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Books to help me becoming less of pic-related?

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I feel attacked.

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Start acting, simple as. What do you want to achieve?

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James Davies The Importance of Suffering

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You're stuck in a childish state due to social rejection. And you will remain there since people can tell from your behavior, body language, lack of social media, and how you don't brag about all the cool shit you're doing when at work, in class, or wherever else. "Humble bragging" is how people status signal, and it's absolutely important to do so

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listen to this and stare at the horror. the mockery should force to do something, what ever it may be.

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force yourself to change your environment. you're a man of inaction because that's the man you've been LARPing as in your current environment, but you could just as easily LARP as something else.

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>status signal
Interesting. I never really thought about this. I always imagined I could keep it cool and low-profile until I achieved something good. Guess I was wrong.

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One thing at a time. Establish routine. You’ll get a little dopamine hit once you start your day with little wins like making your bed and brushing your teeth.

Make some oats with maple syrup. Easy, mostly healthy, and now you’re well-fed. Starting creating larger goals and break those down to smaller-component goals.

Tell your family and friends about it. It’s not to brag or self-aggrandize but to hold yourself accountable.

Start developing self-respect. Be proud when you succeed, understanding when you fall short.

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Sorry bud

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Ritalin or adderal should do the trick

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Also, this is good too

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where the one for 30s

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checked. self respect and respect for what is surrounding you should be the basis for your actions. its importance cannot be overstated.

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Leave this site, stop browsing the internet. This thread is a mirror of what's wrong with you: the only actions you will take are the ones that are easy, quick, and will probably pay off in some good self pat on the back or some kind of social validation (like telling everyone you know you started X instead of actually quietly doing it).
Establish a routine, stick to it. Motivation is good, but you need discipline. You need to find the strength to be consistant. Be consistant at what you wish to do, the rest will follow.

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This is missing the heart of the matter by a mile. Having decent-to-good social links really doesn't change the situation at all. I naturally developed an instinct at hiding the reality that is the emptiness and impotence i've been living in for the past 5 years, with a whole lot of luck, to where 98% of people do believe i am doing well for myself, checking all the boxes that you have mentioned for ''status'' points, and it still hasn't done jack shit. I don't get excluded from events nor going through the expect air of awkwardness when meeting people, whether old friends or recent acquaintances, and they even perceive me as somewhat cool, as lame as that phrase sounds. Knowing how to dodge possibly compromising questions with some wit and a laff helps a lot. I feel awful for deceiving people, yet that has settled into my natural state of navigating the world, just like most artists and covert junkies do.
But the ultimate point is: It hasn't changed the real stagnation, it hasn't cleared the rubbles away from the day to day existence, because the issue doesn't exactly lie within the social acceptance/rejection. It was never about them, and always about YOU. It's an inner problem. Engage with your own self, and learn to respect it like the poster above said.

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>le incel doomerism

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>dopamine hit

Pure ideology.

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Don't you have a job?

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the projected flaws lie entirely within the poster and his childishly reductive worldview's fault. it's a completely asinine post that had a sense of 'power' assigned to it because of the aesthetic choice. if you do believe in it, you are one step away from elliot rodger ; in other words, a joke.
go outside and get a fucking clue.

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I realized this and this is why is stopped talking to others and withdrew from everyone after graduating college until i got a job, which took longer to get than I'd think. Even then I'm still unable to live this life I need to in order to converse with others.
there's nothing more important for your value than status signaling, and the only way to do that is to have a lot of stuff going on to talk (humble brag) about.

It'd be even better if you could just straight up lie, but it's hard for me. It's hard enough for me to talk about it even when I am doing it, though considerably less so. If you're talking to others and you're not mentioning friends you hung out with or places you visited or crazy stuff you do or anything that could make someone else envious, you might as well not be talking at all. Only after you've established yourself as a person with high value through that social signaling will people being to value you as a person, let alone anything else you say.

That said I don't think any of this has to do with the OP image, I'm not sure why it was brought up. I can't see the connection between YOU being inactive and other people's opinion of you. I mean, even if you're stuck in a childish state due to social rejection, being in a childish state shouldn't stop you from doing things. Children aren't beings of inaction.

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I'm an incel loser, but I am only a loser in relation to fundamentally similar people. i.e. normal and good looking, high IQ white men. Everyone else is occupying a completely different horizon. Some low or mid caste football chad construction worker has absolutely nothing to do with me. Wrong caste

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no :(

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> elliot rodger ; in other words, a joke.
rent free in your mind tho

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lol, imagine believing that being normal pleb and having normal pleb things just happen to you is indicative of genetic superiority...

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oh i see, i took the bait. my mistake

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>you are not genetic superior if you can function normally in the world
picrel does not function normally in the world

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His point is that people do not fundamentally possess the same beliefs, desires, ambitions, moral sense, ability to think abstractly and plan ahead, etc etc. You only "fail" relative to other people of the same potential and goals. If you are status mismatched, unless you bend over backwards you are much less likely to fit in with working class normies than you would if you were as educated, well off, or lucky as other fundamentally similar people.

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I've been skimming through self help books and philosophy to fix this myself to "become a better person" and the only worth while books I've come across that seemed good enough to add to my "To-be-read" list is not many. Generally want to avoid anything like "Art of not giving a fuck" Here is my personal list. I haven't read it all but plan on it eventually
How to win friends and influence people
The Social Skills Guidebook: Manage Shyness, Improve Your Conversations, and Make Friends, Without Giving Up Who You Are
by Chris MacLeod if you're autistic or really bad at socialization. These two are a great start for social skills.
Allan Pease - Body Language - How to Read Others' Thoughts by Their Gestures
How to Talk to Anyone - 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships
The courage to be disliked
hagakure: The Book of the Samurai
The Analects (Chinese philosophy has some good stuff to follow its not too difficult to read)
Walden by Henry David Thoreau (more of philosophy but it encourages you to be more self sufficient very comfy book)
The How of Happiness
48 laws of power
Atomic Habits
17 Anti-Procrastination Hacks
Self Discipline Mindset Why Self Discipline Is Lacking in Most and How to Unleash It Now by Curtis Leone
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
House Organization - The Best Beginner's Guide To Simple and Easy Cleaning And Organizing Your House
The Shallows - Nicholas Carr
Ego is the Enemy The Fight to Master Our Greatest Opponent by Ryan Holiday
12 Rules for Life - An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson
brian tracy no excuses the power of self discipline
Getting Things Done The Art Of stress free productivity
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Powerful Lessons in Personal Change and Habits by Stephen R. Covey
The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg
Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Games People Play The Psychology of Human Relationships by Eric Berne
Think and Grow Rich
Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now
NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming - Fred Cremone
In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction
You should try to find a book from each skill set of things like
>Time management
>building and creating habits and routines
>how to talk to people without being a bumbling buffoon
>developing a sense of self discipline

If you spend a lot of time jerking off and browsing the internet read both your brain on porn and the shallows. If you play video games a lot Read Addction by design.

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but here's the important question: did you eventually fix your situation?

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What is this?

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It's what you want.

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>but here's the important question: did you eventually fix your situation?
Its not something that happens over night but I think I've made some progress IE Not constantly thinking up ways to kill myself and I've dropped around 70lbs. I still have a problem with mindlessly scrolling places like twitter and 4chan I think I may start deleting and blocking stuff like discord and twatter again soon. I'd say The courage to be disliked, and the shallows has made the biggest impact on me so far.

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Don't be "le mysterious faggot"; seems insteresting, what is it about?

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The original image represents depressive thought patterns. The only way to get out of depression is to change things. Sometimes that takes small habits, sometimes that takes big moves and shifts in outlook. But you have to figure out what makes you happy and pursue it. Everything else will fall in line. Nothing makes you happy? You're depressed, get out of depression (I know it's not that easy). Don't know what you want to do? Try doing something, anything. See how you feel about it. As you move from school to a job the social fabric of your life changes. Welcome to being an adult. Figure it out. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

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what's a ged?

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it's pseudo-gnostic bullshit

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>Becoming a man of action
NGMI. Take action.

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Approach life with a problem solving mindset (which is what virtually everything boils down to anyway)

Goals, specifically the journey to them, are their own source of fulfillment. We're designed to constantly seek challenges to the point that having everything you could ever want makes you LESS happy as the years go on.

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The man of action is an idiot.

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But gets things done. Rather be an idiot that gets things done then be a spiteful man that does literally nothing then is forgotten

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I was hoping for more

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>Some people do not live the lives they have, but rather thoroughly occupy themselves with plans, as if they have some other life, separate from their own. And all the while, time passes them by

-Antiphon the sophist

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What's his point? Sounds intriguing enough

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I think it's pretty straightforward. Some people waste their life thinking about all the things they want to do, always with the idea that they'll do them later. They spend so much time making the plans for the lives they want to live that they forget to actually live them

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Still gonna ask you out Stacey. Cuz it makes you seethe.

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and how dieth the wise man? as the fool.

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I'm in this picture and I don't like it.

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I did this once and now I'm married what the fuck

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cause actually doing them is never as satisfying as just planning them in your head

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>Meet a chick online
>Talk shit to her like I do with all women (I do not respect them)
>She talks shit back
>We get to the point where we realize we actually like shooting the breeze
>Start flirting, say really degrading things to put her off and she just takes it in stride
>We decide to meet up, we fuck on the first date
>Fast forward a couple of years and we're married, going to have kids soon once we've moved out of the city
Everything is possible.

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Not so. You probably just haven’t achieved anything meaningful yet. That isn’t to say you won’t, but when you do, the experience will be one of the most rewarding moments of your life

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love the lyrics but the music and the vocals are annoying

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>I think I might start blocking again
Bro grow some balls and cut out the central cancer of your life, which is the entertainment center for invalids that you have grown around. Life is never going to become about you creating an adventure as long as you return to the screen. The creative state is something that must be actively nurtured the entire day. It is something continuous that swallows you up. It is not possible for this to arise as long as you go to your screen and nuke it and descend to the level of a mere consumer. Just the context switching in itself keeps you from achieving the necessary depth of immersiob. There is no gradual approach. You either leave completely, and only let yourself use pc and phone as pure tools after a month or more of absence, and you never again use it as a place to live, OR you embrace that it will always be your home, and the life that wants to sprout in you will never see the light of day

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>He doesn't want to become a man of both thought and action
Have fun being someone's tool

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greatest blackpill antidote

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I'm sort of like this, but have a body of photographic work, probably 20,000 images from the last 10 years and recording 6 albums. Right now I feel like a bum because I haven't worked in a year and have snowballed anxiety about waging again.

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You are just lonely man.

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1 weird trick that's not really a cure-all is to leave your house for long stretches without a phone. Be out in the world, observe other people, allow yourself to understand yourself as a man of the world and not a passive observer.

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This cover is amazingly bad.

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How? It’s literally the story of the worst type of man op is describing. It just makes you happy your not as pathetic as him

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Some of these aren't even sad pictures. The one above the bottom-right is actually very cheerful and cute.

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Not my diary desu.

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man these almost perfectly describe my thoughts in my early 20s and the transformation my mind is going now that i hit 25
I guess it really started about a month after I hit 24 actually, my mind just went from "I can anything once i start it, which i'll get around to tomorrow" to "it's too late to do anything even if i start"
>haunted by vague dusty delusions of megalomania
i especially feel that one, I wouldn't call it megalomania, but I thought I had the world as my oyster a couple years ago, I could accurately tell you my plan and idea of how i would become a very socially successful and connected person with lots of hobbies and interests and money.
The only reason I remember any of it is because I try to make it a point to not forget just in case someone asks me what my goals were, or in case i somehow end up back on a path that will ("will", there i go again) allow me to fufill them (i win the crypto lottery or something)

But now I could hardly envision a future like that like I used to, I just think about the past and where everything went wrong and more often now, that it would have gone wrong no matter what I did.

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I just started lying and it has worked out for the better

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it's so hard to do

>> No.19887179

the guy who made this pasta killed himself by the way.

good fucking riddance.

>> No.19887205

Why would you be happy about someone killing themselves? Oh wait they were born poor or ugly, that's why.

>> No.19887220

And eat your damn oats don't ya know

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hahaha good lord. project more.

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was bartleby, the scrivner a man of inaction?

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delete this

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You don't need a book, you need an ADD/ADHD diagnosis and some extended release stimulants.

>> No.19887529

How do you know this??

>> No.19887532

The bible and homer, anon! You've got this.

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yeah books give you knowledge but they can't make you act and no book can ever force you to act
Drugs however can force you to act

>> No.19887542

Someone who wrote something like that is going to kill themselves inevitably

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the underground man is the result of stewing in the thought processes mentioned by OP. the inevitable result of a zero-risk lifestyle.
notes helped me escape the "things will get better when i'm older" mindset, and also dispelled the temptatious, NEET romanticism that's prevalent across this site.
of course, it offers nothing in the way of how exactly to unfuck your life, but as a precautionary warning - it's unparalleled

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>spending a whole decade trying to take one city

>> No.19887689

Jesus fucking Christ I feel attacked

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howd u meet her online?

>> No.19887743

The fact that you want a book shows you are the same as pic related. Pick something simple and stick to it, then evolve. One thing done, one dumb thing avoided. You are your habits. You read this post, you're reading. Is it working? No. Start doing.

>> No.19887767

4chan would give you stupid books or you could just do the things you need to do even if it takes you an hour to do it. Just do nothing but it.

>> No.19887821

You can't really achieve anything without convincing other people to do something. And you can't do that without demonstrating value.

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Being a man of action is overrated if it's action for the sake of action. Not all activity is productivity. Being an alcoholic is a man of action, it's a bad habit though with bad consequences. It causes a lot of (destructive activity). Being a 'man of action' is a stupid proposition unless you specify what those actions are and what the (positive) consequences will be.
Think of that friend you keep saying "hey we should totally catch up", and finally you do, yes it's fun. And you both agree to catch up again. But it's another 3 months before you do. Guess what, you took action and NOTHING HAPPENED. you haven't established a habit of regularly meeting this friend, and the amount of time and effort you spent getting this one meeting together isn't going to somehow make it easier to socialize with other friends.
It was activity but it wasn't productive because not all activity is productivity.
which actions?
Acting upon something doesn't guarantee it gets done, and if it does it doesn't guarantee it gets done well, and as is often the case you find that it didn't need to be done in the first place.

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>my 60+ old parents constantly do some shit, renovate the house, visit events, meet with friends and family, cultivate plants n shiet
>meanwhile I consider myself a heroic figure for washing my head and reading 50 pages for the day
How the fuck are some people just brimming with energy?

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Makes sense. It seems obvious now but I never saw it like this. Fuck.

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i disagree, even being a bad man of action is better than being a man of inaction
one of your actions is gonna lead to success one day, where as a man of inaction is never going to get anywhere
like lottery tickets, sure it's a waste 99% of the time but you still have a chance to win as opposed to the guy that doesn't play and therefore has absolutely 0 chance of success

>> No.19888656

>i disagree, even being a bad man of action is better than being a man of inaction
Being an alcoholic is a man of action... so no. Absolutely not.
> but you still have a chance to win as opposed to the guy that doesn't play and therefore has absolutely 0 chance of success
Or spend your time on something with better odds.

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He's literally me

>> No.19888682

And there are plenty of examples of alcoholics who despite their alcoholism ended up doing things with their life. I say despite, but alcohol is exactly the thing that can help you take an action that saves your life funny enough. Courage in a bottle and all that.

vs the guy who sits in his room his entire life and never does anything

Being even the worst man of action isn't the automatic death sentence that being a man of inaction is.

>> No.19888686

Statistically people who are born earliest in the school year develop faster and are thus picked for teams due to their advance in physiology when compared to the rest of the chaff. Those peoples lives cascade into scholarships and economics professors feeding them the answers. They are privileged just because their parents had sex at the right time of year.

>> No.19888691

Then why aren't you drinking to excess anon? Why aren't you taking the action you need and kicking off the process with dutch courage?

>> No.19888720

Because alcohol doesn't really do that for me. I'll vomit and pass out before i get drunk enough to take the plunge for a lot of things.
My inaction runs deep.

>> No.19888732

Sounds like those actions have negative consequences... hmmmm

>> No.19888758

Georges Sorel - Reflections on Violence

>> No.19888762

discipline is a habit, not something you're born with. either do it or don't

>> No.19888766

Semen retention.

>> No.19888767

he's coping

>> No.19888771

jesus there are so many fucking pathetic losers on this board lmao holy shit you are a bunch of melodramatic pussies no wonder nobody likes you faggots irl

>> No.19888785

>You're stuck in a childish state due to social rejection
Anywhere to read more on this?

>> No.19888857

That just makes me sad. The whole lot is a pitiful group to behold. I wish they would edit their comfort zones and try to find the beauty in the Earth.

>> No.19888860

I started writing and it’s helped me immensely anon. Might be worth trying.

>> No.19888866

Holy cope lmao
How would you know if some random Anonymous killed himself? That is the most unironically copeingest post I've ever seen

>> No.19888867

finally, a /lit/ answer.

>> No.19888885

How did it help?

>> No.19889023

Nice blog.

You're getting older, progress is bit by bit. You feel stagnant but you're not. Reassess at 35. 25 is still a baby.

>> No.19889055

best of all is that this is delusional state of actual mental illness perpetuated by addictions (form of dopamine hits and time pass)

if you were dropped on a random island, your brain would break the metastasis and actually act to survive

this is a stasis that need enough force to break

>> No.19889129 [DELETED] 

It's not that simple, it took me a long time to realize I am a dysfunctional faggot because my parents made me that way. It never even occurred to me that my mother's neurotic and controlling behavior was deeply abnormal until I was in college and I didn't grasp the totality of what normal development I was denied because of her keeping me inside and away from others all of my life. I could write an entire psychology manual on my demented upbringing.

I have a very vivid memory of my first job which I 'got' almost accidentally, spontaneously, on the spot after observing a flier outside of a store, no-one else was involved and by the time my parents knew I was hired. The first lunch break on the day after I was paid I had this deeply visceral realization sitting on the basement steps and in-between mouthfuls of egg sandwich...I was completely free in a wide world. I could go toss my sandwich and go anywhere for lunch, I could buy something without anyone's approval - pizza, cake, porn or Pokemon cards, I could murder my coworkers, I could kill myself, I could visit the shore watch the sunset and never go home again, I could run away to the border, I could return to my dismal routine. The the giddiness and horror of that moment left an impression that lingers with me still. In the end I quit that job for reasons I still don't quite know and have never had one since.

I am maladjusted.

>> No.19889151

People meme on the "clean your room bucko!", but it is great advice on both a literal and symbolical level. Literally because a cleaner room is both more hygienic and allows you to function properly in an orderly manner and symbolically because you should sort out and clean your own personal life. But no, JBP bad because lobsters, subverting white people by giving good psychological advice and getting addicted to drugs he wasn't prescribed at all from big pharma kikes!!!

>> No.19889156

shame you deleted that post

either way have you ever had experiences where if you abandon for a moment the endless torment of thought and feeling you can act spontaneously without even thinking about acting?

Well that happens normally when your own thinking and feeling is not supporting your own neurosis.

this spontaneous action would become a norm of an island because your have no time to focus on self flagellation, now would it fix your underlying problems if you were latter returned to normal conditions? No, but it would atrophy them.

>> No.19889176

delete this

>> No.19889191

Actually people dislike JBP becuase he talks about stuff he is not qualified to discuss. Look up his debate on Marxism with an actual Marxist scholar and you will quickly see he has 0 idea what he's talking about and gets intellectually trampled by someone who does. He's a Psychologist who strayed too far into Philosophy and vaguely political sentiments while not having the credentials or knowledge to back it up.

He gives very basic life/self-help advice and then that guides people into a rabbithole of "female is chaos, man is order!" pseudoscience BS. I will never forget the palpable irony when I learned that the man who told college students to, paraphrasing, 'get their life in order before trying to fix the world' was also a man who got addicted to benzos. Then he came out with another book telling people how to live their life.

He is the quintessential pseud. Read literally any other self-help book.

>> No.19889194

Nothing written here will help you.
These ideas don't mean anything at all. You need help OP like someone giving you the money you need to be able to even start living your life and gain experiences.
You are a man of inaction because you likely have no friends to help you, the competition is too big nowadays for you to do anything.

>> No.19889209

>NEET romanticism that's prevalent across this site

This is somewhat warranted though. The times we live in offer an unprecedented situation, where 'living well' by modern standards means wasting tons of resources mostly to impress people, while otherwise avoiding this allows for a lifestyle still comparatively better than what would be possible otherwise in any other time. It's honestly irresponsible in many ways to not be as close 'effectively NEET' as possible. Granted, this would mean things like choosing to study what you want if you wish to do so, as opposed to paying to go to a physical university, so I wouldn't mean to actually avoid work or study utterly, just those things that chain to to being committed to wasting resources and constraining your freedom.

>> No.19889219

>Actually people dislike JBP becuase he talks about stuff he is not qualified to discuss. Look up his debate on Marxism with an actual Marxist scholar and you will quickly see he has 0 idea what he's talking about and gets intellectually trampled by someone who does. He's a Psychologist who strayed too far into Philosophy and vaguely political sentiments while not having the credentials or knowledge to back it up.
How is this any different from """Trust the experts"""? Also, I see clips here and there of the debates he supposedly gets destroyed in debates but that never actually happens. Show me a clip because I am not going to go through hours of debates.
>He gives very basic life/self-help advice and then that guides people into a rabbithole of "female is chaos, man is order!" pseudoscience BS. I will never forget the palpable irony when I learned that the man who told college students to, paraphrasing, 'get their life in order before trying to fix the world' was also a man who got addicted to benzos. Then he came out with another book telling people how to live their life.
What happened to talking about things he is qualified to talk about, funny how he isn't allowed to talk about things like philosophy because he doesn't have the qualification, but then you disregard his qualification in Psychology. That isn't pseudoscientific nonsense and I don't even think he makes that claim in terms of science but in terms of mythology. As for Benzos addiction, he got addicted to a drug he was prescribed by taking the amount he was prescribed, how would you like it if someone made fun of you the day you get addicted to painkillers because you were given opiates at a hospital? Also, wouldn't it be the opposite of hypocrisy if he did recover from his drug addiction and in fact, makes him a good person to defer to for advice when it comes to addiction?

>> No.19889235

>How is this any different from """Trust the experts"""?

Becasue if you've actually read Marx yourself you should be able to see the pattern of people claiming they can BTFO of Marx who've never even read the first chapter of Das Kapital claiming that that is easily refuted. This isn't "trusting" anything, as it's just acknowledging arguments you can look up and evaluate yourself.

>> No.19889249

lol i didn't go to football practice i showed up to games they found me a jersey that fit
cause good genes cause i got a 8" cock and IBS-C cause i got those good genes though

>> No.19889304

this is a dangerous mindset. these 'unprecedented' times have made it easier than ever to become the underground man (encouragement of social isolation, government pensions, normalisation of paranoia). don't fall into the pit.
you need to remove ideas from your head of 'living well by modern standards'. even if 'modern standards' exist (i contest this but don't have time), you certainly don't have to adhere to them. don't use the avoidance of consumerism as a scapegoat for NEEThood.

the eco-Kantian mindset where one is hypercritical of their own consumption/environment impact is a waste of time. it's noble but there are simply too many externalities for it to be worth causing anxiety in any individual. if you really cared about resource waste, you'd be mailing out strongly worded letters a la uncle Ted.

>> No.19889432
File: 3.34 MB, 831x1395, 1643927937175.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Every normie is a football Chad bro!!
Imagine being this deluded then an heroing because of it

>> No.19889440

You need better friends

>> No.19889452

Why do these pictures look so depressing?

>> No.19889503

The book is called adderall

>> No.19889542

>The book is called adderall
People who take adderal do it just so they don't have to put in cognitive effort and fight themselves

it's most pussy bitch ass virgin way out

either be a CHAD and accept you are fucked, be a CHAD and fight through it with you own volition or kys bitch ass supplement abuser

>> No.19889757

The chads and the brads did have to dedicate all their energy, time and mental strength to athleticism. I agree with that as argued in a post in your reply. But the inherited neuroticism, uggo-looks, and other incel-forming factors just CANNOT be dealt with. No, we all are not gonna make it. No. But for God's sake, stop wallowing in pity and stop consuming bottles of this suicide fuel. Being a man of action who fails is still better than man of inaction and man of excessive introspection (navel-gazing really).
For me personally, excessive literature consumption and films are only reliefs and i am in pain. No religion for me either.

>> No.19889763

I don't know anything about this drug. But can't i use this to kickstart to my impossible self?

>> No.19889771


Die faggot

>> No.19889772

Not that anon but No.
I've experimented with stimulants. And they only work if you already have a habit or to-do list. If you're already productive, addy will help you do more. But if you're lazy and aimless, addy will just make you focus on insignificant shit

>> No.19889799
File: 203 KB, 559x991, 1590946465276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not them but if I were dropped on a random island I would starve to death/die of cold/get killed by wildlife/etc. because I lack the skills necessary to survive.

>> No.19889807
File: 900 KB, 525x930, 1644143227852-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Low class bydlo with shit genetics who are too stupid to fully realize how fucked their life is. I wish I could fuck each one of them in the ass

>> No.19889815

worthless subhumans who will never reach even minimum of their potential

and because they are to be kicked while they are down

>> No.19889828

die, worm

>> No.19889834

so your ego finds itself insulted when telling the truth about these people

you are never going to make it

>> No.19889844

It's woth a try but don't take too much of it at once because then you'll truly not be able to focus on anything.
I've seen people go from just lazing around doing nothing to actually being productive thanks to adderall, so I think it's atleast worth a try. Of course being dependent on stimulants to get anything done has its own problems.

>> No.19889846

Dude you are literally quoting and basing your life and ideas around the Freakonomics guy lmao if that’s so true why do people skip grades? I knew a guy in undergrad who was a freshman at 16
>muh statistics
>muh genetics
If you believe in either you are a terminal coper stastics and genetics are made up bullshit

>> No.19889850

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans” - john lennon

>> No.19889974

>close knit circle of friends
i felt like that was important but lit told me being able to endure loneliness was based and red-pilled and a friend circle was for women

>> No.19890129

Have sex, go to gym, be yourself, seek a therapist , take your meds, meditate, go for walks, learn a trade, learn to code, get off social media, read, listen to audiobooks, invest, write a journal, write 3 things you are grateful for everyday, make your bed in the morning, leave motivational quotes around the house, walk with your head and chest up and shoulders back, stop playing vidya, sneed, stop eating fast food, stop drinking/smoking/doing drugs, maintain a proper diet, keep a routine, compliment at least 1 stranger per day, travel, volunteer, have hobbies involving members of the opposite sex, limit time on phone/internet (especially pornography), dopamine fast, sleep at least 8 hours a night, drink water, pray the rosary 3x a day, think like a winner :)

>> No.19890148

>stop eating fast food,
>maintain a proper diet
too vague whenever i stop eating fast food i just end up stopping eating

>> No.19890172

Everything I do has a sense of meaninglessness attached to it. Nothing is enough and nothing will ever be enough. What do I even want from this world? Why is pain the only only that feels real and why does happiness becomes numb from the weight of existence. What should I do? I am a NEET and an absolute incel.

>> No.19890242
File: 96 KB, 1123x1204, 1576077952462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Thread gets 150+ replies
>Maybe only 10 replies have good advice
If even just one person in this thread reads this and changes for the better it will have been worth it.
You need to just start doing things.
You want a book quote to satisfy your /lit/ obsession? Here: "We are what we repeatedly do." Repeatedly do things that make your life better. It's literally that simple.
You have to keep trying. Really trying, not just trying to try. You have to try like your life depends on it, because it does.

>> No.19890292

I agree. please sift through and find the 10 good posts (seriously, I'd like to see them compiled)

>> No.19890293

I didn't do anything for years, but then I got my shit together and broke the pattern on my own.
I got my BAS and may get my masters soon, work 40 hours a week from home, I run daily, have a ton of expendable income because no debt and I'm working on numerous personal projects almost daily

I have no social circle, or friends, online or otherwise and I have nobody to hold me accountable. I pursue my interests purely because if I wasn't, and was just being a lazy shit, I might as well just die.

>> No.19890346


>> No.19890356

The only actions you can take today are suicide or getting on your knees and sucking the system's cock

>> No.19890379

of course, It's a nice story that makes the point

>> No.19890381

>easier than ever to not live in "the system"
>"your only choice"

>> No.19890464

>easier than ever to not live in "the system"
I don't do hard drugs, ty

>> No.19890469

i don't either. stay small and safe, tho.

>> No.19890553

But is it even worth improving one's self just to be able to pass as a functioning human being? Is it worth engaging willingly with an increasingly dissolute and insensate world? I feel like I could put the effort towards achieving some degree of "normalcy," but whenever I think of just what rejoining the normal world entails at this point, I despair and perseverate. What is the point of any of this? Why shouldn't I just end it if death is the end result anyway?

>> No.19890564

>even being a bad man of action is better than being a man of inaction

There it is. If you need proof that the Phenomenal world and those who worship it are Evil, look no further.

>> No.19890627

its not about normalcy. its about what you make of it.

>> No.19890645

I fought myself up to the point where I got into a PhD program, and I would have failed out and thrown it all away if I hadn't gotten medicated
People who refuse necessary medication on principle are usually crab-bucket egotistical retards who eventually have a narcissistic meltdown then kill themselves. There's no benefit for anybody, plus, none of you are actually virtuous people with a better way to cope, you just refuse the crappy copes that work in this ruined modern world and are then surprised when you can't deal

>> No.19890664

What the hell are you even talking about?
And no, NEETing around is still living in the system, being its total bitch

>> No.19890716

>>easier than ever to not live in "the system"
Give an example

>> No.19890718

being self-sufficient doing something I enjoy doing on my own terms. That's what I'm talking about.

>> No.19890723

wow hes just like me fr fr

>> No.19890726

How about instead of "normalcy," we say "social ataraxia," then. I just want to not feel this - this pervasive feeling of wrongness, incompatibility, rejection from a world that I can't even begin to comprehend. Despite trite platitudes like what youve said, even with all the trappings of a "normal" western male, it all seems absolutely meaningless. What I've made of it is a salaried job I hate filled with petulant, cynical backbiters, a house that I never really wanted, a slothful and slovenly wife that I loathe, among others. I've checked the boxes, I've done what is "expected" from someone my age in our society, but it all feels utterly hollow. Metaphorically, it's the opposite of a cancer; I perform just like the other cells, but the immune system knows I don't belong, that I'm an invader masquerading as a resident.

>> No.19890735

>Metaphorically, it's the opposite of a cancer; I perform just like the other cells, but the immune system knows I don't belong, that I'm an invader masquerading as a resident.
An autoimmune disease lol
Society is killing all the normal people

>> No.19890741

you have an onlyfans?

>> No.19890786

I actually took the bait and read it
it's the talk you father never gave you about morality and how to be well adjusted in society
and if you don't care about that read it at least for the bible breaking down, it's actually pretty interesting

>> No.19890809

>An autoimmune disease
Yeah, I had thought of Lupus after hitting submit. That being said, autoimmune disease as the metaphor puts more responsibility for the dysfunction on society(probably fairly); its me that feels defective, I blame myself for not having the normie spark.

>> No.19890860

Getting yourself out of depression is a tough nut to crack as only you can really do it. Start small by setting yourself a daily task and build from there. This can be as small as walking 30 minutes outside or reading 10 pages in a book.

These two examples are particularly powerful since they reward you with visible gains. 30 minutes of walking is the recommended exercise minimum and 10 pages in a book will snowball into a book read, then two and so on. When you put back on your shelf, you'll feel a slight increase in your belief to get things done.

In addition: Getting a job, even a shitty one helps immensely because you have no time to dwell on negative self-talk.

Post-addendum: Speaking of that, look into meditation, you are already pretty good at inaction but your mind may be overactive (ruminating). That needs to stop to actually get things done. 20 minutes at the start of the day and at the end of the day is enough to relax yourself.

Remember Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics.

>> No.19890872

>Getting a job, even a shitty one helps immensely because you have no time to dwell on negative self-talk
I would definitely recommend researching to make sure said job isn't something with lots of downtime or easily able to autopilot through, otherwise you've done nothing but add a shitty job to your rumination time

>> No.19890935

I'd say something with lots of customer contact would be best. That really helps learning social cues if you are a shut-in. Certainly helped me. I hated every second of that job but it helped me to not be depressed. And wanting to get out of a shitty job is sometimes also a good motivator for action.

>> No.19890945

>its me that feels defective
you are bombarded every day with anti human, anti truth propaganda

>> No.19890966

it's all a narrative

you have just accepted this negative narrative about an objective truth as dogma that you perpetuate by self inducing appropriate (negative) emotional responses

>> No.19891394
File: 96 KB, 960x669, 16563341109_6f839e1c5c_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wants to become a man of action
>thinks reading a book will help him do this

Don't know what to tell you OP, your already too far gone.

>> No.19892111

thats cool but where do i get the daily dose of encouragement

>> No.19892132


>posts oriental "le sage wisdom" picture

do you buy swords at the mall, too

>> No.19892157


>> No.19892160

nah i'm gonna live and be heterosexual though good genes

>> No.19892182

that's gay i don't want drugs
if only we had daily self improvement or something thread like the champ threads on r9k a while back

>> No.19892247

You need a grand Purpose.

These are all things he would do if he was a man of action, which he isn't.

>> No.19892262

First the Metaphysics of Change-- Heraclitus, Tao Te Ching
Next, the Ethics and Implications-- Epictetus and Dhammapada.
Finally, the true nature of Flux-- Nagarjuna.

Others also have their own list. Whatever you are looking for at a metaphysical level is the Metaphysics of Time and Change. Anything about this will do.

>> No.19892279

Also another piece of advice-- if you want to stay /lit/, read as many audiobooks you can. Such as for the Bible, or for the classics. This isn't cheating because that's how the texts were originally heard of.

Additionally, try and start small and praise every small attempt you do go get out of it. Brush your teeth, clean your room, take a shower, any little thing. Don't neglect yourself.

>> No.19892477

Hmm interesting, what Heraclitus translation do you recommend?

>> No.19892701


>> No.19892837

Look up Transformation Mastery Mentoring. You are subconsciously sabotaging yourself. It doesn't have to be this hard.

>> No.19893130

what is this ultra fag shit
does he get a cut of the adderall sales

>> No.19893161

Depression is an especially hard nut to crack when people like you give totally unfounded and shit advice.
>These two examples are particularly powerful since they reward you with visible gains.
Bullshit. I use to walk 2 hours a day and I didn't see any 'visible gains' except for blisters if I wrote the wrong shoes.
>Getting a job,
And how in the fuck am I suppose to do that without getting rejected 50 fucking times without reason every fucking month. Where's the daily progress in that?

>> No.19893225

The "average person" from my generation works a dead end wagie job and is a junkie on the side. Hell the one guy who stayed with his high school darling has had to watch her balloon into a landwhale.

>> No.19893655

what point does it make

>> No.19893675
File: 91 KB, 1080x1080, jeribased_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no books but just age. I was a lot like this in my early 20s. by the time I hit 28 I got out of it. I'm 30 now and doing great, pic absolutely related

>> No.19893875
File: 370 KB, 1280x1202, 492172717-mas-oyama-quote-confidence-in-wors-thoughts-actions-and-aspirations.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mas Oyama
>literally a man of action
>"le sage wisdom"
>What is " a man of action"
>surely reading philosophy books from people who died hundreds of years ago and sat around in thinking all day will help me.


>> No.19894121

Why do people make these fucking things? Just to demoralize others? Is it a psy op or some shit?

Who keeps making these!?

>> No.19894127

Fuck this faggot

>> No.19894133

>Peaking in high school


>> No.19894176

This is true, its hard or even impossible for most people to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Guidance and resources are critical. Self esteem will be naturally low for someone who does not have anyone to lean on and lacks money and time to correct imperfections of his/her body and image, struggling to just make the ends meet. Most psychological problems stem from anxiety or fear for future and those are practically guaranteed when you are poor and lonely. Modern psychology and psychiatry would do better if it was coupled with a system of interest-free loans for the purchase of clothing, going to the club, treatment or minor plastic surgery. Alas its not possible in our system, where they exist to extract resources, not offer them to the patients.

>> No.19894184

It's crabs in buckets mentality, pure bitterness.

>> No.19894266

You are pretty cool. I love you.

>> No.19894279

>Maybe only 10 replies have good advice
Good, nobody on this site deserves any help

>> No.19894293

We all deserve help crab boy

>> No.19894386
File: 102 KB, 640x764, 1615651870702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Empty nay saying. Contribute or fuck off with your negativity.
You have to sort out the meaning. Victor Frankl - Man's search for meaning.

>> No.19894424

What board is this? Holy fuck you guys are losers. Imagine asking incels for advice on how to live. Nothing here is going to help you dude. You help yourself or nobody will because nobody cares about you.

>> No.19894437
File: 143 KB, 1832x988, 1644113383687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>feeling good
>watching a movie
>literally out of nowhere start feeling like shit
>depression strikes like a thunderbolt
>feel shit for the rest of the day
what the fuck man this is such bullshit

>> No.19894460

This is so retaded. No I won't state my arguments go fuck yourself. Cope, seething, touch grass, have sex

>> No.19894769

guide to the good life : art of stoic joy by william irvine
way of the superior man : david deida

>> No.19894812

>where 'living well' by modern standards means wasting tons of resources
>do yoga
>train strength
>read books
>eat well
>enjoy nature
this is living well.

>> No.19895258

That isn't the modern standard of living well.

>> No.19895436

you think cool, well-adjusted people post on 4chan?

>> No.19895447

Start by writing long form instead of making insipid poorly drawn cartoons like this. Maybe if you have an original thought expressed in actual words instead of some soijak edit, you might have something worth saying.

>> No.19895469

/fit/fags should be shot on sight, you are fucking insufferable. I want to grab your fragile skinny wrists in my hands and hear them crunch as I squeeze, leaving you unable to LARP for the rest of your burgerfaggot life

>> No.19895504

hope jordan sees this bro

>> No.19895559

im a vulnerable narcissist, you could put me in any environment you want and i would still feel empty with flat affect

>> No.19895581

wanting to fit in with normies is gay, i did the opposite, started using drugs and ran free as the mentally insane nutcase i am. it scared normies away but suddenly i had mentally ill empath and borderline girls trying to get with me to better me.

>> No.19895606

based y2j poster making IT

>> No.19895628

all of that effort started somewhere and build up, for the robot it never began; when you look actually take a close look at the circumstances of the person it's really obvious why one was succesful and one was not. People aren't just magically better or worse than others, theres a reason one is LUCKY enough to put in the effort and the other always gives up.

>> No.19895841

That doesn't really help.

>> No.19895862

you get over it. Everyone gets rejected. You can get a job in a restaurant/Starbucks/grocery store very easily. They're available everywhere.

>> No.19895886

They can't, not everyone is american. There are like 100 applications per spot

>> No.19895891

>you get over it.

>> No.19895910

God I hope so, genetic failures deserve to die, nothing personal

>> No.19895981

Absolutely Ubermensch

This is the true secret to escaping inceldom and the chad myth.

>> No.19896020

This is how I managed to rapid personality change. I considered larping as a mask or a "movie role" and acted it out until the behaviour was stable enough to become a part of who I am.

>> No.19896021

>No religion for me either.
Playing life on hard-mode, I see. No waypoints.

>> No.19896083

>No, we all are not gonna make it.

I'm gonna let you lot in on a little secret. Terminal goals cannot be judged as better or worse than one another. There is literally nothing that says the normalfag lifestyle is the be all end all of existence. Being a couch potato who jacks off all day to anime is literally as valid of a goal.

Your success or failure can only be judged in relation to what your end goals are. So you can only be a failure if your idea of "making it" is the typical normalfag dream of the perfect waifu, white picket fence house in the suburbs and 2.5 children, with a managerial job that affords you a middle class lifestyle. And if that's the case then you are indeed stupid if all of your efforts aren't focused on achieving that. Things like playing videogames, browsing the internet, reading books, and jerking off aren't going to help you achieve that goal. My guess is that most typical incels actually have hedonism as their terminal goal but they fool themselves into thinking that they also want the normalfag life as a terminal goal despite those two goals being radically different and indeed possibly even mutually exclusive.

Long story short. Figure out what your goals really are.

>> No.19896150

I care way too much what people think. I am insecure and constantly reevaluate what I am doing. Either it is not good enough or I am overestimating my abilities or people would judge me for it so it never is good no matter what I do. And when I see people I feel like an idiot because they ask me about real life stuff, and I always get embarrassed because I have nothing to show for. At least some people you could call dumb can go out there and deal with people and have some sort of conscientiousness, but I have none of that.

>> No.19896559

I bet you defend jordan because you see him as a some sort of fatherly figure because you had none right

>> No.19896608

>this whole fucking thread
I don't think anything has made it so clear that 4chan isn't for me anymore. Inconceivable that anybody with interesting art in them posts here. An extreme bitterness entirely disproportionate to age and experience, a determination to force everybody to perceive the world through the same warped lens as themselves. And it's all rooted in tfw no gf. A miserable, artless underclass.

>> No.19896737

the only "action" i'm supposed to do is neutering myself for the corporate grind. otherwise i'm perfectly content with shitposting and sleeping for now. the only thing missing in life is shagging cuties but you don't need to wagecuck for that.

>> No.19896741

you sound annoying

>> No.19896743

There was a time when 4chan wasn't comprised of the "artless underclass"?

>> No.19897077

My diary desu

(start a diary)

>> No.19897094


>> No.19897142

yeah, it's so so so incredibly tiresome. for fuck's sake.

>> No.19897205

It's not worth it. Nothing gets better.
I'll kill myself soon.

>> No.19897526

Can't it be chalked down to mental strength (not giving up)? Or you mean the neuroticism and escapist mentality that incels have, dooming them?

>> No.19897888

This but also retail sucks and is to be avoided at all costs

>> No.19898441

>"humble bragging" is how people status signal, and it's absolutely important to do so
That's called covert narcissism. Coming up with schemes to cope with your impotence is weak and the only people who fall for it are weak.

>> No.19898453

1. A father (or male friends you see IRL with whom you can mutually facilitate growth)
2. Christianity
3. Nietzsche
In that order.

>> No.19898470

huh i was just searching this up i guess because of this post >>19895559 so not a complete coincidence but still, i thought i was looking at one of the archive tabs i have open when i saw your post haha

>> No.19898510

Stfu kid

>> No.19898785

In my defense my childhood was unstable, my parents either werent there or were absent minded/gave no shits. Probably doesnt help that I was auschwitz levels of emaciated either. On top of various psych issues from shitty childhood and genuine starvation.
Just walking through the hallway to class left me winded and fatigued, not to mention everything was fuzzy from barely being awake.

So while yeah your post makes sense, but youve gotta have a foundation for it first, I mean shit dude I was fucked before I was even born. Even in elementary school no one liked me.
Being an unwanted unloved bastard child is suffering.

>> No.19898793


>> No.19898827
File: 127 KB, 800x825, 321663_1100-800x825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just hope no one reads it

>> No.19898832

>They're available everywhere.
They're not. I've tried to get hired by the local supermarket, they took a intake during the pandemic and the only jobs were hours away (I don't drive).
But since jobs are so plentiful where you are, you must have a lot of money and value your time - how about you put your money where your mouth is and hiring me for some remote work. You're not poor are you? You wouldn't just tell someone to get a job if you're not capable of getting a job yourself?

>> No.19898851

Get a cast iron pan, season it in the oven, then use it to cook a nice thick juicy steak. Yeah steaks are like 15-20 bucks but fuck it, its good nutrition and maybe that boost in nutrients is what you need to start cracking the eggshell.

>> No.19898966

I get that too, I can usually pull myself out of it, or maybe im just bipolar, but I get it. Sometimes I'll be propped up ready to flip open a mew book then its like someone pulled a drain plug and all my interest in reading just drops like a rock.
Its best to just let it run its course, listen to whatever sad music you that you dont like listening to otherwise, just sit there for a little bit or maybe even just sleep it off. Trying to resist it is like forcing yourself to try and not think about something, that just makes it harder. So just let it run its course and be ready the pull yourself up off the ground when the storm has passed.

>> No.19898975

GTFO poptimist. Take your rose tinted glasses with you and interact with us no more.

>> No.19898992

>do yoga
>>train strength
>>read books
>>eat well
>>enjoy nature
And yet you do none of these things. Dont even try to say you do because I know you dont, you wouldnt say such vauge open ended shit otherwise.
>do yoga
You dont do yoga and you probably never have, with the exception of you being a woman, a fag, or a queer straight man trying to bust some chops by being hip with the womins. No man does fuckjng yoga otherwise, why would I want to contort my body in wierd ways and stick my ass out? In my opinion yoga is just some perverted shit, like taking off your pants and pressing your balls against a wall, or doing pushups naked so your cock and balls press against the ground until you just say fuck and beat your dick.
Living well is just being content, seeing wjat you jave and where your going and being OK with it at any rate. The problem arises when you realise its not enough, never was, and probably never will be, thats when the panic and deppression sets in because you realise you fucked up and your running out of time. Doung fag shit like fucking yoga isnt going to change that. Yeah better diet helps, anyone would feel better if they stopped chugging seed oils, sugars, acidic shit and whatever processed soi corn syrup shit is in modern foods.

>> No.19899005
File: 59 KB, 640x827, 1642363068362.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Playing life on hard-mode, I see. No waypoints
Not quite.

>> No.19899015
File: 131 KB, 512x512, 1643803640096.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get a gun and consider the implications of owning one, that should change your perspective on life.
For me persobally aggressive heavy metal activates the fight in my fight or flight response and that dose of adrenaline gets me going like an amgry pissed off кoт

>> No.19899040

Same guy.
Just listen to this and envision yourself as him. Then seek out music that has the same violent adrenaline pumping qualities. Adrenaline is the best drug because its free ;)

>> No.19899235

That's fucking horrible advice. This post reads like a psychopath trying desperatly to figure out human behaviour to "fit in".

>> No.19899263

doing thing is a meme. everyone does things nowadays, things without relevance that do not really help anyone, neither society nor the environment, it only temporarily helps the selfish. our environment is collapsing because people are fixated on doing fucking things. if you want to do something REALLY productive, the wise decision is to do nothing. do not forget that we are visitors.

>> No.19899292

>t. 48 Laws of Power sociopath

>> No.19899317

>No GED in 20s
I'm 24 have a double major + minor degree from the best college in my state, have written a book and have recently got some well-paying work I like but I still feel underaccomplished/behind in my life.

I legitimately can't imagine being in your mid-late 20s and not even having a GED. Like at that point your entire life is basically just set in stone to be someone else's disposable minimum-wage wageslave.

>> No.19899555

Not really, I draw lewd anime cartoons and make nearly 6 figures sitting in my room goofing off and lifting on off days, while furthering more meaningful aspirations. Alternative career paths for reject dropouts exist, some people are either talentless, too lazy to learn a skill, or mentally ill like OP

>> No.19899592

What's your marketing/sales strategy? How did you find there was a market for it? And how do you sustain yourself with clients?

>> No.19899596
File: 492 KB, 1332x1917, slash fit slash impulse control.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.19899730

peterson anti's are so obsessed man

>> No.19899739

try reading Sartre too

>> No.19899767

Bartleby the Scrivener

>> No.19900171

>You're stuck in a childish state due to social rejection.
it is not necessarily because of social rejection

some people had shit parents that made them constantly anxious, therefore inhibited to pursue anything etc... some had real traumas and tragedies.

>> No.19900415
File: 188 KB, 1200x720, piracy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got a great book for you called "go the fuck outside and live"

kek based

>> No.19900458
File: 1.17 MB, 1200x723, 1614224918711.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For the robot, the robot never began working.
Luck and effort are orthogonal.
Go outside or at least build something inside.

>> No.19901188

Why sartre?

>> No.19901278

thread of interest to me unfortunately. not as bad but anyway here's an idea: imagine you have an ally , an imaginary ally that is a bit of an ass. you can tell him to do stuff for you that for some reason you are paralyzed to do yourself and he will do it but he is not smarter than you or anything but he will do it to prove to you that he can, even if he wings it , don't know what he is doing, will take the chance it goes well and if it goes well he will take the credit...if it goes bad eh he will do whatever say its not 100% his fault or whatever.
point is you better do it yourself than have this dude try to style on you. it would be more annoying to have him do it than do it yourself.

>> No.19901399

You have finally taken the final pill.

This place and all social media are the cancer that is killing you.
Good luck leaving friend. I hope I can leave one day.

>> No.19901405
File: 470 KB, 596x800, F21232CD-C3D3-4ED3-B286-E37785B6A0B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just curious. What if he DIDN’T have a father? What if that’s exactly what JBP is doing for him?

Why would you take that away? What if JBP helps this guy?

>> No.19901474

stop looking at porn and social media. read strongest man kurosawa

>> No.19901730

does that actually work?

>> No.19901774

Is there anything worse than faggots going on about how much better they are than everyone else here? How about you just leave if your such a good and pure person? Why make petty posts proclaiming your greatness if you arnt insecure?

>> No.19901830

I'm gonna try it out next week

>> No.19901929

anyone try to get relief by crying when you feel helpless kek?
man i'm such a beta pussy

>> No.19902188

Outsource your decision making. You can roll a dice or do anything that you don't have full control of and is random enough.

>> No.19902209

well first, become shameless

>> No.19902452

Embrace it. It is good.

>> No.19902744

All of that gets btfod by genetic determinism and parenting.

>> No.19902762

I’m stuck in a childish state because my best years were in high school and my dad beat me and my mother is neurotic.

>> No.19902769

Read the problem of the puer aeternus

>> No.19902804

This but it isn’t easy.

>> No.19902837

It is not genetic superiority but compliance and conformity that advance your status in this society. In the sense that you may be a 7' tall giga Chad with a massive cock with Ubermensch tier confidence and a brain the size of a car, but if whenever you are required to do a thing to advance your status you say anything but "yes Sir, I'll do it", whenever you have a moral problem with it, or a principle, or dignity, any sort of integrity that forms an impediment to compliance and conformity, you'll be out nonetheless. And when you are out you will be seen as a loser and not as a sigma male chad or whatever. Conversely if you are a skinny homunculus with no chin but you are absolutely compliant with what society requires of you, doors will be open to you. This second statement may seem absurd but I am thoroughly convinced that all the "losers" are not held back by anything in particular except a degree of morality. If you have absolutely no morality and no integrity you can achieve success 100% of the time, so in a way it is true that you can just "work hard and get it", it's true, but it's not what people think because they have this romantic idea of "work" and "merit" as something that you achieve by somewhat noble means.

>> No.19902848

Surely their must’ve been another century with a culture that produced a lot of incels like us. How did they cope?

>> No.19902893

You don’t even know what you hate

>> No.19902903

I know I shouldn’t ask that as it just reinforces my loser mindset but I have to.

How tall are you?

>> No.19902988

it's interesting how this particular image generated a near bump limit hitting thread, which quite a rare occurrence on /lit/. i suppose it's a testament to the general 4chan spirit of stagnation.
manlet, much like nigger, is a mindset, anon. don't let it fool you.

>> No.19902998

Oh fuck off. Being a small man is a curse and i have seen great boys become a shell because they'd be ridiculed so badly.

>> No.19903009

they did mental gymnastics to make sodomy based

>> No.19903124

How would you even know that?

>> No.19903187

Thank you I’m 5”6 but I will not let it bother me.

>> No.19903204

>i suppose it's a testament to the general 4chan spirit of stagnation

>> No.19903261


>> No.19903274

Steaks are bad for you, don’t listen to diet advice from /pol/

>> No.19903314

Is your wife fat? How long is the marriage?

>> No.19903385

You don’t know a thing about yoga

>> No.19903402

jordan peterson looks like sickly drug addicted fiend

>> No.19903461

The modern standard of living well causes most people to make themselves miserable and isolated

>> No.19903489

i found 100 years of solitude to be encouraging in a weird way, also, the hobbit

>> No.19903493

No, genetic determinism gets BTFO'd by that post
Parenting is a very big factor though

>> No.19903514

oh neat i love that book, this board is awesome :3

>> No.19903551

Holy shit kill yourself

>> No.19903556

Sorry, I meant to say

parenting do be a very big part of it tho, frfr no cap g

>> No.19903567

It's the precise opposite of this lol. Parenting only matters in terms of not massively abusing the kid

>> No.19903571

>Parenting only matters in terms of not massively abusing the kid
Exactly my point. If you get parents that abuse or neglect their children, then that child will have a much more difficult time adjusting to a healthy lifestyle.
Genetics plays barely any role at all in comparison to how you're treated as you grow up.

>> No.19903588

this simply not true. Check out the twin studies

>> No.19903599

And I would also say that the main contribution of ugliness and other genetic problems is that people who have these handicaps fall for this trap and believe that things are unjust and unfair, and develop this hostility toward the mechanics of the world. Notice that all the people who are "losers" insist on this sense of injustice and unfairness, and it is exactly the struggle against these things that hold them back. If the loser said "the world is unfair? amazing, I'll make it unfair" and started acting like a complete psychopath, in compliance of course with the upper rungs of this system, he'd be rewarded handsomely. This first defeat through ugliness or other genetic handicaps creates this sense of justice in losers that places them in attrition against the world's ways. Someone who doesn't have handicaps when he's starting out making experiences in life will never understand that the world is unfair, he will not complain and he will comply eagerly. This is what creates success, it's not the good looks or the confidence, it's whether or not you are damaged by the realization that the world is unfair and stupid and you want to fight against unfairness and stupidity, while in order to be successful none of this matter but what matters is absolute compliance with the power system and complete lack of integrity.

>> No.19903602

No it doesn't. If you've got down syndrome you won't be the class ace. If you're a autistic manlet you won't be on the football team.
Genetics is everything. Not even perfect parenting will fix fucked genetics. But perfect genetics will triumph over horrible parenting.
Yes the environment impacts you but how you react to the environment is genetics.

>> No.19903617

What if you were raised according to certain religious or ethical values but you had to live in a society that goes directly against these things? You are saying that your genetics would either make you drop our principles or retain them at the cost of success. But which one is good genetics? Is good genetics when you drop your principles and beliefs to achieve success or is it when you retain them at the cost of success?

>> No.19903844

obviously whatever one lets you achieve success

>> No.19903900

Wow what a retard!

>> No.19904032

How is that incorrect usage?

>> No.19904126

the only time I've ever been inspired to action is in the vain hope of consolidating a girl's love.
It is the only drive that works.
When the women ghost or such and such I return hopeless to my bed until the next magical time a woman says she'd like to see my work etc.
It's not a healthy system I admit, I'm not that picky with women but it does not feel good having 9/10 of them disappear on me with radio silence.
Can't get much work done.

>> No.19904223

ngl, this sounds awfully close to trying to perform a white room experiment on yourself. if i know it gets results, then maybe i'll try it, but i'm not about to subject myself to that without substantiation of the claimed results

>> No.19904267

>In addition: Getting a job, even a shitty one helps immensely because you have no time to dwell on negative self-talk.

hahaha, no. It might reduce it a bit tho.

>> No.19904341

lol me too now that i think about it

>> No.19904400

sexual desire is the only thing that keeps me sane. it's bought me out of depression twice, first when i learned that i didn't have to be an incel forever, and second when i realised that almost all self-improvement is almost instantly, tangibly realisable and testable simply by talking to women : every pound of muscle i gained resulted in slightly less repulsed reactions by attractive women, every bit of social practice i had increased my realistic 'standards' and so on

i went from being an incel, to a smasher of 5s and then to a smasher of 8s

of course all this promiscuity is just a massive cope. i can get an 8 to fuck me, but i have not yet got an 8 to love me, let alone one who has an interesting personality in the slightest.

but it keeps me going, because i can reflect on how much better i have become - and know that i can become even better.

>> No.19904427

it's absolutely disgusting that nowadays no one tells men they can just get rid of their depression by having girls smile at them.
One. fucking. job.
This is what made me into a misogynist.
Give the most horrendously doomed man a muse and it all washes away.

>> No.19904525

it's true. the most important pill to swallow is that sexual validation is a key ingredient to happiness. trying to find happiness from ONLY within is a dangerous myth.

even if you are christian , no sex till marriage, there has to be girls crawling up your leg, touching their hair when you talk to them.

i know he's shat on constantly here but the first chapter of 12 rules for life when j talks about serotonin in lobsters and shit, how wins and losses affect your own sense of self-worth all the way down to the simplest, most ancient animals, up to modern humans

the most important Ws and Ls for your biological self-worth happen in the sexual marketplace. you can not abstain from it without denying your own nature.

>> No.19904722

i'll miss this thread

>> No.19904753

> I need wimmin’s validation to be happy!
“Men” nowadays... LMFAO

>> No.19904924

stop lying to yourself under the illusion that you are somehow independent self-sufficient based mgtow sigma when in reality you are just undesirable

>> No.19904978

Sometimes I think 80% of people in history, according to one particular theory, do nothing with their lives and that could be me or you. The 20% can accomplish things because of the masses that facilitate them, objectively.
Worshipping successful people as though they're exceptional is a mistake, our societal valuing of individualism before collectivism makes us ridicule that support provided by the masses, which is needed to materialize many peoples goals and that 80% figure is subsequently rising.

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