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I jerk off to extreme femdom and maledom where I am the subject of the abuse. Cuckoldry, humiliation, degradation, torture, abuse, snuffing and suicide. I cut myself for women and trannies on discord. My extreme masochism, 4chan and porn have ruined me. For 5 years I have tried to stop and cure myself of my addiction, since the first time I masturbated to cuck porn, but I haven't succeeded. I don't have any other fixable problems in life. I have a loving family, girlfriend and friends, and I apologize to them all for my condition and my coldness. I got to 1/2/3/4, go on NoFap every other week, sun my balls and take cold showers. And yet, my ugly self can't stop.
This has started to seep into my real life persona. I was always a shut in but it has gotten to the point where I can't look people in the eyes at all. I don't consider myself worthy of a womans love, but I am not pretty enough to become gay. I'll never confess to anyone in real life because I don't want to hurt them, aside from my trust issues. Every other guy mogs me with the pure fact of just not being like me. I have failed religion and God, and I have failed my community, the local and the global. I don't know what else is there to do nor how long I will last. This shallow attempt to communicate my pain to this void means nothing.

Books for this feel?

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Just rope yourself, wastrel.

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You're a narcissist and you need to get over yourself. Try going for a 30 kilometre run.

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You clearly hate yourself.
You should try to make a list of things you like about yourself, also, spend a lot of alone time in nature, without distractions, and think about why you are so depraved.
There's always a way to fix oneself, anon.

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God allows you to fall into these sins to prevent you from falling into a worse sin: Pride.

Because you have completely and utterly failed to do anything by your own power, you have the opportunity to admit that, to get out of your situation, you need a miracle.

To get a miracle, you must humble yourself and pray sincerely to God.

Pic is book related for your feel. God bless you, Anon.

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You're simply going to have to accept who you are. Trying to change what you're aroused by is no different than trying to pray the gay away. You are naturally attracted to the taboo and there's nothing you can do to change it.

Telling you not to do any of these things will only increase your desire to do them. I have the same brain, I know what you're going through.

You are a degenerate. An extreme once. Embrace it.

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Fuck off. I was in both OPs and your position, wacking off to the same degenerate garbage in amphetamine-fuelled benders for years.

Slowly, by the grace of God, I've weaned off of the most disgusting shit and I'm progressively losing my taste for it, and being disgusted by it again. With time, God will help me get over the passion entirely.

P.S. If you're an evolutionist and you believe that there's just raw matter and social constructs, and all these taboos are social constructs, then it is literally impossible in your own worldview to be "naturally attracted" to taboos. It's a massive, internally contradictory and unjustifiable cope to justify your addiction that you are too much of a pussy to try to fight against.

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The internet is what creates losers like you (and me). Get off the internet, really, turn it off, just imagine where all of those otaku weirdos, discord lefty trannies, twitter users, onions guzzling redditors, 4chan /pol/tards, porn addicts, and narcissistic tik tok zoomers would be if it wasn't for the internet disgusting reach on the youth, it's a multiplier of sins. Just like them, your porn addiction is a direct product of the internet, take it away and become an actual human.

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Digibro posted this yesterday:

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