereof.

>> No.20411268


>> No.20411380
File: 9 KB, 219x230, pepe classy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>schizo platotism
>rejects constructivism
back to /sci/, /lit/ is a contructive finitist formalist board.

>> No.20411388

Monkeypox becoming AIDS 2.0 is pretty funny. Can gay men just stop fucking for a while until this shit dies down? Do fags HAVE to have their queer sex constantly?

>> No.20411411

To be, is to experience
To experience, is to come to know
To know, is to be aware of
To be aware of, is to conceptualize the other
To conceptualize the other, is to know the universe
To know the universe, is to know God

To be, is to meet God.

>> No.20411484


>> No.20411520


>> No.20411556


>> No.20411579

can the next thread have guenon op?

>> No.20411622

new >>20373655

>> No.20411654

Unironically new @20973655

>> No.20411690

I want 3 children. 2 boys.

>> No.20411695

Make a new thread cucks

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New threderino join the chat now!!!!!!!!!

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It was a dark and stormy day in space, the seagulls resting on the cement asteroids barked with laughing hilarity at the pods of star clams spinning in circles. The massive Dolphin shaped Star Cruiser, the A.S.S. Decipherable lumbered in concert with its squeaky bicycle sounded engines gliding, its mission to land on the planet of shaving cream ready to save the parakeets of Incompapatine 4.

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