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cant find any material for such stuff, only research papers that are just as dense

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This looks like it's from Quantum Fields and Strings vol.1 exercises at the end of the book? So probably that if you haven't been reading it already. Also this belongs on /sci/

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Lang math

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If this is Lang then I will kill my professor

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Shalom, Witten-shill! How's your Sabbath going?

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Physisicts are so cringe always trying to make up words and trying to combine it with proper math

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Personally I like learning about obscure math through dense wikipedia articles. Really makes me feel like im slicing my way through a jungle of schizobabble

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What a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

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Start with addition.

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I know how to do long division, if you know what I mean.

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Anon; please make it easier for yourself and use stuff that’s dumbed down to help people like you to help climb up to their level and get on the same page. It’s not hard to learn how to read and write.

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Math has been a brick wall for a long time