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X-wings Edition

Previous Thread:>>20136179

>Recommended reading charts (Look here before asking for vague recs)



>A link to the ultimate colossal science fiction and fantasy collection torrent

Never going to be created.

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What are you guys currently or planning on reading?

I’ve just a read a few chapters of game of thrones and I have been captivated by it. So far, my favorite character P.O.V have been Ned, Sansa and Arya. They seem more fitting in a high fantasy series than the low-fantasy they’re in. And it’s wonderful. Also, Sansa pov is especially great with how much in denial she’s in early on with Joffrey’s behavior. Tyrion’s was okay, same goes for Jon. I dislike Catelyn’s chapters, due to her lack of long term planning

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The Blond Beast comes marching
Brown peasants begin cowering
Blond Beast dominates the crowd
With a shout so fierce and loud

Simple as.

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Pretty much the only /sffg recommendation worth reading.
You are welcome.

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And lastly for this month, shall it be a single book for the month of a different featured book each week? This is a trial run for something later in the year. If one book is chosen, then I'll pick the book. In the event of 0 votes, I'll just choose.

Vote here:

The Worm Ouroboros by E. R. Eddison
The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters
A Call To Arms by Alan Dean Foster
Book of Disappearance by Ibtisam Azem (due to a lack of 4th book, as chosen by someone in a thread in the GR group)

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I am forgotten :(

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And lastly for this month, shall it be a single book for the month of a different featured book each week? This is a trial run for something later in the year. If one book is chosen, then I'll pick the book. In the event of 0 votes, I'll just choose.

Vote here:

The Worm Ouroboros by E. R. Eddison
The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters
A Call To Arms by Alan Dean Foster
Book of Disappearance by Ibtisam Azem (due to a lack of 4th book, as chosen by someone in a thread in the GR group)

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Is this the decoy thread?

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Author Brandon Sanderson backs every single SFW publishing project, 316, on Kickstarter

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Enjoy it bro. I'm reading Sword of the Lictor. It's so good.

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Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon. I attempted it before and dropped it halfway but I'm liking it more this time. Before this I read John Crowley's Little, Big

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What sets /sffg/ back from other forms of fiction or even nonfiction, if anything? Is the prejudice against it warranted?

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>Is the prejudice against it warranted?

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The quality? Read a great literary work sandwiched between two fantasy stories and you' answer your own question. There's a reason why the highest praise that can be given to a fantasy author like Gene Wolfe is that he's 'like Melville' because the best of the genre is nowhere near that good.

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anybody have a reading guide for the Bolo series? I'm having a hard time figuring out what was written by who and when.

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based bun

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But why?

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Name one good fantasy book

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jackie chan

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>the highest praise that can be given to a fantasy author like Gene Wolfe is that he's 'like Melville'
Wolfe was in the top 5 of best living American authors for a while so I don't know about that
I can't think of too many authors anywhere who wouldn't be completely mogged by Peace, so even when he was writing fantasy it was still pretty good

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Star Wars Allegiance. Going back to canon after this.

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Even low quality genreshit is written as commercial entertainment, hence people buy and talk about it. Low quality literary fiction just gets instantly ignored after its deposited in designated shitting magazines.

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just finished a series first reply of a series ill buy book 1 immediately

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Hey, /lit/, I'm currently trying to write a book I've had bubbling in my mind for a few years now.
Anyone have any tips to hand out? Things to avoid? I can give a few details if needed.

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The Fionavar Tapestry

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Imagine buying books that come in series lmao it's just a cash grab

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Why the fuck did Cnaiur hate Kellhus anyway? Kellhus was nothing but cordial to him the whole time. Was he just impotently seething against dunyain in general?

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comfy book

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How high/drunk are you?

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It's explicitly explained in the book

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pretty good

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Science fiction with unironic racist/sexist characters?
Why is every scifi protagonist always a progressive basedboy who fucking loves science?

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i will be later. why you ask

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I'm sure you can find that in dedicated far right vanity presses. No doubt there are a few who specialize in neo nazi/white supremacist SF. Maybe ask /pol/.

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this isn't an actual quote from his books is it

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I wish most of these threads weren't shit and there was actual good sci-fi to read right now. So much garbage, so many shitty recommendations for kid like reading levels.

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brave new world, started and will finish today.
got book of the new sun and elric collections on the way

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the forever war isnt explicitly racist, but theres a thing at the end where the humans get back from interstellar war and find earth is a giant faggot palace; they get welcomed to earth by an army general in drag wearing makeup who explains to them that the government instituted incentivized gay marriage and relations because of drastic overpopulation and food shortages.


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ok then what do you recommend?

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kek,theres a tangent like that in brave new world where random citizens of the population act repulsed upon hearing in the 20th century homoerotic practices were performed in secrecy and that it was deemed inappropriate for children to be 'erotically adventurous' since everyone belongs to everyone in the future

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>Anyone have any tips to hand out? Things to avoid? I can give a few details if needed.
things that i personally dislike
>overly detailed environment descriptions
>too many similes, metaphors and other figurative language. Like, just get to the point dude
>not making me care about any of the characters before introducing a bunch of lore and history of the world. I'm not going to read your book simply because it has the coolest, most fleshed out magic system and 20 different races with 100000 years of complex history

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What's the weirdest alien in all of sci fi? Lovecraft's are weird to me (in AtMoM) but that seems too easy.

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Lmao picked the fuck up if real. This books was on my reading list for years since I heard there's cool relativistic warfare inside.

>> No.20141916

Don't get too attached to your first idea. Prose and storytelling are different skills, and you have to develop one and then the other, and it's unlikely you'll be good at both on your first attempt.

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>reading chink novel from the '50s
>comprised of 8 smaller "books" each with their own chapters
>characters cross over between "books", interconnected story, yada yada
>each one consists of a different chink hero going on an adventure with a young maiden
>different maiden for each "book," different personality and upbringing
>realize that I'm just reading the '50s equivalent of waifu shit
the second "book" is literally about an old tactician and a tsundere slut on a quest to avenge her family's name

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Hate to break it to you, but the "great works" of literature are by rule waifu shit. Odyssey's trip was just going through a selection of qt grills with some background filler to give context.

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I will literally never read this book because of you

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Good thing newfags are here to reply to every spammer's every post.

>> No.20142242

i am doing my first reread of the wizard knight and it's even better this time around. i think i blew through it too quickly the first time.

>> No.20142344

And here is your reply

t. newfag

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rereading books is unironically more enjoyable to me than reading them for the first time. Same with rewatching old tv shows/movies

>> No.20142417

Reading books is based but watching tv or movies is not.

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>Reading books is based but watching tv or movies is not.

>> No.20142431

Is mistborn any better than the stormlight archive? Should I give it a try? For me, the stormlight archive was ok, besides endless interludes and somewhat bland characters

>> No.20142578

Well Mistborn at least is a lot shorter and only has 3/4 characters that really get focus. For the most part of the first book it's just Vin and sometimes Kelsier, but it expands a bit and the third book is a little all over the place. I'd say era 2 Mistborn stuff is all pretty good though.

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Simply based.
No, its from the renowned /sffg/ Bakker poets, but they take concepts and inspiration from his books.

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How do I learn how to talk about books? Often I don't even know that to say besides "it was good/bad/interesting/boring".

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Uhm, hello? Based department? Nick Fuentes fans in /sffg/? this is RED PILLED and GIGA BASED.

Catboys > w*men

Recommend books with Catboys

>> No.20142644

Think about what worked well or not, why did you/didn't you like it? Characters, pacing, plot, premise, setting, tone, execution, etc. Think about things like that. Break it down from a monolithic entity to its component parts.

>> No.20142645 [DELETED] 

Most based politician in modernity, he will be a president and America will be Trad Cath, Fantasy books for this feels?

>> No.20142649 [DELETED] 

The Darkness That Comes Before by King Bakker

>> No.20142658 [DELETED] 

nigga learn to read

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Out of Wolfe's work I've read, Wizard Knight felt like that I had missed the most, even though I did enjoy it. I think I got the surface chivalric allusions and the mythical stuff, but the unborn baby(?) thing largely lost me.

>> No.20142764

Wizard Knight is pretty open to interpretation. The popular theory is the (unbaptized) dead/absorbed fetus one but I'm iffy on it, mostly because of the ambulance and the weird appearances of the mother character. I think it's definitely about her dead son, but the age at which he died and what happened to his brother are not very clear to me.

>> No.20142778

I keep meaning to look in reading some Gene Wolfe, is Wizard Knight a good one to just start off with?

>> No.20142793

Wolfe really went all in with the layered narrative in WK. There's the literal layered narrator, the layered world, the layered plot. Apparently the characters are also layers of each other, if it's in fact true that the name errors aren't actually errors.

Maybe? To me it seems like a pretty good story even if you take it a mere power fantasy isekai.

>> No.20142796

Of the ones I've read, difficulty is Peace > WK > BotNS.

>> No.20142805

Wolfe has a fair bit of Christian stuff throughout his work, yeah? Is it as absurdly overt as, say, Narnia? I can handle different views and all but it's a matter of how much of that comes into the work itself.

>> No.20142811

Stop being gay.

>> No.20142829

This >>20142644
And practice taking notes when you read a line or passage you really liked or didn't like so you can think on it later

>> No.20142857

I can sort of see the benefit of that, but I'm personally just one to see if anything "sticks" with me a couple chapters after I read it.

>> No.20142871


>> No.20142877 [DELETED] 

Nigger say something useful or shut your cumslurping cavity, BITCH

>> No.20142886

not going to explain something you evidently didn't read. you don't care enough, i don't care enough. settle down.

>> No.20142912

Should've paid attention in highschool English. The basic techniques, concepts and ideas were all essentially explained.

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I have posted this in one of previous threads, if you want to make it big definitely do this:
Write something like berserk with strong white male mc, strong supporting male characters, no harem, no women drama, no children drama, little to no dialogue with women, no romance etc. Only mature themes (except drama and romance), violence and action, if you have ability add some basic non p**z*d philosophy.
Also no progressivism, no sjw nonsense, no n*****s and no fa**ots.
Write this, write a good thick book not some fa**ot 300 pages novel and I guarantee you, you will make thousands, even hundreds of thousands and more just by self publishing. You will be the most successful author of our times. The new york times and hugos will literally get btfo by your popularity.

>> No.20142943

I'm ESL.

>> No.20142988

A lot of times that's all there is to be said.
>I read Sabriel by Garth Nix. It was a Westernized magical girl story and pretty fun to read. Sabriel is a good girl. The end.
Don't be one of those deranged faggots from MAL who write serious 12 paragraph essays about uninspired shows like they're trying to fill space in The Economist.

>> No.20142998

You don't have to be too in-depth, but knowing WHY you liked something is good to have in mind, even if it's broad ("I liked the characters", "I found this plotline worked very well", etc.)

>> No.20142999 [DELETED] 

Imagine being this retarded. You're the type of cuck that would get dunyained and let him fuck your wife

>> No.20143017

Based and Checked

>> No.20143048

Sabriels magic primarily came from the bells. Sabriel was by no means any traditional magical girl.

>> No.20143057

I keep meaning to read Sabriel, but I keep getting sidetracked because I dither over whether or not to read the later-written prequel about her parents first (the reading order at the start of the book suggests it first, so I assume it's just a good set-up thing with some call-forwards). I really should just read it though, it seems like a solid series.

>> No.20143101

Bakker poster does this, just roll with it. It's his thing.

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File: 205 KB, 399x561, 159-1598627_shinji-ikari-neon-genesis-evangelion-evangelion-shinji-mug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no harem, no women drama, no children drama, little to no dialogue with women, no romance
Did you actually read it, faggius maximus?

>> No.20143194

He's the pozzed-poster, he doesn't actually read things.

>> No.20143198

I personally never read anything beyond the original trilogy but that is not to imply the other titles are bad (or good)

>> No.20143204

There's, what, like 7 books total in Old Kingdom? I remember reading some other Garth Nix stuff a few years back and I found it pretty solid, so I'm sure I'd enjoy it.

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Comedy skit #1

Woman reads Bakker

OH MY GOD! did he just use Womanish as an insult? this is SO non-supreme, this makes my woman hormones rage, this unbased and non-sublime. I would rather read Sanderson because he is supreme (she thinks Sanderson is supreme, classic woman thinking) and sublime when he talks about women, he makes them protagonists unlike Bakker who makes them whores and sex slaves, women should rule supreme over men just like in Sanderson books.

I rate it 0/10 because its hurt my feeling (she doesn't understand Bakker because she lets her feelings get in the way)


>> No.20143260

womanish post

>> No.20143267

of course, there were good parts and there were bad parts. Guts as mc was ok (mostly), a lot of other degen was bad. Use the good parts and discard the bad.

>> No.20143281 [DELETED] 
File: 17 KB, 200x320, bakker y caitlin sweet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speculative Bakker Poetry falls under the scope of /sffg/ while seething chuds do not.

>> No.20143282

You haven't read berserk.

>> No.20143334

I watched anime, "reading" manga is retarded.

>> No.20143341 [DELETED] 

>Sabriel was by no means any traditional magical girl.
Of course not. Western women are too foul and unimaginative for real magical girls.

>> No.20143437

Like I said, you haven't read Berserk.

>> No.20143447

Explain? How does one read pictures?

>> No.20143471

The anime is 100% waifu drama

>> No.20143487

I mentally skipped that part, I mainly liked Guts character. With some improvements Guts can be made into model male mc.

>> No.20143559

X-Wings, huh. Anyone here read Star Wars novels?

>> No.20143564

I did.

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File: 3.28 MB, 375x498, 1648404021523.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>chapters from the villains perspective are first person

>> No.20143621
File: 157 KB, 651x1000, Wolfe The Book of The New Sun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finished the Book of the New Sun. I thought it had a really interesting story world, with cold weapons and lasers, space ships and simple carts, aliens and fauna. There is something very appealing about a society that has gone through a regression from high tech to lower forms.

Wolfe clearly knitted a very connected plot, and I enjoyed the twists and turns. The short chapters tend to always end with a punch that forces you to read the next.

Two of my major problems is with that Severian seems sometimes too passive. Other than that I do love his internal thoughts, which carry the narrative, and Severian as narrator. My other major problem is that I didn't really care for the girls and all the love issues. Dorcas was fine. Agia's function as opponent was also fine.

To those here that have read the following books, is it worth it to continue?

>> No.20143652

I'm currently reading the book The Last Legion by Valerio Massimo Manfredi, which is an historical fiction novel and not /sffg/ because I prefer to alternate between genres/settings when I read. Anyway I have several proper science fiction and fantasy novels/series in my backlog I intend to get to after this:
>Knight Watch by Tim Akers
>The Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay
>The Obsidian Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey
>Avengers of the Moon by Allen Steele
>Elder Race by Adrian Tchaikovsky
>The Iron Tower by Dennis L. McKiernan
>The Romance of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table illustrated by Arthur Rackham
>Next, and State of Fear, by Michael Crichton
I'm debating which one I should read next. Probaby going to be Fionavar Tapestry or one of the Crichton books.
Also I've got fancy hardcovers of Tolkien, but I'm going to be saving those for the end of my current batch of books because I read them in shitty mass market paperback format years ago

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Imagine not only simping for a male, but a Canadian male at that.

>> No.20143663 [DELETED] 

The meme you posted is very pozzed and unbased, your point and argument is automatically dismissed.

>> No.20143702

jolenta wanted the big torturer cock

>> No.20143723

Science fiction and fantasy rarely, if ever, caters to the elite strata of society. It is expressly designed to be enjoyed by the common man, and what's even worse, to be enjoyed by children of the common man. Many of the great novels of history that are now considered classics - Tom Jones, Frankenstein, Ivanhoe, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Treasure Island, Dracula (some of which I might add are not coincidentally pioneers of genre fiction) - were reviled by the aristocratic and intellectual classes as boorish vulgar trash that instilled bad morals and poor intelligence in the unleavened masses of society when they were first published.
They don't fit the arbitrary criteria of standards that the cartels who run institutionalized rating associations judge by. It's the same reason Star Wars doesn't win the Academy Award but Annie Hall does.

Now to be fair, there is a lot of absolute brainless no-effort puerile garbage in the fields of genre fiction that wholly justify exercising caution in dealing with a branch of literature that is scarcely better than pornography, but the fact is the post-modern materialist zeitgeist that governs modern literary criticism sets itself fundamentally against the creative mythopoeic drive of fantasy and science fiction authors.

>> No.20143734 [DELETED] 

Yeah most fantasy caters to peasants with brown hair, unlike Bakker, he caters to Blond Beasts.

>> No.20143737

>To those here that have read the following books, is it worth it to continue?
In my correct opinion, the solar cycle gets better, though quite different and in some ways (but not in terms of prose) more obtuse. You can continue straight away, or wait a while and reread BoTNS.

>> No.20143745 [DELETED] 

Sci-fi is complete garbage in modern times, its all about red haired women defeating dildo emperors.

>> No.20143758

Star Wars fans are soium bois, they watch brainless porn which is the only thing they can consoom.

>> No.20143760
File: 1.89 MB, 1988x3156, RCO030_w_1469097000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thats based though

>> No.20143778 [DELETED] 
File: 196 KB, 1200x675, vultouri.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only indulge in the most Sublime works of art, and I only get satisfied by the most Supreme of creativity.

>> No.20143783

Its always a red haired women in these foul pulpy Sci-fi drivel stories, just like in Blacked pornography.

>> No.20143786

so self-insert isekais involving banging big titty orc girls?

>> No.20143790

Bakker reader on the left.

>> No.20143858

Wherever whores go...

>> No.20143915

Yeah I read Seventh Tower and the first four or five books from the Keys to the Kingdom series. Great YA author.

>> No.20143922

What's a "YA author"?

Not really curious just bumping the thread

>> No.20143925

I look back at some YA stuff I read when I was younger and I wonder if it held up. Only one I reread recently was the Bartimaeus Trilogy (which largely did hold up, if only because Bartimaeus himself is pretty charming, the other two characters are pretty whatever) but I don't reread that often so I'm not likely to go back to Keys to the Kingdom or anything. As long as I can vaguely remember the general plot and such I usually don't go back.

>> No.20143930

Young Adult. It's an age group that's honestly pretty broad, but generally is about 13-20 is the target audience (not to say they're only for that age group, just that's who it's being written for), so while there might be some mature things, it'll largely not have much sex except maybe obliquely referenced, deep political stuff, etc.

>> No.20143952

Where do i begin with conan?

>> No.20143964

Wolfe's own favorite is the last, if that helps.

>> No.20143966


>> No.20143967

You don't. Read modern self published fantasy.

>> No.20143974 [DELETED] 

Speculative Bakker Poetry falls under the scope of /sffg/ while seething chuds do not.

This is an ON-TOPIC post. Jannies, contain yourselves.

>> No.20144097

>In relation to your portrayal of women (and any controversy thereof), it seems to me that
the demands of the (Kellhus-centric) plot rather the constraints of gender roles in pre-
modern societies have dictated your choice of weaker, more needy female types over stronger
ones. Would you say that this was the case?
>Not at all. I've always thought that sanitizing gender relations in ancient worlds comes very
close to 'selling out.' The only real editorial pressure I received to make the book more
commercially palatable was to make it more 'female friendly' - they even wanted me to change
Conphas into a woman at one point! Apparently the male share of the fantasy book market is
dropping quickly (because of weed and video games, I suspect).

>> No.20144126
File: 3.14 MB, 3500x3500, 1648471938552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.20144177

Are any of these good?

>> No.20144195

Realistically, how long before /sffg/ gets banished to /trash/ due to rampant shitposting?

>> No.20144206

bakkerfags have started leaking into other threads and other boards, especially the heavily moderated boards with anal retentive jannies, so I wouldn't be surprised if /sffg/ goes the way of /swco/ before the end of the year

>> No.20144219

>puppeteers in Ringworld
>that faction that wages war agains the Culture in Consider Phlebas
>tranny aliens in Left Hand of Darkness
>Fountainheads in Pushing Ice

>> No.20144265

Read Urth of the New Sun at least

>> No.20144275

oh, the I forgot the weirdos from Story of Your Life

>> No.20144303

Library at Mount Char

>> No.20144322

The Magicians trilogy actually resonated with me when I was 19 or so, pretty good if you're looking for something depressing. I don't really think it's much of an "Isekai" book anyways.

I haven't read that specific Clive Barker book, but he's good.

>> No.20144330


>> No.20144352

So Shallan kill his own mother, Chanarach the herald.

>> No.20144356


>> No.20144397

not lit and probably not the weirdest aliens but i always like the asari in mass effect.
>reached genetic perfection thousands of years ago and have to take genetics from other races to evolve
>use psionic mind control and pheromones to seduce other races into fucking them so they get their genetics, to pretty much everyone they just look like an ideal female version of their own race
>nobody actually knows what they really look like, you could be french kissing some horrid mantis-slug creature for all you know
yeah i liked it for portraying mecha training as absolutely horrifying, the part where the first ever humans are being taught to use mechas and half of them are getting their spines snapped because of not using it properly is more intimidating that any of the battles with aliens. it also tries to show interstellar war as something that would take centuries, but feel like decades for the troops, and i thought that was an interesting idea.

>> No.20144406
File: 908 KB, 1920x2560, count brass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy sff novel for the androgynous qt on the cover
>foreword by the author is a diatribe about not just politics but specifically the politics of the time the book was published and exactly which charters the author wants the reader to support

>> No.20144436

Recently read sandkings. Was a pretty great shortstory

>> No.20144465

That's cover art by Yoshitaka Amano, the Final Fantasy guy
He also did covers for the Japanese translation of Book of the New Sun. They are pretty cool.

>> No.20144480

its been a while since i read anything good. do you guys have anything to show thats not super edgy or pretentious

>> No.20144487
File: 77 KB, 561x843, space viking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.20144649

Fountainheads were pretty darn weird.
t. the other guy who read Pushing Ice

tfw last Xeelee book shows one on-screen

>> No.20144663

library at mount char

>> No.20144705

Is all science fantasy inherently garbage?

>> No.20144717
File: 169 KB, 1315x2000, arcadia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Listen to podcasts about books. There's a lot of them. Try looking up your favorites in a podcast app. You might find some where the people talking actually sound smart.


>> No.20144980
File: 82 KB, 930x487, 1637507082204.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

read prologue and the first chapter of mistborn. is the rest of the book this dull as well?

why is it written so poorly lmfao, I thought sanderson had good prose. The dialogues are just painful as well, like what is this shit

>> No.20145097

Ah yes, the prose. The prooooooose. the PROOOOOOOSE. There's a reason why the pseuds on this website are always so willing to talk about "the prose" of a book when discussing its merits or flaws. Why attempt to analyze the merits and effects of the literary devices used to add to the development of characters, why attempt to understand the interplay of the perspectives of different characters and the emphasis this places on different themes, the spectrum of ironies used throughout the novel, the historical significance of the novel and the influence it has spawned in literary tradition or the influences seen throughout the work, the specific structure and literary underpinnings of the novel and the way it influences the tone, the author's relationship to the characters and the theme, the presentation of the novel itself to the audience and thus the relationship between reader and text --- why do any of this, when you could talk about "the prose?" You know that you have such a deep understanding of the book, don't you, when you talk about "the prose," the "musicality of it," the "sparseness." What a great artistic touch you have, don't you! Such a highly refined poetic sense! And you feel like such a true reader of literature when you are able to compare these styles: "I am partial to the lyricism of Joyce's prose, as well as the clean and scientific prose of Borges," you might say. What a deep understanding you show! Because the "prose" of a work is such an accessible topic, something that is felt immediately in the body and senses, a nice little sensation and flutter of the heart. Art obviously has nothing else to it, nothing other than the little sensations that I experience, because why should i attempt to understand it on a deeper level than this, when I have such a "refined" sense of the "prose?" Why even attempt to analyze the prose and the poetic and rhythmical underpinnings of it, when I could use a pretty little metaphor for it? It matters little that virtually every reader of literature has access to the music of the words and so my understanding is not quite so advanced as I would think, that form is something that goes hand in hand with theme, that I missed all the deep relationships between characters and between text and reader that existed in the work and that comprise a large part of the literary merit of the text, for my understanding of "the prose" shows such a mastery of language, a fine-tuned sense of the magical flow of the words! Having understood this work, I may as well move onto the next, the next bundle of pretty sensations to experience, the next bagful of fun linguistic treats!

>> No.20145107

Where’d the pasta come from?

>> No.20145108

Is Abercrombie's First Law trilogy any good? I'm not a fantasy fan but I kind of like reading a book or three now and then.

>> No.20145121


>> No.20145129

Nobody reads Sanderson for the prose, or nearly any sff. They read him for storytelling and magic systems. You are 100% entitled to not like him but don't be a fucking prose wanker.

>> No.20145144
File: 16 KB, 376x359, Screenshot 2022-03-30 180840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ayyyyy, I have that book arriving tomorrow. I finished Shadow and Claw just yesterday. Have you started seeing if you want to buy Book of the Long Sun and his other stuff?

>> No.20145150

Reading Pratchetts pyramids and loving every bit of it.
I might have to go down a discworld rabbit hole. I had a great time with guards guards and small gods.

>> No.20145177

One day left for the Sanderson kickstarter.

>> No.20145225

i WILL kill myself if they ever adapt BOTNS

>> No.20145243

Yeah, I've decided to read everything he's written, but after I finish New Sun I'm going to finish the Latro novels before moving to Long Sun.
It's funny that you just replied cause I was about to post the only thing I didn't like so far. Around halfway through book 3.
How did someone as smart as Wolfe fall for the nose bone through the brain meme? There is no nose bone! It's cartilage. You can't smash the nose cartilage into someone's brain like a fucking spear and instantly kill them. Almost anything would have been more believable than that. It's very unfortunate.

>> No.20145259

If you wanna lie to yourself (or just really get into the spirit of the book) you can blame it on unreliable narrator, or an errant evolution alteration in the future human. Several times severian is either just flat-out wrong about what he's seeing and fails to describe it properly, or is lying.

>> No.20145266

This is the meme edit, so excluding things like The Wizard Knight that are actually good: Fimbulwinter is fairly entertaining for haremshit and isn't "litrpg" or "gamelit" (as you can probably tell from the less blatantly visually offensive yet still low-budget cover).

>> No.20145275

Should I read Malazan or Book of the New Sun first?

>> No.20145286

directed by Martin Scorsese

>> No.20145308

Lol nah Severian isn't unreliable in that way, he doesn't outright fabricate things. I'll get over it it's just embarrassing. Shockingly discordant with the rest of the action.

>> No.20145348

Switch to publication order. They are mostly independent, but the whole thing has a sort of arc of sensibility underpinning them that makes that the most harmonious approach.

>> No.20145372

Maybe he just knocked Typhon out cold and in his delirious mania assumed he killed him, remember he instantly kicks Typhons body off the mountain.

>> No.20145382

Whenever I write I feel terrible because my prose is terrible like this. This raised my spirits.

>> No.20145394

People read bakker for prose. It's like the only reason to read him actually.

>> No.20145402

>Nobody reads Sanderson for the prose
The only people who give two shits about it are the midwit pseuds.

>> No.20145513

Starship troopers is pretty great for outed bigotry. its also basically the father of the military scifi, and it is an inspiration for so much.

>> No.20145545

You vil vatch 400 pound black Jolenta unt you vil be HAPPY

>> No.20145579

Only the high iq consume garbage.

>> No.20145600

Read the collections Del Rey released: >>20143966

>> No.20145616

Moorcock is a faggot. Always has been.

>> No.20145623
File: 85 KB, 325x165, The_First_Law_covers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Opinions on this?

>> No.20145628

>le so grimdark XD
Stay THE FUCK away. I hate this guy's books more than sanderson.

>> No.20145629

books for ants

>> No.20145631

no one on /sffg/ reads.

>> No.20145635

3/5, thinly veiled political commentary with a couple of good twists.

>> No.20145651
File: 675 KB, 915x1360, 1648688985455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this a good edition of The illiad and Odyssey?

>> No.20145653

they discuss the role of (((bankers))) which instantly makes it ok

>> No.20145660

The Rick and morty of fantasy

>> No.20145666

what's some good grimdark?

>> No.20145675

>good grimdark?
A Song of Ice and Fire is the only good grimdark, and even then, some people don't consider it grimdark. Which is fine, since grimdark is just some edgy bullshit for teens.

>> No.20145678

How can you say that when The Name of the Wind exists?

>> No.20145682

Because he's not a sheep?

>> No.20145683

I guess I just mean dark fantasy.

>> No.20145688

I can give you 'dark fantasy' recs, but they'll mostly be short story collections.

>> No.20145692

Finish the series Patrick.

>> No.20145693

The Children of Húrin, The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, A Song of Ice and Fire. There. I gave you the only good recommendations on dark fantasy.

>> No.20145696

go for it

>> No.20145709

Good grimdark especially today is rare because the author has to risk making truly unlikable characters. Shitty grimdark get around this by making their characters super quirky and witty even if they do "bad" things. Abercrombie's Glokta is a perfect example of this. So in turn you're just left with the likable assholes and the unlikable assholes, black and white morality all over again. The grimdark ends up fundamentally fails at the main thing it's trying to achieve, which is to be morally conflicting.

>> No.20145734

Lords of Dyscrasia by S.E. Lindberg
Night Winds by Karl Edward Wagner
Throne of Bones by Brian McNaughton
Mask of the Sorcerer by Darrell Schweitzer
The Great Die Slow by Harry Piper

>> No.20145743
File: 54 KB, 260x391, TheWitchesOfKarres.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This novel looks good. I wish someone could translate it to my native language. I'm too lazy to read it in english.

>> No.20145744

>>my other nine martial brothers who read
What do we name our sect?

>> No.20145745

I've never read Bakker because this thread makes him look like a tool.

>> No.20145758

In a way, yes. When you read shitty genre fic ask yourself "what was this author trying to offer me" and you'd be surprised what you can get out of it, even if only out of pity.

>> No.20145767

anon the recurring shitposter who does this every ~15-20 threads or a generic normalfag?

>> No.20145769

I'm also entitled to think you're a subhuman if you're capable of enjoying books written like Sanderson's are, and now why should a subhuman be allowed to tell me whether or not I can comment on the prose? You're getting too uppity you bug, don't make me get the spray bottle. HISS! Back to your hole.

>> No.20145779

>prosefag calls someone else uppity

>> No.20145784

You do know people consider ASoIaF good right? You don’t have to seethe about it.

>> No.20145785

Ah it was both.

>> No.20145787

I know it's a shallow (and subjective) complaint, but these book titles are pretty terrible.

>> No.20145788

I think a lot of people read a few of the first three books, which are good, and come by to say how much they like the series. Then they get to book 4 and stop talking about it and move on.

>> No.20145801

This. Look at the publication dates -- they author had clearly lost the plot. And it shows in the book so, so, so, so much.

>> No.20145806

>Then they get to book 4 and stop talking about it and move on.
Speak for yourself, I love book 4, with the Greyjoy chapters and Cersei and her trainwreck being my favorite so far.

>> No.20145813

Ways of finding new selfpub that isn't aimless Amazon or goodreads scrolling?

>> No.20145818

I was into it until about the 3/4 mark, and then the weight of "this series will never be finished" really set in on me. Also I thought Arya died when Clegane hit her in the head with an axe, but then I got to another POV chapter of hers and realized she'd somehow survived that with no problems, and I just kind of gave up on it. Never checked out book 5 but I hear it's more of the same.

>> No.20145827

I bought book 4 on hardcover release date and DNF.

>> No.20145833

Aimless Royal Road scrolling

>> No.20145841

So writing within a completely fictional setting isn't inherently debilitating and more the genre comes with different incentives? Why do people looking for "the highest quality novels" want it on plain-old Earth? Because there's a near-endless list of things to reference and commentate on, all grounded within reality?

>> No.20145842

His fans sure are.

>> No.20145930

>Why do people looking for "the highest quality novels" want it on plain-old Earth?
Because materialism has been the religion of the Western ruling class since the 1810s, and you have to format your work to fit to their religiosity if you want to be recognized in your own lifetime.

>> No.20145943

Because of how self-publishing works, there may not be a centralized source, and even more unlikely that it'd be the kind you want. You'd probably have to specialist site/location that caters to something closer to your personal preferences. I've seen other places that try to keep track of them, but I don't remember at the moment.

>> No.20145950

yfw Mistborn is xianxia

>> No.20145972

Currently reading a story that is basically 'The Thing in a Medieval setting.'

>> No.20145983

Why did Leto II keep resurrecting Duncans?

>> No.20146036


>> No.20146225

>Then they get to book 4
So you were filered by book 4?>>20145801

>> No.20146226

First Law is a grimdark series? Damn that sucks, I was considering trying it out. Can you tell me what's so grimdark about it? Some examples of cringe edgy shit? I am definitely put off by that kind of crap, and while I have a decent tolerance for brutality and moral ambiguity, I find edge for the sake of edge embarrassingly obnoxious and boring, which is one of the reasons I revile GoT.

>> No.20146232

Well, are you going to tell us what it's called?

>> No.20146233

>which is one of the reasons I revile GoT.
You never read Game of thrones.

>> No.20146242


>> No.20146243

Obviously. Anyone who's read asoiaf would never call it "GoT".

>> No.20146263


So, it's true, /sffg/ rarely reads.

>> No.20146268

Finally finished Children of Hurin, and man Turin is just a fucking asshole.
I have no idea why people listened to him, he was just good at killing. Everything and anything else that he did always led to failure and disaster.

>> No.20146282

/sffg/ reads less than /wg/ writes

>> No.20146298

>Finally finished Children of Hurin
Anything you liked from it?

>> No.20146301

Yes, where it veered off into start new story territory, rather than tending to the stories it had already created. I mean, what kind of a cucklord would tolerate that?

>> No.20146322

Don't see how fantasy avoids materialism. In fact, "worldbuilding," the supernatural made into something secular, and speculated, advanced technologies all seem material to me. Not adding some out-of-world element allows more focus on other topics. Though I suppose if it covers the perennial and doesn't have things like "hard magic"... —but it's nothing that can't be achieved with grounded-in-reality fiction. Still—and tell me if I'm wrong here—why isn't there any speculative fiction on par with Moby-Dick?

>> No.20146324

I liked it in general, it's like reading a slow, terrible, car crash.
I know people say it's like a Norse epic, but I never read one of those before. Reminded me more of Shakespeare's great man tragedies with how it's a incredibly powerful but deeply flawed character just fucking up time and time again and the only ending for him is a bad one.

>> No.20146350

Not him, but it’s nice to see people still liking Tolkien.

>> No.20146367

What warhammer 40k books have the best descriptions of the attrition wars fought by the imperial guard?

>> No.20146406

I am not.

>> No.20146425

Every book.

>> No.20146452

That reminds me, I need start reading Tolkien soon.

>> No.20146536

You haven’t read that many books have you?

>> No.20146564

>/sffg/ rarely reads
No, we got people who do read. Unfortunately, we also have fags who don’t read make the most posts in this general.

>> No.20146585

I don't get why people don't like a feast for crows. It's a good book.

>> No.20146591

They hate what they don’t understand. It’s a tale as old as time. Also, I’m pretty sure they’re just trying to fit in here. Which is sad in my opinion.

>> No.20146593

>I know people say it's like a Norse epic, but I never read one of those before. Reminded me more of Shakespeare's great man tragedies
there isnt much of a difference. we dont know enough about nordic culture to know if they had a distinction between comedy and tragedy like greeks did, but boy they sure seemed to love tragedies.

>> No.20146600

Nice try, George.

>> No.20146612

I stand by what I said. Feast for crows and dance are good books. You were just filtered.

>> No.20146656

Can you give me a non-meme answer on why you didn't like it?

>> No.20146667

Anon, there are people in this very thread who believe that Sanderson's books and shit like Reverend Insanity are "good books." By odds, any anonymous poster here probably has some repugnant taste in what they will tolerate reading. So when you try to gaslight someone into thinking they "didn't get" a book, you don't look superior, you just look like a butthurt fan oy with garbage taste. That's why people don't do that much here, even when it's deserved.

>> No.20146674

>Sanderson's books and shit like Reverend Insanity are "good books."
What’s the problem with that? Save for the Reverend Insanity, Sanderson books are passable for what they are.

>> No.20146680

>Sanderson books are passable for what they are
Careful, anon. You're free thinking and not toeing the line on what to think. It'll make a few anons mad?

>> No.20146731

No, some do, but they get shouted down by the retards.

>> No.20146734

Is it written in ancient greek? If so, then yes, its a good edition, if not, don't even bother.

>> No.20146763

Malazan. Hope you enjoy it, anon.

>> No.20146788

Same. The Greyjoy chapters We’re fucking Kino and so wish Martin had use them more. I’m waiting for Euron to turn into some eldritch being due to blood magic.

>> No.20146795
File: 107 KB, 800x1120, Euron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Euron to turn into some eldritch being due to blood magic
Can't wait and see how the Ironborn plot ends. The Forsaken chapter pretty much confirms that the Eldritch apocalypse theory is about to become real.

>> No.20146800

Muh tyrion is what it boils down to. They don't have any interest in new characters. Cersei was easily the best part of Feast for Crows, watching her self destruction was great. And the Dornish stuff is actually really interesting in its own right once you realize what an unreliable PoV Arianne Martell is, she's nearly as dumb as Cersei.

>> No.20146802

>Muh tyrion is what it boils down to.
Christ, I don't hate Tyrion, but people like him for the wrong reason. Besides, the more I reread his chapters, the more I get he's a male danny.

>> No.20146807

I genuinely enjoy Tyrion's wit but there's other great characters. The more I reread the more I like Jaime.

>> No.20146814

>The more I reread the more I like Jaime.
Jaime's chapters and character growth is pure kino and I wish more fantasy series had it. Even now, reading his chapters shows Martin knew what he was doing.

>> No.20146818

Am I the only one who likes Brinne’s chapters? I think they served their purpose good enough in that it offers a different perspective on what’s happening in the land.

>> No.20146823


>> No.20146827

Watching Jaime grow from his time with Brienne, and get humbled my losing his hand, into a man that could recognize Cersei's affection for the poison that it is, and try to finally repair his life somewhat, was incredible. Jaime had soiled his honor about as much as a person could but Brienne somehow managed to revive it in him.

>> No.20146834

Brienne with Jaime was great. Brienne on her own doesn't have as much reread value once you know where it leads. Her scenes with Podrick were nice though.

>> No.20146839

I disagree, I believe Brienne’s chapters are great because it shows us, the readers, a glimpse into what they”game of thrones” has done to the small folks and the land. I feel like this gets lost when people read her chapters.

>> No.20146840

Reading Jaime's early chapters and his later chapters at times, makes me think I'm reading another character entirely. Not to mention, how many people would have thought of him on the first book.

>> No.20146845


>> No.20146849

Never said I enjoyed them, merely said they were passable for what they are. Nothing more and nothing less.

>> No.20146861

Feels bad man, I want to protect Tommen and his kittens

>> No.20146881

It's good we get to see his transformation or it'd be hard to believe. Or accept, after everything he did to characters we've grown close to. The like for him is begrudging, at first. What did it for me is when he finally has enough of Cersei's shit.

>> No.20146891


>> No.20146893

He doesn't deserve to be abused. He's too innocent.

>> No.20146905

>It's good we get to see his transformation or it'd be hard to believe.
Not him, but I had a similar feeling towards Cersei. In the first book, I thought she was some kind of master plotter. until each subsequent books shattered that until we got her chapters. Shit is great, but God damn, Ned dropped the ball hard with Cersei.

>> No.20146911

>Ned dropped the ball hard with Cersei.
Wasn’t that because he was suffering from PTSD from the civil war and wanted to avoid any sort of bloodshed at all cost? It’ll also explain his rejection of having Danny killed.

>> No.20146912

Watched some sapkowski interviews, the guy seems like a dimwit, is Witcher even any good

>> No.20146916

>is Witcher even any good
The games build upon them better.

>> No.20146921

>is Witcher even any good
No. It's generic Anglo fantasy written for monolingual barely educated Poles in hopes of easy vodka money.

>> No.20146933

I thought Ned and by extension, the Stark Family was supposed to represent the the bog-standard high fantasy protagonist and what would happen if they were place in a low-fantasy. You know, the same with Littlefinger challenging Brandon to a duel despite not knowing how to fight.

>> No.20146937

>Am I the only one who likes Brinne’s chapters?
Her chapters are better than Dany's. Thats my opinion though.

>> No.20146938

I like Brienne's chapters a lot

>> No.20146951

Well, it’s good to know I ain’t the only one then.

>> No.20146958

Forever War is fucking based, if you love hard scifi you won't regret picking it up.

>> No.20146966

Maybe the first book, but that’s about it.

>> No.20146988

You have a list of who’s the best POV?

>> No.20146995

I found it weird honestly
I'm about 50 pages away from finishing AFFC and her chapters were probably my favourite besides Sansa's and Cersei's

>> No.20146997

Is Euron in leagues with the others? I mean, he’s a crazy son of a bitch, but how else could it explain his latent magical abilities?

>> No.20146999

Currently reading trough Great Sky River, Freesum Endgins is next.

>> No.20147003

>but how else could it explain his latent magical abilities?
I thought Bloodraven unlocked them, because Euron described having a dream once about flying, just like Bran.

>> No.20147030

>because Euron described having a dream once about flying, just like Bran.
If true, then Bloodraven continues to fuck up.

>> No.20147033

>Anyone have any tips to hand out?
Get people you trust to read your drafts frequently and give you feedback. Don't just write a whole manuscript and dump it.
>Things to avoid?

>> No.20147043

no, the games are the only reason anyone outside his hometown has heard of them

>> No.20147045

When hasn’t a Targaryen fucked up before? Even their greatest king, Egg, fucked up to its summerhall.

>> No.20147060

It's all that incest, the Targs are so inbred they're practically clones of one another. That shit was going to catch them sooner or later.

>> No.20147070

They’ve been inbreeding for more than 300 years, and it wasn’t an issue then. Why now?

>> No.20147077

The death of the dragons made Magic weaker, and its implied multiple times that the Targs had magic to protect themselves from the worst cases of inbreeding. After the dragons died, the number of targs that went insane increased.

>> No.20147090

I never really believed in that shit. You had magical places like Asshai and it’s edgier sister city still existing when dragons died. Not to mention, other places with magic. There’s got to be a different explanation.

>> No.20147100

>implying Grum thought, or even had the capacity to think, about the implications of any of the background details
It's just set dressing.

>> No.20147108

No, Martin thought about the background details, it's why he altered so much of his novels.

>> No.20147121

Magic got weaker; it never went away. And during the novels, Magic is returning. That's why the candle thing was such a big thing.

>> No.20147122

Don't blame yourself for falling for the facade of depth. As an experienced author, GRRRR knew his stuff.

>> No.20147135

Anon, it's widely known that Martin change his ideas about the novels. I'm not falling for anything.

>> No.20147159

It's all part of the Maester conspiracy. If you read the books in-depth enough, you can see the conspiracy.

>> No.20147160

Coming up with post-facto plot-convenient justification for an earlier background tidbit is not changing his ideas, because there was no actual idea in the first place.

I hope you don't really think that authors don't just throw things at the wall and let audiences autis over imaginary connections.

>> No.20147190

>I hope you don't really think that authors don't just throw things at the wall and let audiences autis over imaginary connections.
You know they do, stop being in denial about it.

>> No.20147202

>Maester conspiracy
This was made in-universe for some old ass noble lady to cope she was pumped and dumped.

>> No.20147215

Barbrey Dustin is right, but for the wrong reason. There is a conspiracy of sorts, much like how there's a northern conspiracy, but for a different reason.

>> No.20147222

The northern conspiracy is literally just every northern lord who doesn’t like the Boltons and want a Stark back. At best, there’s several northern conspiracies rather than one big one. And this is shown when you read Davis chapters in dance.

>> No.20147230

“Did he?” Archmaester Marwyn shrugged. “Perhaps it’s good that he died before he got to Oldtown. Elsewise the grey sheep might have had to kill him, and that would have made the poor old dears wring their wrinkled hands.”
“Kill him?” Sam said, shocked. “Why?”
“If I tell you, they may need to kill you too.” Marywn smiled a ghastly smile, the juice of the sourleaf running red between his teeth. “Who do you think killed all the dragons the last time around? Gallant dragonslayers armed with swords?” He spat. “The world the Citadel is building has no place in it for sorcery or prophecy or glass candles, much less for dragons. Ask yourself why Aemon Targaryen was allowed to waste his life upon the Wall, when by rights he should have been raised to archmaester. His blood was why. He could not be trusted. No more than I can.”

Even Marwyn knowns there's a conspiracy, you have to be an idiot to not see it.

>> No.20147233

He’s a renegade and his words can’t be trusted. He’s literally seething at the fact that the citadel denies magic. His words are unreliable.

>> No.20147242

Did you even read Dance? Because in Chapter 10 of Tyrion, because the Maesters wrote how to kill dragons.

The eyes were where a dragon was most vulnerable. The eyes, and the brain behind them. Not the underbelly, as certain old tales would have it. The scales there were just as tough as those along a dragon’s back and flanks. And not down the gullet either. That was madness. These would-be dragonslayers might as well try to quench a fire with a spear thrust. “Death comes out of the dragon’s mouth,” Septon Barth had written in his Unnatural History, “but death does not go in that way.”

>> No.20147251

>Eyes are the weakness
No shit, you have to be a complete and utter retard to think otherwise.

>> No.20147265

I hate Brandon Sanderson so much bros. I tried. Basically if a book or author is popular among women, stay far far away. Brandon has had bitch tits his entire life. Think about that. Not a bit o masculinity in him.

>> No.20147275
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so have I

>> No.20147279

This is the last one since you intent to be ignorant, but in the prologue, there's evidence that Dustin was correct about her assertion on the Maester of Winterfell.

Inside, Pate had found a bag of silver stags, a lock of yellow hair tied up in a ribbon, a painted miniature of a woman who resembled Walgrave (even to her mustache), and a knight’s gauntlet made of lobstered steel.

And this is Dustin's view on the maester.

That was how it was with Lord Rickard Stark. Maester Walys was his grey rat’s name. And isn’t it clever how the maesters go by only one name, even those who had two when they first arrived at the Citadel? That way we cannot know who they truly are or where they come from ... but if you are dogged enough, you can still find out. Before he forged his chain, Maester Walys had been known as Walys Flowers. Flowers, Hill, Rivers, Snow ... we give such names to baseborn children to mark them for what they are, but they are always quick to shed them. Walys Flowers had a Hightower girl for a mother ... and an archmaester of the Citadel for a father, it was rumored. The grey rats are not as chaste as they would have us believe. Oldtown maesters are the worst of all. Once he forged his chain, his secret father and his friends wasted no time dispatching him to Winterfell to fill Lord Rickard’s ears with poisoned words as sweet as honey. The Tully marriage was his notion, never doubt it, he—”

>> No.20147284

Wait what the fuck do you mean by that spoiler did that completely go over my head

>> No.20147286

>Not a bit o masculinity in him.
>He says while on /lit/
People really do lack self-awareness.

>> No.20147294

Not him, but that’s incredible if true. I wonder how Martin can keep this hidden for so long.

>> No.20147305

Read the first book with the conspiracy in mind and Maester Luwin is low-key manipulative.

>> No.20147319

To give an example, when Ned and Catelyn are having the argument whether or not Ned should accept being Hand of the king, Luwin preys on Ned's feelings.

Luwin plucked at his chain collar where it had chafed the soft skin of his throat. “The Hand of the King has great power, my lord. Power to find the truth of Lord Arryn’s death, to bring his killers to the king’s justice. Power to protect Lady Arryn and her son, if the worst be true.”

>> No.20147325


>> No.20147326

Same. I don’t know what’s he’s talking about.

>> No.20147330

I never thought A song of ice and fire would need multiple readings to understand. The fuck.

>> No.20147332

Doesn’t explain why it died in Westeros. If anything it’s a plot hole.

>> No.20147333

done with Malazan #2. the last third was immensly better than the beginning. I now understand what people were talking about with the abundance of deaths. Baudine, then Aren's gate and Coltaine was heartbreaking, but the deaths come like a grand finale to an epic orchestral piece, brimming with emotion. I can't be mad at that. the deaths in the first book were shortly after meeting characters, there was hardly an impact. here's for me hoping to see tattersail in the next book.

>> No.20147336

New thread

>> No.20147340

Good to know people are liking Malazan. They always get filtered by the first book.

>> No.20147689

He writes for fucking women. His idea of women in real life is a joke. I'm surprised he's even married. Also by Oathbringer he's complete SJW, giving gender lectures. He's a liberal faggot.

>> No.20147730

I read over 200 books a year

>> No.20148448

The theory someone came up with is that Able represents a fetus who never had a chance to be born because he was absorbed into his brother, Ben. It's a thing that can happen but I forget the medical name. They claim that the water in the book represents the womb, which they say explains things like the drowning dream.

Personally I think it's a reach, but there's enough evidence for it that it's interesting.

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