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What's your opinion on cookie-cutter 'x classics' cover designs? In terms of graphic design who does it best? And in terms of material/binding quality?

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Price: Popular Penguins, Red spine Vintage, Wordsworth

Graphic design: Orange and black Penguin Classics (before the mediocre redesign), *some* Penguin Modern Classics, soft spot for Routledge

Quality: Routledge, Oxford, almost any University Press (in my experience)

Not even once: Dover

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If I want to have an easy and safe introduction to something completely foreign to me, I choose Penguin. Depending on how modern or classic the text is to my understanding, I get a newer or older printing. Meditations and Zarathustra for me are New PCs, where the Beowulf and such are old ones, and just a few 19th century works in the most recognizeable kind.
If I want to read something a bit more obscure, I go Wordsworth, because most of their covers are shit, and my collection of the good looking Wordsworths is quite sublime.
New (blue) Dover is indeed terrible, but I have found a few books for 1 or two dollars at hpb in their older format which is much less repulsive.
I hate Oxford press.

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Routledge's design is best

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I terms of design?
If you want to go "minimalist" dont half ass it
Im talking No cover art, just black,
title and author on spine no other clutter

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>In terms of graphic design who does it best?
I like Alma Classics

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Oxford generally choose great covers and tend to be good quality in general. I also like older Wordsworth and Signet editions too, despite their cheap quality.

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I love Penguin Modern Classics. I love powder blue

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Move Wordsworth to not even once; sandpaper pages and scuffed cover art

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As far as covers go I think oxford have the best
The best quality paperback classic I've read has been black penguins but the feel of the books seem to vary a bit for some reason, idk if they're being printed in different places

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Perfect for Finnegans Wake & Das Kapital

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For me it is Oxford World Series.

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Fucking based. Have this sitting next to my Oxford W&P

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I like them. I detest most covers. This is an acknowledgement that these things are cornerstone staples, and no further liberties aren't required to hock them.

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I really like the new Norton Critical Editions covers. I also love their goofy tall format, and the content is as good as Penguin imo. If there’s a Norton edition of something I’ll generally buy that.

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They are like twice as expensive and the essays are a complete gamble. Half of them I find pointless

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The Penguin Great Ideas series has some pretty smart cover designs.

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