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What books should I read to understand what good, solid proses is?

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>You got scammed, get over it
Would they say the same if someone got raped?

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Idk but I would

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Tolstoy and Nabokov are at the absolute top. Peake (Gormenghast trilogy) and McCarthy are up there too. But it's more important to read a wide range of authors all with good prose in than just the few best guys. Especially for becoming aware of prose with clear unique styles like Hemingway's. But you can pretty much just pick any of the commonly listed top authors--Fitzgerald, Henry James, Steinbeck, Conrad, Melville, even Tolkien--and once you've read enough you'll be able to clearly see the difference between their work and Sandershit or Stephen King.

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Prose is a meme.

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The ten books McCarthy's published should be a sufficient curriculum in themselves

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Read Nabokov. The prose is exemplary but more importantly he's a good reminder to "write what you know"

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>he's a good reminder to "write what you know"
What do you mean?

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>Baby's first creative writing lesson

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I looked it up. It looks like he's being ironic and implying that the game Cube World is a scam.

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People said that for a while because the devs just went silent for years. I think eventually they did come back though

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That's my point: He never "did the deed", as far as I know, in order to write that book. So, again, what do you mean?

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