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/WWOYM/ Moss Dragon

Previous thread >>20386042

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1st for Gen Z

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Oh, and the side thread that didn’t link

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I have nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no one to meet

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Real thread here >>20395998 it was first

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Nah I prefer this thread, thanks

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It’s missing the bare minimum

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Nope, formatted wrong. Suck a fat cock (preferably mine)

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Go for a nice walk somewhere pretty (er), and read some. Maybe bring a little snack for a picnic. (Sketchbook?)

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Yeah thats been my cope for the past few months but it's gotten old. I can sit alone in a park, sit alone in the mountains, sit alone in the library, or sit alone in my room. What difference does it make really?

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Alright. Make a point of engaging with some people. Just some small talk.

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I really am fucked.

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Linguistic isolates are fascinating

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I still want a book about the Movile Cave System

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All I have to do to be wise is say "I don't know"?

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I can't stop worrying.

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Is there an edition of Moby Dick with ONLY the quotes edited down?

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butters used the same image to start a failed /wwoym/ thread like three days ago.

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as a good anarchist she always imposes whatever her current manic fixation and absolute certainty of "the way things ought to be done" happens to be on people, whether they like it or not

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>this is considered a very attractive girl by americans

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I just watched Inside on Netflix.
It was very good, would recommend.

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>Giving money to Trannyflix

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just because i'd fuck her doesn't mean i find her attractive

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They sang the song that elevated humanity. Hundreds of thousands of inspired voices emerged from the global crisis and spoke powerful testimony about the value of life and the wonder of the universe. Their communications would touch the souls of billions and inspire incredible personal and social transformations. They would give birth to a generation of creatives that would outshine even them.

It most definitely was not called "normal," but the opposite: a strangification of experience; a socially infectious enchantment with life and all of existence. It was a psycho-social singularity, a singularity of human relationships including the transpersonal. What led it is the call of wonder, what drove it was the desire of curiosity at its greatest heights of aspiration.

Have you ever had a teacher who truly loved and lived to teach? Who had an overwhelming passion for teaching that made them an outstanding instructor? The kind of teacher who successfully infects students with the desire to learn and explore?

I have! I know they exist! I know how they have touched me! I have felt the same spark of inspiration in so many including writers, philosophers, artists, scientists, and their greatest passions speak of this blissful love of learning. If such passions could touch the hearts of the masses, it would be the single most transformative event in human history.

This is my greatest dream, and one day it will become a reality.

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>the only career has to be IT related
>dont really like it
how can I force myself to like it?

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This really reminded me of this scene with the goblins from Labyrinth for some reason.

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Yes I do.
There are many shows that my daughters like to watch and it's like just 17 canadian loonies per month.

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You're a goof.

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I'm trying to become less of a big retarded man-child but there are still times that I would rather play videogames than keep reading Gravity's Rainbow

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imagine the smell of those cloaca

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>look up. Oh. Bird bungers. Read on…
>” this is in contrast to most placental mammals, which have two or three separate orifices
Wait what? Three?
Do they mean the anus/urinary/vaginal?

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I blocked every social media website including /lit/

They keep you enslaved by providing short-lived moments of satisfaction. Most online interactions seem completely one-sided and parasocial too, if I'm being honest. That's the joke. They've got you acting like a monkey

I'm going to write and enjoy my life without technology for now. I'm better than all of you. It doesn't even matter if you agree with me, you already know I'm right

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Well Anon, you know girls don't pee by the same hole they have babies.

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My drain has been alcalinized.

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Also, calculate how much time you waste, even just using websites like YouTube and 4chan

Better to realize before it's too late

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Lilies of the valley are the flowers with the best perfume and there's nothing you can say to make me change my mind.

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>They keep you enslaved by providing short-lived moments of satisfaction

Its becoming more difficult to plan out a future these says

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Snowdrops. You niggers don't even know.

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Then find what satisfies you, block all of this shit out and devote yourself to it

They are literally reverse-engineering your slightest reactions and preferences with everything

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Einstein looks like a fucking deli owning wop

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Alright bros, I'm gonna read at a park in a desperate attempt to attract an art hoe. I hope Blood Meridian and my christian existentialist philosophy were good book choices. If it fails I'm just gonna go watch The Northman

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Why not cafe?

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can someone tell me if this paragraph engages them or give it a rating 1-10?

The man stood.
Looking at his mediocre room, whilst his dreadful body quakes at the mere overwhelming angst put against his will. A deep sigh into the never-ending hapless and mundane state of nature one may find themselves in. This man in particular has no definitive means nor definite beginning. Life was always by him, never with him. His mind no longer what it use to be and feeling constant belittlement of his inner self; his material self and most of all his spiritual self. The standing resembling the stagnation he was burdened with; no hope out of it nor any destructive foothold to deplete the outstanding self depreciation. Lost individual. Wild man. Although, he still clutches onto the ideas of integration; integrating into a society with no true self meaning. Only a persona befitted to those who comply and remove the questions of ‘why?’.

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>rating 1-10

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this reads like you're trying to show off how intellectual you are and you pumped out gibberish. you're trying too hard and it's over written.

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It’s all about perspective. How you view life will dictate how you live and feel

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I want to be perfect yet Im the furthest away from it.

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We’ll, I would say don’t try to be perfect, try to be yourself. A lot of the corny cliches are true

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I think I used to be myself back in the childhood but didnt get enough praise and love for it, hence trying to be a perfect in every situation made me more noticeable. Now I completely forgot myself.

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You want praise because you can only see value in yourself through others. A lot of the stuff you liked as a child you would like now. There are too many people to please all. Be yourself and those that matter or will come to matter will see it in you. There is no such thing as perfection anyway. What is perfect to you today will be different in the future

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>Reddit philosophers
Early Wittgenstein

>4channel philosophers
La Rochefoucald
Late Wittgenstein

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I think you need to focus more on mastering fundamentals before you can play with very stylized prose like this. For example some of your sentences lack complete main clauses or main verbs, like the very first one. This CAN be done in certain cases, e.g. I've noticed the French are fond of using fragmentary phrases like interjections, but it reads weird to me here. The participial phrase in the first sentence creates the expectation of a main verb and a nominative subject that never arrive. The second sentence is somewhat similar to those French fragment sentences I mentioned, but it deepens the sense of "subjectlessness" when it doesn't have one either.

By the time we get to "this man," it's a relief to have something concrete to hang onto. The idea of a "man without qualities" (Musil) is potentially a cliche, but the idea of life being "always by him, never with him" was interesting enough to make me interested in the text's ideas again. The problem is that it reads kinda weirdly, too, non-idiomatic in a way that seems more a result of ESL (no offense) than stylistic choice. Since it's so important for defining the character, as definitionless, I think even if it's stylistic, it still needs to be a lot more idiomatic and concrete here. If you're doing something "conceptual" with the unusual use of these prepositions it is adding to the vague, off-kilter feeling already created by the verbless/subjectless opening sentences.

Aside from some typos and minor errors, I think in terms of content, "his mind [is/being] no longer what it used to be" jars with the preceding characterization because we're supposed to think this guy is some kind of formless anomaly or un-person, but now he has a very conventional, identifiable, personable trait: getting old, losing his touch, having to adjust, etc. He's gone from an inhuman abstraction to something more human.

You can't really "feel" belittlement. Someone has to be DOING the belittling (insulting, deriding). If he's belittling himself, that also makes him more of a pathetic character than a fascinating heroic or abstract one (see Aristotle's Poetics on why pathetic/unlikeable protagonists are dangerous).

The "The standing" sentence doesn't make sense to me. There are more solecisms/error, like "no hope out of it" ("no hope for a way out of it"?), and this whole sentence feels confused and overwrought, especially "destructive foothold ... self depreciation." But the bigger problem is that, just like I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about this character, I don't know what the form of your prose is trying to convey.

I get interested again when I read about how he still has hopes for "integration." But the last few sentences feel like roughly translated Romance language prose to me - there are certain idioms that just don't translate into English well.

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Aside from the stylized syntax/form stuff I mentioned above, the two major problems I'd identify in your prose are unidiomatic use of certain words and expressions, and cramming too many of these unidiomatic uses into one sentence at once. English has this natural rhythm (honestly not sure what to call it) where you "notice" when an uncommon or unique word is used, like "persona." If an experienced English reader scans a sentence and sees a bunch of these words lumped together, it immediately stinks of purple prose and lack of clarity, in my experience. There are certain HIGHLY stylized writers who pull it off, or use it for effect, but it's almost always dangerous. It's like someone telling me they used chocolate, beef, and broth in a recipe. It's theoretically possible they're doing something I just haven't heard of before, but my mind instinctively goes "uh oh." So when I see "a persona befitted ...," a rare concept (persona) joined to another rare-ish concept (befitting), I'm already instinctively expecting the sentence to make no sense.

I think this kind of thing is more common in Romance languages. Romance speakers seem to have a higher tolerance for what English readers would call purple and self-indulgent.

Like I said above, I think you need to focus on fundamentals and cleaning up your English errors, so that it is much more clear when you are writing weirdly for style and not just because you can't write clearly or you made a mistake. Authors with weird styles need to bluff the reader into buying that they can pull it off, i.e. that they are entitled to their idiosyncrasies because they are just that good. Any error or sloppiness is going to make the reader feel entitled to dismiss you as a trying to punch above your weight. In particular, French-style fragmentary phrase-sentences like your first two, and "Lost individual. Wild man.", are notably rare in English, and will probably read as pretentious unless you are really, really able to justify them. See someone like Celine for example, and many people find his prose unsupportable anyway.

Ultimately the ideas seem like glimmers of something interesting mired in too much that is "incidental" for me to see them clearly. Even if I were charitable enough to ignore the "incidental" infelicities (most readers won't be), I still can't retrieve the ideas without feeling like I'm pulling the text apart.

Have you considered reading something like Wilson's The Outsider, for examples of how to write alienated protagonists? He will list a bunch of classic characters like Sartre's Roquentin, the unnamed protagonist of Barbusse's l'Enfer, obviously the Underground Man, etc. Houellebecq also makes interesting choices in how "flatly" he writes, even more notable for a Frenchman.

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Here's my opinion:
Use more concrete descriptions. Talk about the setting, the circumstances or the situation involved, try to be as descriptive as possible. Compare his angst with the external world around him and what he may or may not do

You've used a lot of "mental" words so to speak and that gives us an abstract description. To hook people in, you gotta balance the the abstract conceptual speak with the real, tangible physical world speak.
Not bad at all though. Just needs to be more concise and physical

>> No.20396896

Also with the "life was never with him" metaphor you could run with that, keep personifying things like that. Then aim to extend it as much as you can or draw a bigger analogy for how desperate his situation might be. Then it turns into a larger overarching theme instead of a one-and-done type metaphor. Stuff like that

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This time zone time, 6pm EST, is by far the worst time to be on lit

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Show, dont tell.

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are you guys ever scared of going to sleep?

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No, why

>> No.20396982

My uncle just came out as trans. He lives with us, and he visited my bed a few times when I was a kid. I'm worried what he'll do now

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you're physically vulnerable and the subconscious acts very strange, also just woke up from a really strange and freaky dream (og poster)

>> No.20396996

That's really scary, sorry to hear that anon. Try hanging up a big crucifix above your bed and sprinkling salt and holy water around it

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I am always scared to sleep because I do not know if when I wake up I will be the same

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Correct... your butt hole might be a lot looser for mysterious reasons that no one can understand

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I have been a worthless NEET ever since the pandemic started 2 years ago. I’ve watched as all my friends went to prestigious universities while I rot away at home watching movies or playing video games. I got my license but I’m too anxious to drive anywhere and hate how I look so much that I dislike being seen in public. I finished community college with a worthless degree and don’t know what to do next with my life. After I write this I will probably just watch another movie and distract myself from my pathetic life again

>> No.20397180

Try getting into crypto

>> No.20397284

What kino are you watching tonight

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My biggest hangup is comfort. I’m far too comfortable, and lazy, and I know that. I suffer because of it.

>> No.20397351

probably One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, haven’t seen it before

>> No.20397389

I’m anchored down with a big collection of books.
And no wheels.
‘Bout to change some things though.

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I visited Italy in 2014 and can't stop thinking about how I want to live there for the rest of my life. I loved everything about it. I fucking hate living in the United States so god damn much. I'm graduating in May next year with a useless
English degree. No, I can't go there and be an English teacher. I read that they are extremely unwilling to issue work visas for non eu citizens, especially English teachers.

They also have a 69,000 quota every year for work visas. Once the quota runs out, they stop issuing work permits. I can't marry someone Italian because I have autism and suck ass at human interaction.

I tried bringing Italy home, learning Italian here, Mediterranean diet, going to a catholic church in my town. Its not the same. The grey overcast skies of New Jersey (A place once filled with Italian immigrants but now its minorities), doesn't compare at all to Sicily.

I just want to live in Palermo. That's all. Why must I suffer?

>> No.20397420

The book is better

>> No.20397446

Try Slovenia. Just next door. Don’t be rightwing.

Warning. Their economy is being torpedoed at the moment and it looks like they’ll never recover.

>> No.20397451

>Their economy
All the EU btw

>> No.20397454

You have no other option except to overcome your autism and marry an Italian girl to move there. Otherwise you’re stuck in shitty ass America with a worthless degree

>> No.20397458

If I can't get into italy how would I get into slovenia?

I guess so, I know tourist visas last a little less than three months. I hope thats enough time to find someone

>> No.20397460

I should've stayed in stem and done patent law, fuck business

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>New Jersey
Well no shit you hate it. If you want Mediterranean weather just go to Florida or California

>> No.20397471

its not just weather but the culture, food and people. You think I want to be with californians and florida man?

>> No.20397479

Every guy I know has a miserable time in university and often have regret while every single girl I know usually does well and is satisfied with their career choice

>> No.20397482

Okay then move to Portugal. I was there for a few weeks. Great country. And they're so fucking poor that if you can live like a god

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>Early Wittgenstein
Wrong way around saweety.

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Most young guys I know are really struggling in just about every way. Personally, economically, etc. All young women I know are thriving. I think BAP actually has some worthwhile points to make regarding that. Men are repressed.

>> No.20397529

Dogs are always in the sit-ups position.

>> No.20397547

Struggle is necessary for men, it filters the losers and makes winners stronger. Men are evolutionarily expendable, women are meant to breed with winners in safety and comfort.
>b-but I’m entitled to teenage virgin wife!
Lol no

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Was listening to the Bee Gees' How Deep Is Your Love
> https://youtu.be/XpqqjU7u5Yc
and the part where it goes
> 'Cause we're living in a world of fools
specifically the melody leading up to and around
> 'Cause we're [time stamp below]
> https://youtu.be/XpqqjU7u5Yc?t=50
it's really reminding me of another song but I can't place my finger on what it might be and it's bothering me. What do you anons think?

>> No.20397561

>struggle is necessary for men
>places men in an environment without struggle

>> No.20397573

The whole world has been adjusted for female needs. Women like low-effort, low-stakes, low-investment spaces that are basically excuses to socialize, gossip, and be seen. They are also big pussies who cry much more than men do when something is bothering them, and both men and women are instinctively inclined to sympathize with women (as with children). So workplaces and especially universities and schools have been turned into feminized faggot factories, where the unstated assumption is that the purpose of human existence is to "be comfortable" and "have a nice time."

Women choke all male virtues and qualities, like hierarchy and merit and the ability to weed out losers and parasites, out of any space they colonize.

>> No.20397582

I looked into their remote work visa, theres a technicality that means that I can't use this visa. Its only for passive income. I'm fucked.

>> No.20397604

This statement is just a shallow platitude. Struggle with what? Filtered from what? Is all struggle the same? Do all filters select for the same traits?
BAP is useful here. The most vivid image he evokes is the Jaguar at the zoo. The Jaguar is caged. What it lives in is at best a simulation of its natural environment. The Jaguar intuitively understands that the exercise of its nature is in vain because the space in which it inhabits is controlled. Man today is much the same. His enviornment is controlled so his behavior is only a simulation at best. It is only an act. It lacks authenticity. There is no real development of his inner nature.
BAP wants to recall the matriarchal agrarian societies where a male's only function is to expend his body on farming while his inner nature is repressed. To say that suffering is struggle and struggle is good is to be reductionist. The filter breeds lesser, weaker, more effete men instead of building man up to his heights.

>> No.20397611

Well stop being a whiney bitch then. Leave New Jersey and see some other part of the world. America is a big country. You think that if you can just consume someone else's culture that you'd be happy, but the problem isnt external. It is internal. Figure yourself out.

>> No.20397863

I hate my own culture. I want to see America sink even further. I want the entire thing to balkanize.

>> No.20397869

I used to be when I had a shit job

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Been reading /pol/ about the coming famine, hyperinflation and the real possibility for global societal collapse
Should I buy a weapon? Many? I know I shouldn't but I have to, I was thinking of revolvers and shotguns, just in case other people start to act up once it happens.

>> No.20397942

As long as you don't go shooting random people up I say go for it :^)

>> No.20397945

I won't lie, that's the reason, not proactively but in case of looting, rioting, food shortage, our current situation looks bad, societal collapse bad.
So it is for that.

>> No.20397946

If you're American you ought to own a basic AR and a handgun of some type. I recommend a Glock, or an S&W MP if you want something with a safety.
Shooting is a lot of fun and has a stupidly high skill ceiling, so even if you never have to use your guns in self-defense you can get a great deal of enjoyment out of it.

>> No.20397957

You should stop reading /pol/

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Why? Pic related, it's known that this will happen.
I trust /pol/.
Yeah hopefully I'll have a new hobby if nothing happens, that's a huge if

>> No.20397979

Be sure to lurk /k/ for a good while, underneath the memes and furfags there's a decently large group of knowledgeable autists who can answer your questions. Just stay out of /arg/.

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A bird hit my window a little while ago. I cried when I realized he was dead, but at least it was instant and the little guy didn't suffer. I found a nice spot outside for him where the dogs and cats can't get to him. Rest in peace little guy. I'm going to put something on my window so that this doesn't happen again

>> No.20397997

thinking more and more about breaking up with my girlfriend and I have no one I can talk to about that because she knows everyone and my family won't listen to me.

I've already tried to break up before but I stayed for too long and she convinced me to stay. now I regret it because the problem bit me back in the ass when I tried to study, she literally showed up every day at my dorm bedroom asking for company and prevented me from studying even though I asked to be alone multiple times.

I'm tired of giving her everything I have out of pity and sacrificing so much even though I clearly stated our relationship had to be mutual bonuses in both of our lives, fucking hell. I didn't want to be with her to begin with and she knew it yet she used my mental weaknesses against me to get what she wanted.

now she wants to see my mother even though I don't want to show my mother anyone I don't plan to marry. I've really been thinking I must break up with her FAST or else I'll regret it.
the problem now is that I don't have any more build up to break up, she's out for 2 days and when she'll get back if I just break up out of the blue because I'm not feeling well with her around anymore I'm pretty sure she'll get fucking crazy. I can't break up with text messages either since she's got stuff she needs to get from my bedroom, fucking hell

>> No.20398000

If I can be a mediocrity, that would be an improvement.

>> No.20398001

You dont already have a gun? Are you fucking serious?

>> No.20398002

I don't. Anyways, relax I'm going to get one and mentally prepare to eat people, as they say, just go for the thighs and forget about the rest.

>> No.20398005

Yeah well I'd hate myself if I were from New Jersey too

>> No.20398014

What state are you in? If you're in a based state get a basic bushmaster AR. If you're in a gay state get a Mini14. As handguns go, I like CZs, but Glocks are cheaper.
I also got a semi auto shotgun which is cool.

>> No.20398019

Just a revolver and shotguns for me, AR? Hah, no way too hard to get.

>> No.20398033

I think you need a closer reading/study of the authors' prose you are trying to imitate. I suggest starting with Notes from the Underground.

>> No.20398048

Rage of a teenage loser who refuses to see that the problem is that he needs to change himself.

>> No.20398049

what do you guys do here exactly?
Talk about what you're writing?

>> No.20398057

Are you not american?

>> No.20398061

i didn't understand anything
captcha : SP0TS

>> No.20398119

This is my blog

>> No.20398162

Does it mean something that I recently inquired about the best books of Mishima, received many recommendations of The Sea of Fertility with an emphasis on Spring Snow, and today it snowed after a week of 80+ degree weather?

>> No.20398183

I keep thinking about how shitty my "college experience" was. My first year in the dorms was a fucking nightmare. And all the fucking time i see on tv or in movies the going away to college trope. Or otherwise I see people a few years younger than me having the time of their lives. And I just rage. I rage at my lost experience. I rage at my wasted years. I desperately want to make up for it but I know now I'm too old to be acting like a teenager. I hate the feeling of helplessness. That feeling of being trapped. Caged by time. I'm pissed.

>> No.20398198

Hatred, at least true and actual hatred, is very similar to infatuation. I can't stop thinking about the person I hate, I feel myself flush, my heart beat faster, I see and hear hints of him everywhere. I dream about him. I'm obsessed and wonder if he thinks of me as much as I think of him. He knows how I feel, does he feel the same?

I've heard women who give birth say that the birthing pains felt like reverse orgasms, similar in build up and duration but instead of pleasure it is pure pain. This is similar, I think.

>> No.20398234

Anons who read should ignore /pol/tards and retards

>> No.20398237

I report every offtopic thread I see

>> No.20398260

Why cry? Personally I envy that little guy.

>> No.20398263

The whole “books for …?” Is such a cop out. There should be certain topics that are straight up banned because they are never started in good faith, and if they are, they derail so fast

>> No.20398285

Anon. You can pack her shit up. If you're scared she'll get crazy, you absolutely should not let her back into your place. You can simply tell her over text that things aren't working out. You can meet over coffee in public where it's safe. Bring her shit if you can carry it. Or arrange a time when a friend is around for her to get her shit. Make sure you have witnesses anon. I had a gf hold a knife to my stomach and then tell the cops there was no knife. It's not easy for you to break up now, but it will be much more difficult later.

>> No.20398305

Definitely have a third party there. Keep conversation to a minimum. Tell her you’re done and that’s it. Don’t speak another word to her no matter what

>> No.20398354
File: 194 KB, 904x960, 275482849_10160188256895337_2508920969418715614_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My parents are going through a divorce and I'm just angry all the fucking time because I'm stuck living with them for the time being.
I just pulverized my poor innocent keyboard for no reason at all.
Any books that'll help me cope?
Any advice from anons that went through a similar situation?
pic completely unrelated

>> No.20398366

she does have some pretty enticing milkers not gonna lie

>> No.20398376

Weak, effeminate man here -- I'm quite happy. I live on gibs (your tax money). I just spent all day playing videogames, and I'm going to do the same tomorrow.

However, it's plain that modern Western society is destructive to more ambitious men. Consider that for most of history men were willing to fight to the death for their personal sense of honor. Now consider in modern times how many little indignities we put up with daily -- the rude welp at the store who knows you can't touch them, the obnoxious Karen whose husband protects her from well-deserved repercussions, the fact that you can't defend yourself from an attacker without getting tangled up with the law, the list goes on. To that old breed of hard men who were willing to risk physical safety to protect their dignity, things like this would be maddening to such a degree that one might grow out their hair and listen to heavy metal. Not that I would know, of course, because honor isn't something I possess.

>> No.20398380

As an Italian I'd strongly recommend you against moving to the fucking south, unless your plan is to never have children, in which case do whatever.
It's a poor and underdeveloped region, and whatever your notion of how idyllic life is in the sunny paradise of Sicily, let me tell you, it's probably very inaccurate.
Center nord regions are probably the best to move to, and I say this as a terrone.
If you want to live in Sicily just read Vitalino Brancati and live in it vicariously, much better that way.

>> No.20398382

The Smoggies intro song.

>> No.20398401

This makes me feel bad as I had a conversation with a family member yesterday where I brought up how soft I feel and one of my examples was that I find it very hard to argue a point because I get emotional and find that difficult to hide or control.

>> No.20398411
File: 492 KB, 355x205, 1437a0966148e7a1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20398414

If you're a girl, that's normal. My sister cries from the social pressure of getting in a heated argument. It's like she's not even sad, per se, she just tears up and gets this look like, "ah crap not again," and then waits for it to end.
If you're a guy, then well, that's unfortunate, but all you can do is play the hand you've been given. Try exposing yourself to those kinds of situations more often and acclimate yourself to it.

>> No.20398446

>food catastrophe coming
Neoliberalism/fascism have killed millions already. Now this looming disaster.

>> No.20398452

>Neoliberalism/fascism have killed millions
what do you mean by this?

>> No.20398457

watched the movie, was pretty good, amazing acting. is the book worth reading?

>> No.20398484

A back at ya reference to the “Marx/gommunism killed millions” meme.

>> No.20398535

I dislike that I procrastinate and I dislike that people close to me don’t see me as capable of being how I want to be and I dislike how behind them curve I am with how I want to be.

>> No.20398539

>your tax money
Jokes on you, I evade taxes

>> No.20398549

Same, I don't report individual posts to be a censoring fag but GAS ALL LOW EFFORT THREADS

>> No.20398553
File: 274 KB, 1000x355, ozzy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20398568

I vent my thoughts and hope for someone to notice me.

>> No.20398574

I get so mad when I see a random lewd pic on 4chin or my twitter feed
nice hips big milkers great I can't fuck that why should I live?????

>> No.20398575
File: 670 KB, 1140x1137, 1652203085675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20398595

I seriously doubt that people were less obsessed with sex than they are now. After reading ancient Arabic poetry, it looks like men's sexuality caused them as much angst as it did us modern men.

>> No.20398614
File: 233 KB, 1080x1533, hikikomori manifesto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There is a spectre haunting the globalised corporate world, the spectre of the hikikomori. Neo-fascists, neo-Luddites, social fascists, foolish conservatives, so-called democrats, and the pseudo-left have all united in an unholy alliance to exorcise this spectre. Instruments of power, from the bureaucracies of state and of the unions of wagecucks, to the nuclear elements of capitalism such as the family and marriage, have rallied to make a foray against this existential threat to the health of bloated corporate capitalism, a parasite surviving on the sustenance created by the extraction of labour value from the average wagie.
>But where is the party that unites all of the hikikomori against the tide of anti-NEET rhetoric and policy? What banner do these supposed wayward and alienated individuals rally under? The NEET does not accept the poverty and imprisonment of wage slavery. No matter where they live, nor what their skills or qualities, the noble NEET possesses the indefatigability and drive to throw a spanner in the works of the capitalist machine, this machine that only brings misery, scarcity, destruction, war, and poverty. NEETs of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your gaming hours!
>On the Capitalist Division of Labour and Anti-Work
>“For as soon as the distribution of labour comes into being, each man has a particular, exclusive sphere of activity, which is forced upon him and from which he cannot escape,” asserts the great Karl Marx, a hikikomori in all but his occasional journalism and study years, in The German Ideology. The wagie is, as Marx duly notes, “a hunter, a fisherman, a herdsman, or a critical critic, and must remain so if he does not want to lose his means of livelihood.”

>> No.20398618

>That is to say, he is a wage cuck. Where the hikikomori may differ from Marx’s analysis of the capitalist division of labour, however, is his insistence that only a communist society may have individuals, who do not work and who instead do as they please:
>while in communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but which can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticise after dinner, just as I have a mind, without even becoming hunter, fisherman, herdsman or critic.
>Herein lies the dreadful dragon of Hegelianism, the idea that one ought not be forced into any singular “sphere of activity” like a wagecuck; it is this godless, masterless serpent that so many philosophers and political leaders have desperately attempted to slay. This strange beast’s fiery breath has burnt a hole in the pockets of the fat cats and the corporate echelons of society, which have tried in vain to extinguish the flames; however, they have only felt its full fury and choked on the sulphurous smoke of a host of unwashed, unbroken NEETs. Despite the issues of Marx’s communist idealism, we must be satisfied with his diagnosis of capitalism as a society that compartmentalises the human and tries to dampen the Promethean spark. We, as hikikomorists, have decided that the NEET presents a problematising of capitalism within capitalism. Not only do NEETs create temporary autonomous zones (where spheres of activity can be taken up at any time or place, at any capacity or energy), they also drain resources from capitalism itself.

>> No.20398622

Yeah its a fantastic book

>> No.20398645

One of the best for sure. Another is the effect when a calamondin orange can be coaxed into flower indoors during the middle of winter, when snow restores intensity to the light. A single tiny blossom will noticeably perfume a whole room with a simple but heady sweetness memorable for its purity of effect, its almost complete one-note absence of undertones, like that of a bell pitched too high to locate, or a blue-white star that made its presence felt without being seen, a ring of bright feeling almost indistinguishable from the sense that provoked it. A typical contrast is how raunchy or dank petunias are under the similar conditions, and border on foul.
When The Economist has an article about a coming scarcity crisis, it means that they think it's overdue for players in the relevant industry to collude and cause one, to pump up return on equity.

>> No.20398681

I wanna run away

>> No.20398683

You should read houellebecq, anon
I felt your hate and I don't know where you live but here the only people who enjoy college are humanities and sports major and they either end up as teachers or unemployed after graduation while everyone else gets a job. most people I know here in STEM are depressed and spent more than half the year in their bedroom studying hard and only sometimes getting out (after exams)

>> No.20398687

I bought H leads for my mechanical pencil because I find HB too soft, but H are way too hard, I'll have to throw them out. F would be perfect, but I have literally never seen F leads for sale anywhere. I guess I'll check Amazon or some other shit like that.

>> No.20398704


>> No.20398706

this place

>> No.20398790

To where?

>> No.20398809


>> No.20398817

Like uuuuh Reddit or Resetera? Or maybe the comments section of YouTube?

>> No.20398825

It's time I make a playlist.

>> No.20398828

I meant my town

>> No.20398834

No sorry but you clearly meant from 4channel.

>> No.20398836

I wish I was a person of perfect moral character, or maybe that there was such a person out there today who I could follow. We are trapped because no such person exists, trapped in that we have no perfect political movement worth following. Someone might have good ideas for the economy but they are a coomer, or someone might have great ideas for the environment while being racist. There is no one perfect, and instead we are all imperfect people trying to make do with what we are.

>> No.20398840

I pick the red headed mutt and save her from disgraceful company.

>> No.20398850
File: 27 KB, 680x454, trumpy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>doesn't drink
>doesn't smoke
>5 kids, all doing well despite larcenous wives abandoning the family
>sacrificed wealth and wellbeing to save his nation
Sometimes, the answer is right in front of you

>> No.20398865

imagine the smell

>> No.20398873

I bought a small piece of Acasta Gneiss and I'm so excited to receive it you lads don't have any idea how.

>> No.20398876

Good show.
Best pick a direction.

>> No.20398887

>Best pick a direction.
Better not pick any; space is fake. You'll wander forever and not find anything!

>> No.20398890

congratulations on realizing what every other person realizes at age 10

>> No.20398895

Organisms are a class of dissipative structure. A world burns with life and then is extinguished. It happens in the blink of an eye. What's a few billion years compared to infinity?

>> No.20398905

He's saying there is no one today worthy enough to follow. He's not saying we're all flawed by definition, but that there isn't anyone worth admiring and that we're lost because of it.

>> No.20398911

The fungi and the cephalopod both sing this dirge

>> No.20398970

Which of his works should I read?

>> No.20398978
File: 70 KB, 685x1024, jesus-christ-best-quotes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>or maybe that there was such a person out there today who I could follow

>> No.20399007

why isn't he a sandnigger lmao

>> No.20399075

>now I have to spend all my money before it is eaten up by time
I kinnae be ARSED

>> No.20399105
File: 121 KB, 800x800, 1638182081234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, that's poet's narcissus you fucking pleb.

>> No.20399116

I'm not convinced
>Lily-of-the-Valley, or Muguet in French, has an aldehydic, green, creamy floral scent with hints of spiciness. It has been a favored scent in perfumery because of its intense aroma that captivates and lingers
>The Pheasant’s Eye Narcissus (a.k.a. Poet’s Narcissus, or Narcissus poeticus) is native to Europe, and growers cultivate it in the Netherlands and the Grasse area of France, extracting an oil which smells like a blend of jasmine and hyacinth

>> No.20399120

wdym? He looks Italian.

>> No.20399122

Lol, Janny censored my thread asking for book recs. It's ironic that we have these little stalinist censorship lovers on this very board.

>> No.20399130

The smell of poet's narcissus is something that has enchanted me as a child. I've always associated it with cinnamon myself, though that was probably because as a six year old I didn't have enough context to be more precise. So I think there must be something of spiciness in there also, at least in some strains. Also Jasmin is an absolute top-tier scent. Best incense by far.

>> No.20399136

Seems like a good metaphor for life

>> No.20399137

love to see poltards seething

>> No.20399145

it's one of those "I can't believe she's gone" days. I was distracted from this overarching narrative for six months or so. apparently this has not helped with the root problem. she will not be coming back. it's weird how when you look at something from one angle (is this person -really- perfect for me?) it looks one way, whereas if you look at it from another angle (if we are not together then I will probably never see her again) it looks radically different.

>> No.20399151

>sees the word stalinist
>woah, must be a politically educated person to make use of such opaque terminology

>> No.20399156

all I've been thinking since the last crash is to buy gold and stick it in some bank box if they'll let me. but then when I need money I need to find a fucking gold-buyer. maybe there's a brokerage but then there's a fee and obviously they'll fuck me and what do I even really base this on? I've just gotten an impression that this is what you do in a recession.
>why are you sharing this advice
I don't know man fuck.

>> No.20399161

"plz rec book" threads are garbage. learn how to research on your own.

>> No.20399167

you know what else sucks? COMMUNISM

>> No.20399168

Buy bullets and canned food instead

>> No.20399169

link your thread

>> No.20399170

>canned food
shit I probably will

>> No.20399171

>literature board

>> No.20399179

Dont forget the bullets. How else will you defend your can kingdom?

>> No.20399181

>goes on a literature board
>doesn't even know about books
look at this dude

>> No.20399183

if you're unable to conduct your own research you should get another hobby. maybe go back to vidya. but i suspect your "books for…" thread was just badly disguised bait

>> No.20399188

I asked for something much more specific and obscure. I think the janny was maybe triggered by seeing the word Japanese. Guess I have to make threads to appeal to their interests to not get deleted.

>> No.20399196

>Reddit philosophers
Early Wittgenstein

>4channel philosophers
La Rochefoucald
Late Wittgenstein

>> No.20399200

>goes on literature forum to ask about books
>heh what are you some kind of pleb?

>> No.20399202

>>20396645 this you? lmao

>> No.20399206

unironically yes. die mad biatch

>> No.20399213

Yeah I figured you don't read

>> No.20399225

big words coming from a guy asking for anime books

>> No.20399234

Yes. I have also very probably read way more classical literature than you. Maybe not jump to the most superficial conclusions? Might come in handy at some point in your life

>> No.20399235

If you actually read you would know that those are not big words

>> No.20399236

i'm going to start just assaulting people who disagree with me

>> No.20399249

Question for resident sex-havers: do women fart around you?

>> No.20399259


>> No.20399277

Yes, precisely. Stop asking stupid questions that could be better answered elsewhere. Start reading books and discussing them, share your fave passages, etc.
The more obscure the question, the less use it is asking here. You already have access to search engines and the archive.

>> No.20399299

Introduction to Magic Volume 1, Knowledge of the Waters by Abraxas.

>> No.20399314
File: 73 KB, 667x667, 1650676705459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20399367

is it really?

>> No.20399374

Many teenage trad cath larpers post here, so yes.

>> No.20399450

Where do you draw a line between larp and non-larp?

>> No.20399456
File: 29 KB, 741x568, 1601587431972.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>jannies delete the creationist lit thread

>> No.20399457

He doesn't. Larp is used as a derogatory term not a descriptive term.

>> No.20399458

Those threads are dog whistles. I think there is a difference in asking about books or writers in a similar style to another. Almost all the Books About threads are the former what I’ve seen and should be deleted.

>> No.20399465

I understand the question remains the same - where do you draw a line between larp and non-larp behavior when it comes to being catholic?

>> No.20399467

On whether you have faith or not

>> No.20399468

Anon - is fucked - in libraries -
And mountains - sits alone -
And all the while he asks himself -
Why not just sit at home?

And when at home - he stays up late -
With waifu fantasies
Of bbc and cuckolding
That permeate his dreams -

Small talk seems a mile away -
And conversation looks
Like a fenced off - made up - fairy tale
He's read about - in books.

>> No.20399473

I will grant them non-LARP status if they are actually a practicing member of the Catholic Church and do not behave in a hateful, provocative manner toward other Christians.

>> No.20399489

I'd pick the mutt and save her from
Disgraceful company -
I'd lock her in my basement and
We'd live in harmony -

I'd chain her up - I'd fuck her till
Her cunt began to bleed -
Until that ginger mutt thanked me for
The gift of my white seed.

>> No.20399496

If they practice what they preach, and go to church. A true ascetic should not be on 4chan and if they are, should be able to scroll past posts they disagree with, without incendiary comments. Ultimately they know who they are truly. One has faith, the other hides under the cloak of Christianity to explain their social flaws, and because it is the antithesis of what they hate. It’s easy to tell

>> No.20399500

Was it offtopic?

>> No.20399504
File: 326 KB, 2000x362, 33.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not at all >>https://warosu.org/lit/thread/S20396811

It's simply a case of jannies deleting what they don't like.

>> No.20399519

That's annoying. Such people should probably go to reddit. There it's perfectly normal to censor opinions you disagree with.

>> No.20399521
File: 111 KB, 1280x720, 1A2CE2F8-DB32-42D5-854D-9FBD63EA7798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m actually paralyzed by how lazy and dumb I am. Most of yesterday was spent in bed, staring at the ceiling. I’ve spent my entire life wanting to be creative though i haven’t had any creative drive since highschool. I have nothing but time and money now and even after swapping drink and dank with nicotine and caffeine, I cannot bring myself to put any effort towards anything. I’ve never been an active reader so literature is probably a pretentious delusion. Too dumb for music and uninterested in the gadgetry collecting that and digital art would require. Game design has the same gearfag issue but with the added burden of it being fucking videogames. I barely play them without cheating and don’t care about them enough to make any serious formal contributions. The idea of toiling away at a one man toy factory to build some incidental container for an uncultivated worldview. If I wanted to be a propagandist, I’d just make YouTube videos.

>> No.20399529

>swapping drink and dank with nicotine and caffeine
fried dopamine receptors

>> No.20399530

Why does this girl look so familiar? Have I seen her somewhere? Hmm...

>> No.20399532
File: 13 KB, 248x203, lmao lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My despair and anxiety became unbearable. I finally caved in and went to the emergency room. The doctor told me:
>it's not going to help if you stay in your dark room crying under the blanket, buy a cheap car and travel Europe and go to bars to meet new people

Gee, thanks doc. Like i haven't already thought and tried every tip and trick and meme advice under the sun in order to make my situation better and try to build a future of some sorts. When you have been an outsider for all your life and don't even feel like a human anymore, traveling into the vast unknown and leaving family and few friends behind seems like a perfect and reasonable idea.
I thought you only get advice like that from fucking 9gag.

>> No.20399534

I scrolled past that thread and I could tell by the number of replies that it was a battleground

>> No.20399536

>it was a battleground
So it had to be deleted because there were conflicting world views?

>> No.20399537

1. Be yourself
2. Have sex
3. Get a hobby
Simple as

>> No.20399541

Yes. The arguments weren’t in good faith and just retards screeching at each other

>> No.20399554

Steps 1. and 3. done.

>> No.20399556

That's literally every thread. If you can delete based on that, all threads should be deleted. Why aren't they? Because only the ones jannies don't like get deleted. Your criterion is broken.

>> No.20399564

I agree that a lot of threads are off topic and should be deleted but the “but they were doing it, too!” is a lame reason why it should stay. There are better sites if you want to discuss creationism I’m sure. Unsure what you expected to get here besides starting a flame war. And if you didn’t expect that, now you know for the future

>> No.20399565

give me chastity and continence, but not yet

>> No.20399570

I don't think there are any tricks. You have to actively reprogram your mind. That's how behavioral therapy works. You slowly expose yourself to whatever causes the anxiety and let your mind adapt.

>> No.20399606

Philosophy should only be allowed on /lit if you quote a passage from a book you want to discuss and why you want to discuss it. Religion should have its own board. Topics about race and women shouldn’t be allowed because they can’t be discussed civilly here. Political posters should be banned. There is a board for that and it’s clear no one can discuss them civilly either

>> No.20399622

>I agree that a lot of threads are off topic and should be deleted but the “but they were doing it, too!” is a lame reason why it should stay.
Not what I said
>There are better sites if you want to discuss creationism I’m sure.
>Unsure what you expected to get here besides starting a flame war. And if you didn’t expect that, now you know for the future
Everything can start a flamewar

You have no arguments to stand on. If you delete based on whether it can start a flamewar, this leads to deleting every thread, which is self-defeating.

>> No.20399624

Observations from a club.
My friends brought along a new girl with them. She was... moving, I suppose. Just barely dancing. From time to time her face would lit up in a smile when approached by someone but otherwise I could discern no emotion. Only in her lapis blue eyes, when lit by the beams of the projectors, I did see the fires that the alcohol had ignited within. Two bright white stars on blue skies in the early dawn, promises of light. And from them alone my imagination constructed ideal beauty to feed my soul for the night in that dark underground.
Sometimes I feel like quite a few people, from among my friends and some who I spot standing around, do not really enjoy being there. Because they look cold and tired like that girl and they are always nervously looking around. Almost certainly projection mixed up with a bit of guilt. A lot of the time there I feel like I am just an imitator, trying to deceive everyone that I love doing this, myself included. Yet, I keep feeding that little hope that I will eventually meet someone like me there. And I will become their friend and they - my salvation from this absurd facade.

>> No.20399632

Then why are you mentioning other threads? You can find what you’re looking for with a google search. This board has gone to shit recently because of people like you who want to discuss general topics instead of specific books or writers. You have no conception of nuance if you think every thread can start a flame war

>> No.20399635

>Then why are you mentioning other threads?
To show you the argument is self-defeating.
>You can find what you’re looking for with a google search.
> This board has gone to shit recently because of people like you who want to discuss general topics instead of specific books or writers.
Aimless ranting
>You have no conception of nuance if you think every thread can start a flame war
Refute it or stop posting

>> No.20399637

Ok. You do you. I’m not gonna argue.

>> No.20399649

If reality is deterministic, then God is all-powerful. If reality is probabilistic, then God is completely powerless.

>> No.20399712

Whether reality is deterministic is meaningless* and you have no way to know whether a god exists or not.

*If it's deterministic what are you going to do differently? Nothing, because you have no control over it to begin with.

>> No.20399721

Not if God created probability.

>> No.20399724

half of you worship devils and the rest have no gods at all

>> No.20399756

I do believe in Christian God.
even if I have problem with faith

>> No.20399761

Man who grew out his hair and listens to heavy metal here - can confirm that the law sees you as a perpetrator just as much as the attacker if you defend yourself

>> No.20399764

Created. Past tense. Assuming God exists, and even assuming he created the universe and the rules it follows, if reality is probabilistic then God gave up his power in the process.

>> No.20399773

death to christcucks

>> No.20399782

Non-larps are active members of their church and community and embody the ideals that their scripture suggests that they follow without being inflammatory to others that disagree with them. Makes an effort to be the most Christ-like they can with their human form.

The larpers are reactionary converts that became Catholic because it's what their political opponents hate, or that they are former Facebook "goober-bashing" pagan tryhards who lost the pissing contest but wanted to remain religious because it's #based and trad. Uses their "faith" mostly as an excuse to hate others they disagree with and treat them like shit, and are often incredibly self-righteous. They'll soon be mocked just like the neo-pagans were and jump to some other tradition and graft it onto their personality

>> No.20399810
File: 85 KB, 754x1158, 1651436230862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was at lake Como a few days ago, pretty nice but I wouldn't want to live there. For me it's Bavaria, now that's truly sublime

>> No.20399894 [DELETED] 

i started reading joseph and his brothers for the summer, and it's fuckin dank af so far, love it mane, but im thinking of switching to infinite jest so that i can bullshit about it with u dudes, since like 5 people have read joseph while ij is a "national bestseller"

>> No.20399907

You already posted this. It’s wrong.

>> No.20399911

big dicks will rule the world

>> No.20399932

drinking again

>> No.20399937

what exactly

>> No.20399945


>> No.20399953

All these niggas want to be famous, gifted, adored, remembered, and envied but nobody wants to put in the work.

>> No.20399959

true dat. why bother putting effort?

>> No.20399963

errybody wanna be big but dont nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight!

>> No.20399974
File: 964 KB, 688x564, 1652069487513.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bye bye scomo :)

>> No.20400134

I went through it when I was eight. My mother and father argued all the time. My mother screamed and cried and attacked both my father and us. Then my mother kidnapped my sister and disappeared for two years. The home I grew up in was sold to pay off lawyers. One day I got ready for school and there was my mother who dropped my sister off before fucking off again. Things are bad for you right now anon. If you're lucky, they'll get better. Only advice I have is to appreciate what you do have. If you're in school, do not drop out. Things can get so much worse than you imagine if you let yourself get sucked into the trauma your parents are putting you through.

>> No.20400138

reality is probabilistic that much we know

>> No.20400341

Please delete this

>> No.20400365

I found my roommate's cat sleeping on my eReader lol silly guy he doesnt even read he's a cat!!! Haha

>> No.20400370

you WILL do the power cleans

>> No.20400371

he made love to it

>> No.20400383

So tbe beers I was drinking last night are 150 calories each. I had about ten of them. Fuck

>> No.20400390

Bulking on GOBAD I see

>> No.20400394

im going to make love to you

>> No.20400401

> want to be seen as a chill person
> coffee makes me not chill
> addicted to coffee

>> No.20400402

The only thing i believe in is human misery.

>> No.20400403

fuck me. I NEED to lose some weigh yet I binging on beer.

>> No.20400425


i like how you write

>> No.20400437

drink 4L each day until you are no longer affected by the caffeine

>> No.20400444
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>thinking about all the autistic foolishness i did just before the time when it became normal to be terminally online and broadcast all your retardation to everybody 24/7 in a way that can never be erased

>> No.20400468


>> No.20400527

what philosophy helps you overcome the reddit 4chan dichotomy

>> No.20400536

why are they flying like birds

>> No.20400552

everyone is always worried about their butthole but imagine how well massaged your prostrate will feel

>> No.20400563


>> No.20400571 [DELETED] 

bro for real, i know there is video of me at various protest and communist organizations, but it's not online maybe not even digital and even if it were no one gets fired or cancelled for being communist since communism is just the advance guard of capital as we can see in china and other countries that went from agriculture to communism to free market.

>> No.20400620

That’s the thing. I actually drink a lot, because I’m addicted and that seems to be how addiction worked but even a small amount effects me a lot.

>> No.20400621

Isn't communism rewarded in the US?

>> No.20400623

>tfw can't control my ~2 yr old teenage cat who wants to stay out all night

>> No.20400633

Does anyone else get this feeling of impending doom and intense fear whenever you sincerely commit to writing?

I'm not sure if this is mental illness or what. I keep getting these vaguely paranoid thoughts about being watched by some ghost, or a some hypothetical entity who judges my writing negatively

>> No.20400641

We're both boys, anon...

>> No.20400643

>Do I contradict myself?
>Very well then I contradict myself,
>(I am large, I contain multitudes.)
Why does this sound so based?

>> No.20400653

It sounds like a cringe quote from dorian gay

>> No.20400661
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I do calisthenics in a park and sometimes people come near and start talking to me. It's weird at first but I've gotten good at talking to strangers (I think). It's mostly old men walking their dogs and talking about the weather. Kinda wholesome if you think about it.

>> No.20400700

Deterministic looking back
probabilistic looking forward

>> No.20400708


>> No.20400713

sounds like Pessoa

>> No.20400714

It sounds like a transcendentalist

>> No.20400728


>> No.20400738

no but i do get it doing this other thing related to my career in which i failed miserably
the hypothetical entity is an amalgam of every negative person in my life
it keeps me from starting over i might be a perma failure at this point lol

>> No.20400773

sounds like the pre-fight monologue of some boss in a japanese video game

>> No.20400784

>Whether reality is deterministic is meaningless*
>*If it's deterministic what are you going to do differently? Nothing, because you have no control over it to begin with.
This really does shut down the whole debate.

>> No.20400800

Alright bros Im gonna go to a bookstore to meet women today. Should I go to Vromans or Barnes and Noble

>> No.20400814

Determinism is literally just belief in God anyway. Predeterminists had a much better argument too.

>> No.20400819

Go to an abortion clinic, much easier to pick up women.

>> No.20400821

It's all the same shit. Whether anything is determined is completely irrelevant to anything. Whether you agree or disagree with it is determined. Whether you act differently because of it is determined. Literally does not matter at all.

>> No.20400823

go to bluestockings

>> No.20400847

I'm not arguing against that point, I'm just saying if someone actually believes the Determinist ideology they are signing up for a religion.

>> No.20400848

Doesnt exist here

>> No.20400852

Go to skylight or that one used book shop in Pasadena. Maybe the last bookstore if you want to be a basic bitch.

>> No.20400908

Thanks for the rec. If you see me lurking the bookstore plz dont approach me or take pictures

>> No.20400940

>I actually drink a lot
is it 4L each day?

>> No.20400972


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