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>Order a used book
>Comes covered in mug stains

>> No.20367669

When you think about it, mug stains are the least offensive kind of stains.

>> No.20367671

less offensive than gum stains?

>> No.20367696

Happened to me. Get a baby wipe and lightly rub. Works a charm everytime. I've had second hand books go from 'used' or 'acceptable' to 'very good' just from this method alone.

>> No.20367713

Gum as in chewing gum or some toothless grandpa confusing his books for a sandwich?

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It could be worse

>> No.20368011

I bet this was a real knee-slapper when it was in your head.

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>order a used copy of Nabakov's Speak Memory
>inside there are someone's family photographs used as bookmarks

>> No.20368209

I thought it was funny

>> No.20368840

I gave a chuckle

>> No.20368888

amazon hate thread?

>> No.20368952

Yeah, better than that booger you find on page 54. Or that unidentified stain that appears to be some kind of dried blood.

>> No.20368956

What do people expect? This is like buying used Playboy.

>> No.20368959

One day I will manipulate my children into setting this joke up so I can deliver that punchline. It was great.

>> No.20368961

My favorite is when the used book has an inscription like "To Jim from Doris, '77" and clearly only the first chapter was ever read.

>> No.20369865

What a weak load.

>> No.20369977

How much do you guys pay for these?

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>buy used book
>has complex notes written inside
>last reader was smarter

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Post picture.

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