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I couldn't finish this. I got about fifty or sixty pages deep before I had stop. This is the dumbest and most dangerously naive thing I've ever read. It is basically advocating for a theocracy where the rights of those who don't fall into their definition of moral people will have their rights revoked. It reminded me of Hitler's Mein Kampf where he laid bare his hatred and how the moral purity of Germany must be rescued from degenerate Leftist extremism that wants to silence them. This is nothing but shameless fear mongering and reduces everything to an us or them tactic to keep this fires of hostility stoked. This "author's" brushing aside all of Trump's comments and actions over the course of his presidency shows a very dangerous naive. Are these evangelicals so short sighted that they are being manipulated. Trump says whatever they want to hear and they buy it because they see in Trump a means to bring about their dreams of a theocracy. I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that these two fascist elements should come together for a common objective. I couldn't stand the blind eye the author took towards attacks from the "liberal" media, dismissing it all as unjustified. The ignorance of the author was astounding.

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All books are shit when compared to real experience anyway. People that can't have sex just resort to them to fill the void.

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So I found the original review and apparently there's a whole genre of books about Trump for Christian boomers? I didn't even know they knew how to read, just watch sportsball and eat maccas

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It's a fringe sub-genre of MAGAean literature. I personally recommend the works of the Trump family themselves as well as Trump's cabinet.

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