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am i obligated to read the great gatsby in order to call myself well read?

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No, but you can always do it if you want to.

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this cat has huge ears lol

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It's their best spy, nothing ever goes past him.

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good, because i find it incredibly stale so far, especially the prose

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No, read The Count of Monte Cristo instead

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The first two chapters are pretty shit and tedious. It starts to pick up in chapter 3, but it’s not the greatest as a whole and even after a recent reread last year I’m still not sure why it’s so well regarded.

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You can call yourself well-read without having read anything at all. That's what most people on /lit/ do.

You can even BE well-read without having read TGG. (As an extreme example, consider a person who's read every book ever written, except TGG. Would we call him well-read. Yes, surely.)

However, I doubt it's possible to be well-read if you find TGG "incredibly stale".

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Novels don't count as reading and neither does the 20th century

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maybe it's because im coming off the blood meridian that everything now reads like a fifth graders creative writing assignment

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You sound like your IQ is in the double digits. 110 *maximum* but there'll still always be something very retarded about any of the thoughts you'll ever have.

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It is the sign of an amateur reader to be fooled by wild effects and miss the subtler prose effects that are the real indicators of a mature artist. McCarthy is a great writer but going by your comment you have no idea why he is better than most others writing in that Southern Gothic style. Fitzgerald has as sharp a prose sense as McCarthy, just that he is working in a different, less showy form (Blood Meridian is nowhere near McCarthy's best too). I can just turn to the first few paragraphs of Gatsby and see:

"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees—just as things grow in fast movies—I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer."

Here, everything contributes to form. Even the more invisible words like 'with' and 'the' add to consonance. The alliteration is not overdone and rings perfectly in the mind. Only those who practice for ages and have the talent can achieve such balance. Grow a bit more and maybe you'll start to make these distinctions and not be wowed by every explosive prose trick that veers your way.

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Only normie faggots would judge you for having not read it, since it's one of the couple of books most of them have read (if they took anything above basic English classes in HS)

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I thought you said "great catsby" frfr no cap.

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Yes, this is /lit/ after all.

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No, the movie with leo dicaprio was better.

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They don't deserve to consider me.
Let the billions perform.

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