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>translator doesn't speak the language he's translating from

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This is an interesting phenomenon with regard to old poetry. I'm not convinced it is bad for a real poet to read several different translations and make their own, for example. S/he can get a wide sampling of the meaning meant to be conveyed and then fashion the stanzas according to the original prosody.

I guess that's a long way of saying I'd rather an informed poet than an unpoetic translator when it comes to ancient poetry.

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I have translated 100+ books from various languages, none of which I speak, into my own language. I use online dictionaries and translators then rewrite sentences to my own taste. I can make a decent living from this, although I work part-time in an office to ensure a stable income. Two years ago, I was nominated for a translation prize.

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based if true.

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A guy from Argentina, who doesn't speak English, translated Ulysses with a dictionary

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Me with Goethe right now. I preserve the Germaness of it pretty well I think.

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>translator doesn't speak the language he's translating from
>he also doesn't speak the language he's translating into

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>translator is a box making beep-boop noises

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It seems like translating from a language you don't speak with a dictionary would be way harder than translating if you actually knew the language.

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> translated Ulysses with a dictionary
That doesn't make any sense the novelty of Ulysses is that it plays around with the English language and its incorporation of Irish slang. A one to one translation to any other language would be pointless and shit.

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who cares what language the translator can or cannot speak. What matters is what language they can write. idiot post

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Made me think of this lol

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>Consulting the Septuagint to help with your Aesop translation is going to far
>Proceed to write a page long "footnote" autistically discussing the difference between trees and logs and how the Bible translators missed that the sign is a subtle joke.

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true soul of an artist

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How do you publish your translations?

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...I don't get the joke.

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What's the joke? Is it that log can also mean turd?

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I mainly translate lesser works of famous authors or forgotten/overlooked classics from world literature that either haven’t been translated yet, have been unavailable in translation for a long time or haven’t been widely read, so as not to draw too much attention. I mainly sell them to smaller, more ‘literary’ publishers (in my country this distinction is more pronounced than in the US/UK, so it seems anyway) that have a small but dedicated readership, who sell them in small print runs. Whenever anyone asks I say that I’m self taught in most of my languages. There have been numerous occasions where I almost got sussed out, in fact I’m fairly sure some of the people I deal with know, but I guess they either assume that I can understand and read the language but not speak it or they simply don’t care enough to confront me. Although I tend to avoid certain languages now as a result of the aforementioned.

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>Science popularizer does not understand the basics of math and science
Yep that's going in my cargo cult collection

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