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He is right though.

The only problem remains that unlike with Kant, Hegel or what not you cant talk to philistines about Freud, because even if his analysis is undoubtedly true they will revolt in anger when told they struggle to know what they actually want while still doing things they dont know what for and that it is all sex in its most unconscious manner.

Its even worse with Lacan.

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He's right.

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wrong, retard

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Hes literally right tho lmao. Everything goes back to sex, and sex is the motivator of everything.
Carl Jung couldnt believe this, so he went schizophrenic trying to prove Freud wrong.

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both freud and jung were right, their petty squabble ruined psychology forever and now it's just a tool for the jews to push meth onto active kids who aren't getting any exercise

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>he doesn't know about beyond the pleasure principle

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Sex doesn't even exist dude. Even if it did, it wouldn't matter at all. They don't want you to know this 9/10 societies that have ever existed treated sex as peripheral.

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opinion invalidated

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>Sex doesn't even exist

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There is much more to life than the pleasure principal, but it also relates back to reproduction.
Everything goes back to reproduction, because without that there is no possible way we would be alive.

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Society is mentally ill tho. Humans are the only mentally ill animal because we are the only animal that tries to suppress its emotions.

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Well the very notion of this thing called 'emotion' is a social construct that originates in 18th century Western Europe so I'm going to wager that there is no such thing as emotion, good feelings being merely the necessary response to good circumstance and bad feelings the necessary response to lamentable circumstance. Instead there is only action which is based on want which is based on knowledge.

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Don't suppress them, transform the energy into something else that is useful to your existence.

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and its true. albeit he was probably a pedophile and did or at least wanted to fuck his daughter, sexual violence is infinitely more of an issue than any other socially constructed violence

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>want which is based on knowledge
*laughs in Foucaultian*

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um hello, based deartment?

absolutely btfo social constructs like emotions.

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Meant for >>20160665
Apologies, gents.

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>Symbolically holding his penis for the picture
What an absolute chad Freud was

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Imagine taking seriously someone that invented that bullshit call psychoanalysis to try and get rid of his own crippling drug addiction.

A fucking junkie preaching about muh sex, muh mommy and muh dicks.
>inb4 seething
No, just pure disgust. It's like seeing a cockroach on your bed or a dog turd on a beautiful beach.

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serious question, if dreams are wish fulfillment, and they're subconscious so there should be nothing to repress anything, why do dreams use veiled metaphors and shit? why aren't all dreams just explicit sex dreams?

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freud was the original munchausen by proxy groomer
>oh, little hans likes to sleep in your bed? on the same side as your wife? he's trans. you should consider castrating him lmao

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These people are Zombies. It’s ok to murder them. They themselves admit they have no subjectivity interiority, ergo no will, ergo are not protected by legal artifice.

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the word emotion is a social construct, but the feelings themselves are not a social construct.
Words are only meant to point at things.
A menu is not the same thing as the food it represents.

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I accept this as canon

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No it's a fucking book you retard, its the deeper level of Freud's discourse most people never read and most never understand, its the quintessential essay that defines Freud's psychology and probably one of his most important works. He literally refutes all religions I'm not even joking...

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NO, everything is milkies.

If you have a penis you get milkies.

read up fgt

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chill out its not even the real butters

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Freud is a hack

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>He is right though.
i smoke cigars....does that make me a faggot?

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we are ALL schizophrenics. Even in sexuality itself--it is never JUST sex. I.e., the biological intercourse between two people--it's a very psychological event in which there is an intermingling between the fantasy and the 'real'.

The 'real' however, cannot ever be recognized.

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still hasnt been refuted.

Name me ONE THING that isnt a penis.
pro tip: you cannot.

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it is no surprise he is jewish

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My dick

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Drives are an unintelligible concept. Not that Freud didn’t have other things going on

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A uterus

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How so?

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A dick is just a penis enpenised
A uterus is just a penis unpenised.

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I have fucked a couple hundred women in my life

Once you are able to attract women easily, every other aspect of life becomes optional. I'm almost 44 and yet still unable to describe the feeling of having "beat" the woman game. Right now I'm mooching off my baby's momma and fucked her pussy so hard tonight that we came at the same time and it felt so incredible, yet I'm so broke as I haven't followed the boomerist lifestyle choice of "buy properties" that everyone else is following.

I already have a child with the woman I fucked today, and the sex feels incredible, but the fact that I didn't secure a house in Canada prior to the insane immigration that has turned out country into a slave-state, it feels like I'm being oppressed for being chad.

The beta nerd with a dog and owning two houses is financially doing MUCH better than I am... until he's sucked in by some single mom who needs that sugar...

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this, boys, is the right way to live. Pay attention, there is nothing but the will to Power! Embrace Pleasure, embrace Violence, embrace Life! Don't fall for the wagey meme.

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Based and nigpilled

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At least buy some commodities stocks. Also any tips, Jason?

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>Sex doesn't even exist dude
I fucking knew it

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What communist isn't against the international banks?

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>communists support international bankers
How fucking out of touch must you be to think this

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>Everything goes back to sex, and sex is the motivator of everything
Nothing u said here is particular to Freud. It was known to philosophy before him. What Freud brought new were his neurotic theories of sexuality that people rightfully call rubbish.