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If the conscious mind can affect the physical body (exercise, eating well) can it not also affect itself and its development? Could say a mentally healthy person at 20 be a neurotic mess at 40 and the person in the reverse position a well-balanced person? I know I struggle with a wildly varying state of mental wellness, peaks and valleys which seem to grow larger as I age (I'm 26 now). Could I lessen these tendencies with the right mental habits and experience a more neutral state a greater amount of time? But then I wonder if I should even want that. Are the joys of life to be found in its heights or its steady plains? Exhilaration or tranquility?

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You wont find an answer to the end question, it sounds like you're overthinking things a bit, but it would do you good to have some more consistency.

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It all goes back to telepathy, think about thst.

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Nikomachean Ethics by Aristotle
start with the Greeks was never just a joke

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